Langmuir Project
Country Canada 
Province Ontario
Close to Timmins
Latitude / Longitude 48 N 15 / 81 W 2
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Risk and valuation analysis of the Langmuir Project
Status Risk : Early discovery
Country Risk : Very Low
Title(s) of the Langmuir Project
Rogue Resources
Owner: 100%
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Location of the Langmuir Project
LANGMUIR PROPERTY is located 35 kilometres south east of Timmins, Ontario. Langmuir Property is accessible by road and is only 30 km south of Xstrata's Timmins Metallurgical Facility that commissioned a nickel circuit in late 2004 to process ore from their Montcalm deposit, over 100 km to the west by road.
History of the Langmuir Project
The entire property has been flown by Geotech's state-of-the-art VTEM B-field airborne system. More than 18 separate clusters of airborne EM anomalies have been identified.
Geology of the Langmuir Project
Based upon recent interpretive work, the nickel mineralization displays exceptionally good continuity in the three (A,B,C) nickel zones intersected to date. Golden Chalice is now drilling from north to south with tighter spaced drilling to validate c more...
Exploration and drilling
4/15/2011(Rogue Res)Provides Langmuir Drilling Update, Corporate Update
9/21/2010(Rogue Res)Commences Environmental Baseline Study on Langmuir Deposit
3/5/2010(Rogue Res)Provides Project Update
6/17/2009(Rogue Res)Provides Exploration Update on Langmuir Nickel Project
4/24/2009(Rogue Res)Drilling Towards Deep-Seated VTEM Anomaly At Langmuir Contin...
3/3/2009(Rogue Res)Completes Property Evaluations
10/4/2006(Inspiration Mining)Announces Additional Drill
4/28/2006(Inspiration Mining)Commence Drilling at the Langmuir Property
Discoveries and Drilling Results
9/21/2011(Rogue Res)Intersects 1.2% Nickel over 29 Meters at Langmuir
5/29/2009(Rogue Res)Discovers New W3 Target Area At Langmuir
5/11/2009(Rogue Res)Intersects 1.72% over 3.0 Meters in Second Discovery Zone
3/2/2009(Rogue Res)Announces New Nickel Discovery On Langmuir
2/19/2009(Rogue Res)Intersects 2.75% Nickel over 24.4 Meters and Begins 2009 Dri...
2/10/2009(Inspiration Mining)Intersects 0.490% Ni Over 51.10 m or 167.65 ft Containing 1....
10/7/2008(Inspiration Mining)Intersects 1.553% Ni Over 16.93m or 55.55ft Including 5.891%...
8/19/2008(Inspiration Mining)Intersects 0.319% Ni Over 13.96m or 45.80ft and 0.259% Ni Ov...
5/14/2008(Inspiration Mining)Intersects 1.390% Ni Over 7.61m or 24.97ft and 1.179%Ni Over...
12/13/2007(Inspiration Mining)Intersects 0.916% Ni Over 7.40m or 24.28ft and 1.001% Ni Ove...
12/6/2006(Inspiration Mining)Intersects 0.315% Ni Over 59.02m or 193.64 Ft 'True Width' a...
11/29/2006(Inspiration Mining)Intersects 0.767% Ni Over 11.97m or 39.27ft Including 1.052%...
11/23/2006(Inspiration Mining)Intersects 1.179% Ni Over 26.22m or 86.02ft 'True Width'
10/26/2006(Inspiration Mining)Intersects 1.685% Ni Over 31.69 Feet 'True Width' and 0.432%...
10/11/2006(Inspiration Mining)Continues to Intersect Nickel Mineralization 0.514% Nickel O...
9/5/2006(Inspiration Mining)Continues to Intersect Nickel Mineralization
7/18/2006(Inspiration Mining)Continues to Intersect Wide Nickel Mineralization
7/12/2006(Inspiration Mining)Intersects Wide Nickel Mineralization
Data last updated on : 1/6/2010
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