Produces Gold - Lead - Silver - Zinc
Explores for Copper - Gold - Lead - Molybdenum - Nickel - Palladium - Platinum - Silver - Uranium - Zinc
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Status Information
 1Land holding
 2Green exploration
 3Brown exploration
 4Past producer
 5Early discovery
 6Advanced discovery
 8Care and maintenance
 9Mine development
Country Risk Information
 1Very low
 5Very High
Reserves and resources of
MetalTotalUnitReservesIn Situ Value
ProvenProbableProven and probableMeasured and indicatedInferredHistoric or estimated resource
 Gold 7 183 473oz 119 725 605 694 725 419 1 740 563 1 465 856 3 251 63413 933 423 691 US$
 Silver 28 044 092oz 5 522 054 9 825 708 12 696 330 793 086 914 US$
 Zinc 346 970 784lbs 13 076 278 268 417 214 65 477 292 291 552 563 US$
 Lead 56 551 215lbs 33 169 870 23 381 345 48 237 081 US$
 Copper3 379 199 559lbs 153 199 130 796 283 995 988 763 4382 390 152 126 5 119 958 US$
 Uranium 13 758 168lbs 2 142 893 11 615 275
Important: Historic or Estimated Resources have not been independently verified and cannot be relied on for economic purposes.
Definitions             Cautionary Note to US Investors concerning estimates of Measured and Indicated Mineral Resources
Properties, projects
and mines
TitleInterestDataStatusStatus LevelCountryRisk LevelProvinceTrendResources
RehoveOwner100Expl.          Albania     KorceCopper
GolajOwner100Expl.          Albania     KukesCopper
GjegjanOwner100Expl.          Albania     KukesCopper
ReshenOwner100Expl.          Albania     MirditeCopper
Kurbnesh-perlatOwner100Expl.          Albania     MirditeCopper
Fushe-arrezOwner100Expl.          Albania     PukeCopper
Djebel GustarOwner100Expl.          Algeria     Lead, zinc
El Abed - Oued Z...Owner100Expl.          Algeria     Lead, zinc
El AbedOwner100Expl.          Algeria     Lead, zinc
SakamodyOwner100Expl.          Algeria     AlgerZinc
Fej HassenOwner100Expl.          Algeria     AlgerZinc
El MadenOwner100Expl.          Algeria     AlgerIron, copper
Ain BarbarOwner100Expl.          Algeria     AnnabaCopper, zinc
Kherzet-youssifOwner100Expl.          Algeria     AnnabaZinc
El OuastaOwner100Expl.          Algeria     AnnabaZinc
ChellalaOwner100Expl.          Algeria     BatnaLead, zinc
Ain Bou HamadaOwner100Expl.          Algeria     BatnaZinc
Djebel IchmoulOwner100Expl.          Algeria     BatnaLead
Djebel HaddidOwner100Expl.          Algeria     ChlefIron, copper
Ouarsenis MountainsOwner100Expl.          Algeria     ChlefZinc
AmarkoOwner100Expl.          Algeria     ConstantineZinc
Hammam N'railsOwner100Expl.          Algeria     ConstantineZinc
Bou DoukaOwner100Expl.          Algeria     ConstantineZinc
M'cid AiabaOwner100Expl.          Algeria     ConstantineZinc, lead
Djebel FilaoucineOwner100Expl.          Algeria     OranLead, zinc
MaazizOwner100Expl.          Algeria     OranLead, zinc
TazoutOwner100Expl.          Algeria     OranIron, lead
Ghar RoubanOwner100Expl.          Algeria     OranLead, copper
Djebel MaasserOwner100Expl.          Algeria     OranLead, zinc
Corcovado PropertyUnk.          Argentina     Gold
El SaltoOwner100Expl.          Argentina     Gold
Novillo Muerto C...Owner100Expl.          Argentina     Chromium, nickel, gold
Las Bayas (evelina)Expl.          Argentina     Gold
Chubut PropertyExpl.          Argentina     Gold
PenascudoExpl.          Argentina     Gold, silver
Mi VidaOwner100Expl.          Argentina     CatamarcaCopper, molybdenum
