Cerro Bayo Project
Cerro Bayo
Country Chile 
Province Southern chile
Close to Los antiguos
Surface 530 km² / 130,963 acres
Latitude / Longitude 46 S 32 / 71 W 51
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Develops Gold - Silver -
Explores for
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Risk and valuation analysis of the Cerro Bayo Project
Status Risk : Care and Maintenance
Country Risk : Light
Title(s) of the Cerro Bayo Project
Mandalay Resources Corporation
Owner: 100%
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Location of the Cerro Bayo Project
The Cerro Bayo District covers about 205 square miles and is located south of Coyhaique, the capital of Region XI in southern Chile, and approximately 17 miles west of the town of Chile Chico. The project lies on the east side of the Andes mountain range at an elevation ranging from 600 to 4,500 feet and is serviced by a gravel road from Chile Chico.
History of the Cerro Bayo Project
The Cerro Bayo deposit was discovered during 2000. Initial mining operations commenced in late 2001 and processing started in April 2002. In 2004, Coeur launched the first year of a three-year exploration program to extend mine life at Cerro Bayo (and at Martha in Argentina) to at least three years.
Geology of the Cerro Bayo Project
This is an area with multiple epithermal veins which provide current and future development potential, including a number of veins with strike length, width and grade greater than previously encountered in the district, the majority of which are located within nine miles of the existing ore processing facilities.
Production history
GOLD (oz)37,47840,92261,05757,55765,36945,20816,07525,47928,35730,600
SILVER (oz)1,709,8292,299,9672,875,0393,235,1833,319,4203,112,161939,8781,099,3391,596,6722,243,760
Data last updated on : 12/31/2009
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