Gahcho Kué Project
Gahcho Kué
Country Canada 
Latitude / Longitude 63 N 29 / 109 W 29
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Risk and valuation analysis of the Gahcho Kué Project
Status Risk : Advanced discovery
Country Risk : Very Low
Title(s) of the Gahcho Kué Project
Joint venture: 51%
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Mountain Province Diamonds Inc
Joint venture: 44.1%
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The Gahcho Kué Project is a joint venture project of De Beers Canada Inc. (51%) and Mountain Province Diamonds Inc. (49%), and will be the second diamond mine in the Northwest Territories for De Beers when permitted. De Beers Canada Inc. is the operator of the Project.
Location of the Gahcho Kué Project
The Gahcho Kué diamond project is located on federal land in Canada's Northwest Territories and is held by the Gahcho Kué Joint Venture under renewable 21 year leases. The project is on a 74,128 acre site located at Kennady Lake, approximately 300 kilometres northeast of Yellowknife and 90 kilometres east of De Beers' Snap Lake diamond project.
History of the Gahcho Kué Project
In the early 1990's Gahcho Kué, previously known as the Kennady Lake project, was staked by Mountain Province Diamonds. Canemera Geological Ltd. was contracted to conduct the original exploration which led to the discovery of the 5034 kimberlite pipe in January 1995.
Geology of the Gahcho Kué Project
The Gahcho Kué kimberlite cluster is in the southeast slave craton. The area was glaciated repeatedly during the Pleistocene, most recently by the Laurentide ice sheet. The Laurentide ice sheet began to recede about 18,000 years ago and the ice retreated past the Gahcho Kué project area between 9,000 and 9,500 years ago.
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