PachamamaOwner100Expl.          Argentina     CatamarcaCopper
Alto De La BlendaOwner100Expl.          Argentina     CatamarcaManganese, gold, silver
Esperanza (catam...Owner100Expl.          Argentina     CatamarcaGold
Pegmatites Of An...Owner100Expl.          Argentina     CatamarcaUranium, beryllium
Tajo LargoOwner100Expl.          Argentina     CatamarcaGold
CristinaOwner100Expl.          Argentina     CatamarcaZinc, lead, silver
Abra Pampa DistrictOwner100Expl.          Argentina     CatamarcaTin, tungsten, lead, zinc
El MoraditoOwner100Expl.          Argentina     CatamarcaGold
Antofalla EsteOwner100Expl.          Argentina     CatamarcaZinc, lead, silver
Farallon Negro (...Owner100Expl.          Argentina     CatamarcaManganese, gold
Los RatonesOwner100Expl.          Argentina     CatamarcaZinc, lead
El EspiaderoOwner100Expl.          Argentina     CatamarcaCopper
Tampa Tampa-amanaoOwner100Expl.          Argentina     CatamarcaGold
Los NegrosOwner100Expl.          Argentina     CatamarcaLead, silver
GutierrezOwner100Expl.          Argentina     CatamarcaGold
Rumi RayanOwner100Expl.          Argentina     CatamarcaZinc, lead, silver
Los Manantiales...Owner100Expl.          Argentina     ChubutLead, zinc
Los Manantiales...Owner100Expl.          Argentina     ChubutZinc, lead
Cruz Del Eje RiverOwner100Expl.          Argentina     CordobaGold
Alta Gracia PlatinumOwner100Expl.          Argentina     CordobaPlatinum
IsabelOwner100Expl.          Argentina     JujuyLead
AlbertoOwner100Expl.          Argentina     JujuyZinc, lead, silver
San Francisco (j...Owner100Expl.          Argentina     JujuyGold
GuadalupeOwner100Expl.          Argentina     JujuyGold
S. MunizOwner100Expl.          Argentina     JujuyLead
San Jose De Rinc...Owner100Expl.          Argentina     JujuyGold
AlejandroOwner100Expl.          Argentina     JujuyLead
El ToroOwner100Expl.          Argentina     JujuyZinc, lead, silver
Pumahuasi, MinaOwner100Expl.          Argentina     JujuyZinc, lead, silver
San EduardoOwner100Expl.          Argentina     JujuyZinc, lead, silver
Timon Cruz (jujuy)Owner100Expl.          Argentina     JujuyGold
LemanOwner100Expl.          Argentina     JujuyLead
San FranciscoOwner100Expl.          Argentina     JujuyZinc, lead, silver
San MarcosOwner100Expl.          Argentina     JujuyGold
LagartijaOwner100Expl.          Argentina     JujuyZinc, lead, silver
Olga (jujuy)Owner100Expl.          Argentina     JujuyCopper, silver
QuebradaOwner100Expl.          Argentina     JujuyZinc, lead, silver
WashingtonOwner100Expl.          Argentina     JujuyLead
Groupo Minero Pi...Owner100Expl.          Argentina     JujuyTin, silver
PircasOwner100Expl.          Argentina     JujuyTin, silver
RinconOwner100Expl.          Argentina     JujuyLead, zinc, silver
ApostolOwner100Expl.          Argentina     JujuyGold
El Torno (jujuy)Owner100Expl.          Argentina     JujuyGold
Martin BronceOwner100Expl.          Argentina     JujuyCopper, silver
MoradoOwner100Expl.          Argentina     JujuyZinc, lead, silver
La PerlaOwner100Expl.          Argentina     JujuyLead
La PurisimaOwner100Expl.          Argentina     JujuyCopper, uranium, cobalt, nickel, zinc, lead
Corral ViejoOwner100Expl.          Argentina     JujuyZinc, lead, silver
RinconadaOwner100Expl.          Argentina     JujuyGold, silver
Rosario De Coyag...Owner100Expl.          Argentina     JujuyGold
