Venetia diamond mine
Venetia diamond mine
Country South Africa 
Province Limpopo
Close to Musina
Latitude / Longitude 22 S 26 / 29 E 19
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Risk and valuation analysis of the Venetia diamond mine
Status Risk : Production
Country Risk : Important
Title(s) of the Venetia diamond mine
Owner: 100%
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The mine has been operated by De Beers with The Saturn Partnership, in which Avmin, (formerly Anglovaal) had an 87,5% holding, having a 50% profits interest. Avmin sold this interest to De Beers for $590-million in 2000, with De Beers seeking to buy out the remaining Saturn holding, giving De Beers full ownership over Venetia.
Location of the Venetia diamond mine
The mine is located 80 km from Musina, in the Limpopo Province. The Venetia diamond-mine is South Africa's largest diamond producer.
History of the Venetia diamond mine
Diamond-bearing gravels were discovered as early as 1903 close to the Limpopo river, 35 km north-east of the present mine. In 1969, De Beers launched a reconnaissance sampling programme to locate the source of these alluvials. Viable kimberlite pipes were discovered in 1980, construction of the mine began in 1990 and full output was achieved in 1993.
Geology of the Venetia diamond mine
Twelve known kimberlites form the Venetia cluster. Of the eleven pipes and one dyke system, only two of the kimberlites, K1 and K2, are being mined. Some of the pipes were formed in multiple intrusive events, which have resulted in a variety of kimberlite types being encountered during mining operations
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