QR Project
Country Canada 
Province British columbia
Close to Quesnel
Latitude / Longitude 52 N 41 / 121 W 46
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Produces Gold -
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Risk and valuation analysis of the QR Project
Status Risk : Production
Country Risk : Very Low
Title(s) of the QR Project
Barkerville Gold Mines Ltd.
Owner: 100%
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TitleCompany ProfileAll ProjectsCompany websiteCompany project page
On Feb 4, 2009, Wayside Gold announced that Wayside and Cross Lake Minerals Ltd. ("Cross Lake") have entered into a non binding agreement in principle to purchase a subsidiary of Cross Lake, holding all of Cross Lake's interest in the QR Mine and Mil more...
Cross Lake Minerals Ltd.
Net Smelter Return: 2%
Company ProfileAll ProjectsCompany project page
TitleCompany ProfileAll ProjectsCompany websiteCompany project page
Cross Lake acquired 100% interest in the property on April 8, 2004 from Kinross Gold Corporation.
Location of the QR Project
The QR Property is located in central British Columbia, 58 kilometres southeast of Quesnel, B.C., within the Cariboo Mining Division
History of the QR Project
The property was explored and drilled continuously until 1994 by various owners. Following a positive feasibility study in 1994, Kinross began construction of a 900 tonnes/day mill and mine. Kinross opened the QR Mine with projected 5-year life at 90 more...
Production history
GOLD (oz)3,07615,43745,10847,86625,660
Exploration and drilling
8/13/2010(Barkerville Gold Mines)Gold Production Begins at QR Mine & Mill
3/23/2010(Barkerville Gold Mines)Begins Mining and Hauling Ore at QR Mine
3/4/2010(Barkerville Gold Mines)Barkerville Gold to Begin Mining Ore at QR Gold Mine
3/3/2010(Barkerville Gold Mines)to Begin Mining Ore at QR Gold Mine
2/2/2010(Barkerville Gold Mines)Closes Acquisition of QR Mine & Mill-Gold Mining Operations ...
1/11/2010(Barkerville Gold Mines)Mining Permit and Pre-Feasibility Received for the QR Mine
12/17/2009(Barkerville Gold Mines)International Wayside Gold Mines to Purchase QR Mine and Mil...
6/17/2009(Barkerville Gold Mines)Completion Schedule on Proposed QR Mine & Mill Acquisition
6/3/2009(Barkerville Gold Mines)Corporate Update on Proposed QR Mine & Mill Acquisition
5/28/2009(Barkerville Gold Mines)Court Approves Cross Lake Plan of Arrangement Including Prop...
5/19/2009(Barkerville Gold Mines)Court Date Set for Order to Approve Proposed QR
5/12/2009(Barkerville Gold Mines)Update on QR Mine and Mill Proposed Acquisition
4/10/2009(Barkerville Gold Mines)Cariboo Gold Camp Consolidation Completed and Update on QR M...
2/5/2009(Cross Lake Min.)Tentative Agreement Reached with Cross Lake Minerals to Acqu...
2/4/2009(Barkerville Gold Mines)Tentative Agreement Reached With Cross Lake Minerals
12/22/2008(Cross Lake Min.)Corporate Update and Update on QR Mine Operations
7/11/2008(Cross Lake Min.)Underground Mining Commences at QR Mine, B.C.
5/26/2008(Cross Lake Min.)Mining of Midwest Zone Signals New Phase of Operations at QR...
4/28/2008(Cross Lake Min.)Improved Operations and Performance of QR Mine, Quesnel, Bri...
3/3/2008(Cross Lake Min.)Update of Operations-QR Mine Project B.C.
12/10/2007(Cross Lake Min.)Underground Drilling of the North Zone Commences with Comple...
9/11/2007(Cross Lake Min.)QR Gold Mine Commences Operations
Discoveries and Drilling Results
4/23/2008(Cross Lake Min.)Underground Drilling Intersects 10.64 g/t Gold over 9.17 Met...
7/18/2005(Cross Lake Min.)Drilling Confirms High Grade in West Zone QR Mine British Co...
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