Eureka, MinaOwner100Expl.          Argentina     JujuyGold
El Aguilar (jujuy)Owner100Expl.          Argentina     JujuyZinc, lead, silver
El Condor ArgentinaOwner100Expl.          Argentina     JujuyGold
Espana, MinaOwner100Expl.          Argentina     JujuyZinc, silver, lead
Cari CasiniOwner100Expl.          Argentina     JujuyLead
ChorillosOwner100Expl.          Argentina     JujuyCopper
La ItalianaOwner100Expl.          Argentina     JujuyZinc, lead, silver
La OrientalOwner100Expl.          Argentina     JujuyZinc
RumicruzOwner100Expl.          Argentina     JujuyCopper, lead
El QuemadoOwner100Expl.          Argentina     JujuyLead
El CarmenOwner100Expl.          Argentina     JujuyGold
Maria AngelicaOwner100Expl.          Argentina     JujuyAntimony, gold
Providencia (jujuy)Owner100Expl.          Argentina     JujuyCopper, silver
La Carolina (jujuy)Owner100Expl.          Argentina     JujuyZinc, lead, silver
CangrejillosOwner100Expl.          Argentina     JujuyLead
La BelgicaOwner100Expl.          Argentina     JujuyLead
Maria RemediosOwner100Expl.          Argentina     JujuyCopper, manganese
Candelaria ArgentinaOwner100Expl.          Argentina     JujuyZinc, lead
Penas QuinaOwner100Expl.          Argentina     JujuySilver
BarriosOwner100Expl.          Argentina     JujuyLead, silver
AdobeOwner100Expl.          Argentina     JujuyZinc, lead, silver
La PulperaOwner100Expl.          Argentina     JujuyLead
La VizcacheraOwner100Expl.          Argentina     JujuyZinc, lead, silver
PiritaOwner100Expl.          Argentina     JujuyZinc, lead, silver
San Juan, MinaOwner100Expl.          Argentina     JujuyLead, silver
ZaplaOwner100Expl.          Argentina     JujuyIron, zinc, lead
OratorioOwner100Expl.          Argentina     JujuyGold
RachaiteOwner100Expl.          Argentina     JujuySilver, zinc, lead
San RafaelOwner100Expl.          Argentina     JujuyCopper, zinc, lead
Pirquitas, MinaOwner100Expl.          Argentina     JujuyTin, silver
YaretaOwner100Expl.          Argentina     JujuyZinc, lead, silver
ChaussetteOwner100Expl.          Argentina     JujuyZinc, lead
Nuevo De JulioOwner100Expl.          Argentina     JujuyLead
CumbreOwner100Expl.          Argentina     JujuyZinc, lead, silver
San MarcialOwner100Expl.          Argentina     JujuyLead
Sol De MayoOwner100Expl.          Argentina     JujuyZinc, lead
Alumones De Sant...Owner100Expl.          Argentina     JujuyGold
AzulesOwner100Expl.          Argentina     JujuyGold
Cerro ColoradoOwner100Expl.          Argentina     JujuyLead
Cienaga ArgentinaOwner100Expl.          Argentina     JujuyLead, zinc, silver
PadriocOwner100Expl.          Argentina     JujuyZinc, lead, silver
PumahuasiOwner100Expl.          Argentina     JujuyZinc, lead, silver
AragonesaOwner100Expl.          Argentina     La riojaLead, zinc, silver
San JuanOwner100Expl.          Argentina     La riojaCopper
Estrella AltaOwner100Expl.          Argentina     La riojaCopper
San Roque (la Rioja)Owner100Expl.          Argentina     La riojaUranium
GeorgetteOwner100Expl.          Argentina     La riojaZinc
King TutOwner100Expl.          Argentina     La riojaCopper, cobalt, nickel, gold
RamblonesOwner100Expl.          Argentina     La riojaGold
Tuminico ViiiOwner100Expl.          Argentina     La riojaCopper, selenium
BolsitaOwner100Expl.          Argentina     La riojaCobalt, nickel, gold, silver
El PararrayosOwner100Expl.          Argentina     La riojaCopper
