Galena Mine
Galena Mine
Country USA 
Province Idaho
Close to Wallace
Status PRODUCTION  Mining Trend Silver Valley
Latitude / Longitude 47 N 28 / 115 W 57
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Produces Silver -
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Risk and valuation analysis of the Galena Mine
Status Risk : Production
Country Risk : Very Low
Title(s) of the Galena Mine
Americas Silver
Owner: 100%
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TitleCompany ProfileAll ProjectsCompany websiteCompany project page
Coeur d'Alene Mines Corporation has sold the Galena Mine to US Silver on June 1, 2006, for $15 million in cash
Location of the Galena Mine
The Galena mine complex is located in the heart of the Coeur D’Alene mining district one of the preeminent silver, lead and zinc producing areas in the world. The Galena Mine property is located immediately west of the City of Wallace in Shoshone Co more...
History of the Galena Mine
This mine complex is the second most prolific silver mine in US history with over 200 million ounces of silver produced to date. Since 1953 this mine has produced 210 million ounces of silver, 159 million pounds of copper and 22 million pounds of le more...
Geology of the Galena Mine
Silver mineralization at Coeur Silver Valley is hosted in near vertical fracture filling veins that cut through quartzite and argillite of the Upper Revett Formation. Veins consist of siderite with variable amounts of pyrite and quartz. The silver ore minerals are tetrahedrite and argentiferous galena. Lead is contained in galena and copper in tetrahedrite and chalcopyrite.
Production history
COPPER (lbs)1,000,3191,075,3071,621,372
GOLD (oz)87528475343472
LEAD (lbs)5,613,6896,446,856
SILVER (oz)2,275,8172,427,1564,938,3482,170,7081,828,423416,7552,336,9672,412,0262,321,1362,686,999
Exploration and drilling
12/19/2013(Americas Silver)U.S. Silver & Gold re-opens #3 Shaft at Galena Mine Complex
12/12/2013(Americas Silver)Temporary shutdown of the #3 shaft at U.S. Silver & Gold Gal...
12/12/2013(Americas Silver)Temporary shutdown of the #3 shaft at U.S. Silver & Gold Gal...
6/4/2012(Americas Silver)U.S. Silver Announces Results of Ongoing Diamond Drill Activ...
12/20/2010(Americas Silver)U.S. Silver Responds to MSHA Accident Report
6/22/2010(Americas Silver)Fatality at the Galena Mine
11/3/2008(Americas Silver)Announces Management Changes and Reports a Strategic Review ...
6/10/2008(Americas Silver)Reports May Silver Production Up 24% Over 1st Quarter 2008, ...
5/12/2008(Americas Silver)Reports a 15% Increase in Proven & Probable Silver Reser...
3/11/2008(Americas Silver)Completes Exploration Drift on New Silver-Copper Zone at the...
2/21/2008(Americas Silver)Announces Receipt of the Sentinels of Safety Award for the G...
2/19/2008(Americas Silver)Reports Achieving Production Increases of 86% Over Last 5 Mo...
10/15/2007(Americas Silver)Reports 5.6 Feet Grading 14.25 opt Silver and 21.2% Lead fro...
8/15/2007(Americas Silver)Reports on the Progress of the Repairs in the Galena and Coe...
4/18/2007(Americas Silver)Reports Significant Increase in Reserves and Resources
6/1/2006(Coeur D'alène)Coeur Completes Sale of the Galena Mine
1/31/2006(Coeur D'alène)Coeur Reviewing Strategic Alternatives for Silver Valley Ass...
Discoveries and Drilling Results
9/19/2011(Americas Silver)U.S. Silver Announces Exploration Drill Results
10/20/2010(Americas Silver)On-going Exploration Drilling Identifies New High-grade Zone...
5/27/2010(Americas Silver)Drilling Proves High-grade Ore Extensions
5/26/2008(Americas Silver)Drills 4.1 Feet of 141 Ounce Per Ton Silver at the Galena Mi...
7/25/2007(Americas Silver)Drills 19.8 Feet Grading 63.90 opt Silver, 3.41% Copper on t...
3/13/2007(Americas Silver)Reports Significant Mineralization on 2400 Level of Galena M...
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