Bakoudou - Magnima Project
Bakoudou - Magnima
Country Gabon 
Close to Moanda
Surface 2,318 km² / 572,778 acres
Latitude / Longitude 01 S 47 / 13 E 01
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Risk and valuation analysis of the Bakoudou - Magnima Project
Status Risk : Advanced discovery
Title(s) of the Bakoudou - Magnima Project
Searchgold Resources Inc
Interest: 90%
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Joint venture: 54%
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Managem has now acquired a 54% in the project. Once the bankable feasibility study is finalized, Managem will have acquired an additional 9% to hold a 63% interest in the project. A remaining carried 10% interest is held in the project by a local partner.
Location of the Bakoudou - Magnima Project
Bakoudou-Magnima is located in south-eastern Gabon, near the border with Congo-Brazzaville and sits approximately 55 km southwest of the Country's second largest city, Franceville. The area is accessible by a main road and a well developed network of forestry roads insures easy access to virtually all parts of the property.
History of the Bakoudou - Magnima Project
Work has been carried out in the Bakoudou area since the early eighties by essentially two parties; the French (Mostly Comilog and BRGM for regional studies) and Golden Gram Gabon / SearchGold. When SearchGold reactivated the Project in 2003 sufficient geological and metallurgical information was available to initiate a scoping study.
Geology of the Bakoudou - Magnima Project
The Bakoudou deposit is a classic vein-type deposit hosted in the Achaean Chaillu massif which is dated at 2 650 Ma. The principal rock type at the level of the Bakoudou Permit consists in tonalitic gneiss. The major lithological characteristic of more...
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