La ViudaOwner100Expl.          Argentina     La riojaZinc, lead, silver
Helvecia, MinaOwner100Expl.          Argentina     La riojaLead, barium-barite, silver, zinc
Mogote Del Rio B...Owner100Expl.          Argentina     La riojaCopper, gold
San Francisco, MinaOwner100Expl.          Argentina     La riojaCopper, selenium, silver
San SantiagoOwner100Expl.          Argentina     La riojaUranium, cobalt, nickel
Sierra De Las Mi...Owner100Expl.          Argentina     La riojaGold
Santa RitaExpl.          Argentina     La riojaZinc, lead, silver
La MarthitaOwner100Expl.          Argentina     La riojaUranium
El ChireOwner100Expl.          Argentina     La riojaCopper, selenium
San SebastianOwner100Expl.          Argentina     La riojaUranium
La EncrucijadaOwner100Expl.          Argentina     La riojaCopper
La PampitaOwner100Expl.          Argentina     La riojaZinc, lead, silver
La VerdionaOwner100Expl.          Argentina     La riojaCopper, iron
Yegua PircadaOwner100Expl.          Argentina     La riojaLead, silver
Rio AmarilloOwner100Expl.          Argentina     La riojaGold
La Mejicana CuOwner100Expl.          Argentina     La riojaCopper, silver
PonchoOwner100Expl.          Argentina     La riojaZinc, lead, silver
CortaderasOwner100Expl.          Argentina     MendozaGold, lead, silver
Independencia, S...Owner100Expl.          Argentina     MendozaUranium
SalamancaOwner100Expl.          Argentina     MendozaCopper
La FlorOwner100Expl.          Argentina     MendozaLead, zinc, silver
Las Cuevas Cu Pr...Owner100Expl.          Argentina     MendozaCopper
Las ChoicaOwner100Expl.          Argentina     MendozaCopper
Sierra PintadaOwner100Expl.          Argentina     MendozaUranium
Unnamed OccurrenceOwner100Expl.          Argentina     MendozaCoal, platinum
La BarreraOwner100Expl.          Argentina     MendozaCopper
Don LuisOwner100Expl.          Argentina     MendozaCopper, iron, manganese
San Eduardo, Sto...Owner100Expl.          Argentina     MendozaLead, silver
Manto Poroso, Ma...Owner100Expl.          Argentina     MendozaCopper
Cerro Mirano, RosaOwner100Expl.          Argentina     MendozaUranium
Paramillos SurOwner100Expl.          Argentina     MendozaCopper
Oro Del NorteOwner100Expl.          Argentina     MendozaCopper, gold, lead, silver
Puesto LauraOwner100Expl.          Argentina     MendozaArsenic, gold, lead, silver
Huemul, Arroyo S...Owner100Expl.          Argentina     MendozaUranium
HuitrinOwner100Expl.          Argentina     NeuquenCopper
Aurora ArgentinaOwner100Expl.          Argentina     NeuquenGold
SofiaOwner100Expl.          Argentina     NeuquenGold
ErikaOwner100Expl.          Argentina     NeuquenGold
La PremiaOwner100Expl.          Argentina     NeuquenGold
Cerro HuayelonOwner100Expl.          Argentina     NeuquenZinc, lead, silver
LuciaOwner100Expl.          Argentina     NeuquenGold
Carren 1, Atrav...Owner100Expl.          Argentina     NeuquenZinc, lead, silver
BasilioOwner100Expl.          Argentina     NeuquenZinc, lead, silver
El CayetanOwner100Expl.          Argentina     NeuquenGold
HelenaOwner100Expl.          Argentina     NeuquenLead, gold
Cateo SorpresaOwner100Expl.          Argentina     NeuquenGold
General PasOwner100Expl.          Argentina     NeuquenLead, zinc, silver
La PrimeraOwner100Expl.          Argentina     NeuquenUranium
Santa Elena (neu...Owner100Expl.          Argentina     NeuquenGold
AtahualpaOwner100Expl.          Argentina     NeuquenLead, silver
