Cullarin Project
Country Australia 
Province new south wales
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Explores for Copper - Gold - Zinc -
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Risk and valuation analysis of the Cullarin Project
Status Risk : Green exploration
Country Risk : Very Low
Title(s) of the Cullarin Project
Tri Origin Minerals
Joint venture: 62.5%
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Golden Cross Resources
Joint venture: 37.5%
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Location of the Cullarin Project
The Cullarin Project Joint Venture area is north of the Woodlawn mine site and contiguous with Tri Origin’s other tenement interests and the recently applied for Cullerin South project.
History of the Cullarin Project
Drilling by previous explorers within the joint venture area has identified several high priority prospects where follow up drilling will be undertaken to verify many reported, potentially ore grade intercepts.
Geology of the Cullarin Project
The project area has demonstrated potential for VMS type deposits, intrusive related porphyry deposits and associated skarns.
Exploration and drilling
9/17/2006Tri Origin in control of major zinc province
Data last updated on : 8/6/2008
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