Hautalampi Project
Country Finland 
Latitude / Longitude 63 N 11 / 29 E 37
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Develops Cobalt - Copper - Nickel -
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Risk and valuation analysis of the Hautalampi Project
Status Risk : Mine development
Country Risk : Very Low
Title(s) of the Hautalampi Project
Belvedere Resources Ltd.
Owner: 100%
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Location of the Hautalampi Project
Hautalampi project is located in western Finland.
History of the Hautalampi Project
The Hautalampi project is scheduled for production start-up in the second half of 2009. The mine can be commissioned at low capital cost and within six months of the decision to start, due to approximately two kilometers of underground development having already been completed by the previous owners in the late 1980's.
Geology of the Hautalampi Project
The nickel ores lie 150-200m above the mined out Keretti copper ores, and forms a flat-lying tabular body 500×100 metres in size and 2-25 metres thick. Most of the ore lies between 100-120 metres below surface.
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