EduardoOwner100Expl.          Argentina     NeuquenGold
Rosa Argentina,...Owner100Expl.          Argentina     NeuquenLead
AtahualpaOwner100Expl.          Argentina     NeuquenZinc
El Porvenir Arge...Owner100Expl.          Argentina     NeuquenCopper
HelenaOwner100Expl.          Argentina     NeuquenZinc, silver
JuanitaOwner100Expl.          Argentina     NeuquenGold
Sierra NovaUnk.          Argentina     Patagonia
VicentitoOwner100Expl.          Argentina     Rio negroZinc, lead, silver
GonzalitoOwner100Expl.          Argentina     Rio negroVanadium, lead, zinc, silver
JuliaOwner100Expl.          Argentina     SaltaLead, silver
ArgentinaOwner100Expl.          Argentina     SaltaCopper, silver
ConcordiaOwner100Expl.          Argentina     SaltaLead, zinc, silver
La ColoradaOwner100Expl.          Argentina     SaltaCopper, iron
Vicuna (salta)Owner100Expl.          Argentina     SaltaCopper, lead, silver
ViejitoOwner100Expl.          Argentina     SaltaZinc, lead, silver
PunillaOwner100Expl.          Argentina     SaltaCopper
Titi-orkoOwner100Expl.          Argentina     SaltaLead, zinc, silver
Maria CristinaOwner100Expl.          Argentina     SaltaZinc, lead, silver
Don OttoOwner100Expl.          Argentina     SaltaUranium
Barro NegroOwner100Expl.          Argentina     SaltaCopper, silver
CalderaOwner100Expl.          Argentina     SaltaZinc, lead, silver
El Quevar (salta)Owner100Expl.          Argentina     SaltaGold, zinc, lead, silver
TuroOwner100Expl.          Argentina     SaltaCopper
YolandaOwner100Expl.          Argentina     SaltaLead, zinc, silver
La PazOwner100Expl.          Argentina     SaltaCopper, zinc, lead, silver
Mono AbraOwner100Expl.          Argentina     SaltaBarium-barite, silver
Flor Del DesiertoOwner100Expl.          Argentina     SaltaSilver, copper
La CienagaOwner100Expl.          Argentina     SaltaLead
San CayetanoOwner100Expl.          Argentina     SaltaLead
El MilagroOwner100Expl.          Argentina     SaltaCopper, silver
La PomaOwner100Expl.          Argentina     SaltaLead, silver
SaturnoOwner100Expl.          Argentina     SaltaCopper, silver
ArigaroOwner100Expl.          Argentina     SaltaCopper
EsperanzaOwner100Expl.          Argentina     SaltaZinc, lead, silver
La NiquelinaOwner100Expl.          Argentina     SaltaNickel, zinc, lead
El RecuerdoOwner100Expl.          Argentina     SaltaCopper, gold, lead, zinc
Rincon De CajasOwner100Expl.          Argentina     SaltaLead
VizcachaniOwner100Expl.          Argentina     SaltaLead
HuasiOwner100Expl.          Argentina     SaltaZinc, lead, silver
25 De MayoOwner100Expl.          Argentina     San juanLead, silver, zinc
Flor De Los AndesOwner100Expl.          Argentina     San juanBismuth, copper
La SanjuaninaOwner100Expl.          Argentina     San juanGold, silver
Yanzi Y Cristal...Owner100Expl.          Argentina     San juanZinc, lead, silver
San Francisco De...Owner100Expl.          Argentina     San juanBismuth, copper, silver
La Negra, MinaOwner100Expl.          Argentina     San juanLead, silver, zinc
Las AguaditasOwner100Expl.          Argentina     San juanGold
Cuatro AmigosOwner100Expl.          Argentina     San juanGold, lead, zinc, silver
Amancay, MinaOwner100Expl.          Argentina     San juanGold, silver
Animas, MinaOwner100Expl.          Argentina     San juanLead, silver, zinc
Maria Martha Y 2...Owner100Expl.          Argentina     San juanLead, silver
