Country USA 
Province Arizona
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Risk and valuation analysis of the SUPERIOR WEST Project
Status Risk : Past producer
Country Risk : Very Low
Title(s) of the SUPERIOR WEST Project
Oronova Resource
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Location of the SUPERIOR WEST Project
The Superior West project is situated in the Pioneer Mining District in Pinal County, Arizona. The Company land position includes 203 unpatented federal lode claims comprising approximately 4060 acres as well as an adjacent additional 14 claims totaling 280 acres.
History of the SUPERIOR WEST Project
The district has had almost continual production since the Silver Queen (Magma) vein and other bonanza ores were located in 1875. The Magma Copper Co. was formed in 1910 and produced copper ore through 1982 when the mine was shut down due to low copp more...
Geology of the SUPERIOR WEST Project
The Pioneer district hosts at least three significant ore bodies: Resolution porphyry copper (1Bt @ 1.5 % Cu); Magma mine (28 Mt @ 5% Cu, approximately 1ppm Au, and 45ppm Ag); and the Superior East porphyry copper (910 Mt @ 0.5% Cu). Surrounding districts include the Mineral Creek district (Ray deposit) and multiple deposits in the Globe-Miami district, approximately 10 miles to the east.
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