Siribaya Project
Country Mali 
Surface 848 km² / 209,541 acres
Latitude / Longitude 12 N 21 / 11 W 15
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Risk and valuation analysis of the Siribaya Project
Status Risk : Advanced discovery
Country Risk : Important
Title(s) of the Siribaya Project
IAMGOLD Corporation
Interest: 50%
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TitleCompany ProfileAll ProjectsCompany websiteCompany project page
Merrex Gold
Interest: 50%
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TitleCompany ProfileAll ProjectsCompany websiteCompany project page
Pursuant to the the Touba option Merrex may earn up to a 95% interest in any mining permits Touba secures within a 4,100 square kilometre area of interest.
Location of the Siribaya Project
Merrex owns a large land position in the prolific West Mali Birimian gold producing area in Africa. Together with strategic partner Touba Mining, Merrex has acquired five mineral permits in West Mali, resulting in a significant contiguous land position covering over 750 sq. kilometres
History of the Siribaya Project
Previous exploration work covering the various Siribaya permits consisted of regional geochemical surveys that reported over 100 kilometres of broad gold anomalous zones associated with geological structures. This historic database included several soil samples assaying over 1000 ppb and as high as 4000 ppb.
Exploration and drilling
4/1/20162016 Drill Program Begins at the Diakha Deposit, Siribaya Go...
3/21/2016IAMGOLD Siribaya JV Granted Permit Amendment along Strike of...
4/8/2015Diakha Drilling Update, Siribaya Gold Project
7/30/2014s Diakha Phase 2 Drilling at Siribaya Gold Project
7/23/2014Diamond Drilling Siribaya Gold Project
6/17/2014Drilling Success Leads to Expanded Phase II Drilling at Siri...
6/10/2014Siribaya Gold Project Drilling Update
3/12/2014Drilling Starts at Siribaya Gold Project, West Mali
3/3/2014Siribaya Gold Project Joint Venture 2014 Exploration Plan
11/1/2013Siribaya Exploration Update
6/17/2013Drilling Starts at Siribaya, West Mali
3/25/2013Merrex Gold - Siribaya Project Update - Exploration to Conti...
3/25/2013-Siribaya Project Update-Exploration to Continue
12/3/20122012 Termite Mound Geochem Survey Results for Siribaya Gold ...
10/4/2012Siribaya Gold Project 2013 Exploration Program Planning Unde...
6/19/2012Merrex Provides Siribaya Gold Project Exploration Update
5/30/2012Merrex Siribaya Drilling Program Update
4/16/2012Merrex Provides Siribaya Gold Project Exploration Update
4/3/2012Merrex Gold Siribaya Drilling Program Suspended
3/20/2012Latest Merrex News Release: Siribaya March 2012 Exploration ...
2/27/2012Siribaya Diamond Drill Program Update
1/11/2012Merrex Announces 2012 Exploration Program for Siribaya
1/11/2012Merrex announces 2012 Siribaya exploration program
10/27/2011Siribaya Diamond Drill Program Update
9/13/2011Latest Merrex News Release: Diamond Drilling Update
9/13/2011Merrex Diamond Drilling Expands 1B Mineralized Zone
9/9/2011Merrex RC Drilling Update
8/26/2011Merrex Releases Bambadinka Trend Auger Drilling Update
8/10/2011Merrex Provides Siribaya Gold Project Exploration Update
7/11/2011Diamond Drilling Extends 1B Mineralized Zone and Outlines Pa...
6/30/2011Merrex Provides Siribaya Gold Project Exploration Update
5/30/2011Merrex RC Drill Program Expanded at Siribaya
5/18/2011Merrex Provides Siribaya Gold Project Exploration Update
5/8/2011Merrex Zone Bambadinka Update
5/5/2011Zone Bambadinka Drilling update
4/26/201110,000 Metres Diamond Drilling Commences at Siribaya Gold Pr...
4/21/2011Diamond Drill Program Siribaya Gold Project
3/3/2011Merrex 10,000 Metre Diamond Drill Program for Siribaya Gold ...
3/3/201110,000 Metre Diamond Drill Program for Siribaya Gold Project
1/24/2011Siribaya Gold Project Drilling Update
1/11/2011IAMGOLD to proceed with minimum US$3,000,000 2011 exploratio...
10/26/2010Drilling Commences on Accelerated 2010 Exploration Program a...
10/26/2010Drilling Commences on Accelerated 2010 Exploration Program a...
10/8/2010Iamgold accelerates 2010 exploration expenditures at Siribay...
9/24/2010New Gold-Anomalous Trends Developing at Siribaya Gold Projec...
8/18/2010Siribaya Drilling Hits Extension of Zone 1A
7/15/2010Siribaya - Drilling Hits Zone 1B Two Kilometres South
6/23/2010Siribaya Drilling Hits Southern Extension of Zone 1B and Nor...
5/19/2010Drilling Hits Zone 1B Northern Extension and New Gold Zone a...
5/11/2010Continues Babara Termite Mound Geochem Survey and Completes ...
3/4/2010Commences RC Drilling at Siribaya Gold Project
3/2/201020,000 Metre Drill Program
3/2/2010IAMGOLD Confirms 2010 Exploration Program
3/2/2010Airborne Identifies Extensive Structures Outside of Mega-Str...
3/2/2010Airborne Survey Confirms Strike Extension of Zone 1B
11/10/2009Expands Land Package
9/16/2009Completes Siribaya Airborne Survey
6/24/2009Termite Mound Geochemical Survey Results Siribaya Gold Proje...
6/17/2009Commences Airborne Geophysical Survey at Siribaya
6/4/2009Launches 5,000 Metre Drill Program at Siribaya
2/24/2009Launches 2009 Siribaya Exploration Program
9/24/2008Increases Ownership to 100% in Siribaya Gold Project
2/4/2008Launches 2008 Siribaya Drilling Program
10/17/2007Launches Phase Two Diamond Drill Program at Siribaya
12/7/2006Exploration Update
11/24/2006Commences Drilling Siribaya Gold Project in West Mali
10/17/2006Signs 40,000 Meter RAB Drilling Contract for Siribaya Gold P...
Discoveries and Drilling Results
7/6/2016Diakha RC Drill Results including 70 metres averaging 1.55g/...
10/8/2014Phase II Reverse Circulation Drill Results from Siribaya's D...
3/1/2012Merrex Gold Intersects 9 Metres of 5.70 g/t Au in Siribaya R...
10/1/2010Siribaya RC Drill Program Extends Both 1A and 1B Zones
3/2/20102010 Resource Increases Grade and Establishes Indicated Reso...
9/3/20092009 Drilling Triples Strike Length of Area 55 at Siribaya
2/10/2009Resource Estimate Siribaya, Mali
8/20/2008Intersects 5.52 g/t Gold over 24.5 Metres in Siribaya Drilli...
5/27/2008Expands Drill Program at Siribaya
5/26/2008Commissions Resource Estimate - Expands Drill Program at Sir...
5/1/2008Intersects 5.07 g/t Au Over 33 Metres in Siribaya Drilling, ...
3/27/2008Siribaya Drilling Intersects 3.89 g/t Au over 30 Metres
3/13/2008Siribaya Drilling Intersects 4.83 g/t Au over 21.5 Metres
8/1/2007Intersects 2.92 g/t Au over 34 Metres and Gold Mineralizatio...
3/30/2007Intersects 9.49 g/t Au / 6 m in RAB Drilling and Extends Min...
1/8/2007Intersects Significant Gold Values in Initial RAB Drilling a...
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