Cejkov Project
Country Slovakia 
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Risk and valuation analysis of the Cejkov Project
Status Risk : Brown exploration
Country Risk : Important
Title(s) of the Cejkov Project
Ortac Resources
Interest: 100%
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TitleCompany ProfileAll ProjectsCompany websiteCompany project page
Location of the Cejkov Project
The Cejkov licence area is located near Trebišov in the south east of Slovakia, 40kms SE of Košice and close to the Hungarian border.
History of the Cejkov Project
The area has been explored since the mid-1960s with effort being concentrated around the villages of Cejkov and Zemplin. This exploration involved soil geochemistry, geophysics and drilling, although very little information was seen on the results of this work.
Geology of the Cejkov Project
The licence area lies on the flanks a NW-SE trending horst structure in which Upper Palaeozoic continental sediments are up-faulted against younger Neogene sediments and associated volcanics. The volcanics comprise andesite and dacite domes, flows and tuffs totalling 80-100m in thickness, which overlie an andesite microdiorite porphyry laccolith of undetermined thickness.
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