Hualilan, MinaOwner100Expl.          Argentina     San juanGold, silver, zinc
Santa ElenaOwner100Expl.          Argentina     San juanGold, lead, silver, zinc
Santa Rosa (san...Owner100Expl.          Argentina     San juanLead, silver
El Fierro BajoOwner100Expl.          Argentina     San juanLead, silver, zinc
Nacientes De La...Owner100Expl.          Argentina     San juanGold
Caledonia Y Albi...Owner100Expl.          Argentina     San juanGold, silver
Juan LavalleOwner100Expl.          Argentina     San juanLead, silver
La Josefina (san...Owner100Expl.          Argentina     San juanGold, copper
Santa FilomenaOwner100Expl.          Argentina     San juanGold, copper
California, Blan...Owner100Expl.          Argentina     San juanGold, lead, zinc, silver
Las Carachas, Di...Owner100Expl.          Argentina     San juanTin, lead, silver
San Jorge (san Juan)Owner100Expl.          Argentina     San juanCopper, lead
La Negra, Mina (...Owner100Expl.          Argentina     San juanLead, silver
MarayesOwner100Expl.          Argentina     San juanGold
Canada HondaOwner100Expl.          Argentina     San luisGold
La EstanciaOwner100Expl.          Argentina     San luisGold, silver
Santo DomingoOwner100Expl.          Argentina     San luisGold
AgarakOwner100Expl.          Armenia     Copper
Agaraksk Concent...Owner100Expl.          Armenia     Copper
AlaverdiOwner100Expl.          Armenia     Copper
KadzharanOwner100Expl.          Armenia     Molybdenum, copper
KafanOwner100Expl.          Armenia     Copper
Kadzharan DepositOwner100Expl.          Armenia     Copper
ArmstrongDevpt          Australia     Nickel
DoraOwner100Expl.          Australia     Copper, platinum
Darling HillOwner100Expl.          Australia     Copper, nickel, palladium, platinum
Coonbaralba RangeOwner100Expl.          Australia     Platinum
BoorookExpl.          Australia     Silver
Pacapausa Property100Expl.          Australia     Gold, silver
NightflowerOwner100Expl.          Australia     Silver, copper, zinc, lead
Billeroo West (g...Owner100Expl.          Australia     Uranium
COMET GOLD MINEClose          Australia     
Brown's CreekOwner100Expl.          Australia     New south walesGold
Ballina BeachOwner100Expl.          Australia     New south walesPlatinum
Bingara Diamond...Owner100Expl.          Australia     New south walesGold
ChesneyOwner100Expl.          Australia     New south walesCopper
Fifield LeadOwner100Expl.          Australia     New south walesGold
South Lead And T...Owner100Expl.          Australia     New south walesGold
Welcome Lead And...Owner100Expl.          Australia     New south walesGold
EluraOwner100Expl.          Australia     New south walesLead, silver, zinc
Sheahan-grantsOwner100Expl.          Australia     New south walesGold
North LeadOwner100Expl.          Australia     New south walesGold, iridium, osmium, platinum
Platina LeadOwner100Expl.          Australia     New south walesGold
Georgina LeadOwner100Expl.          Australia     New south walesGold, tin, platinum
New Broken HillOwner100Expl.          Australia     New south walesLead, silver, zinc
Temora GidginbungOwner100Expl.          Australia     New south walesGold
Csa CobarOwner100Expl.          Australia     New south walesCopper, lead, silver, zinc
North Broken HillOwner100Expl.          Australia     New south walesLead, silver, zinc
GalwadgereOwner100Expl.          Australia     New south walesCopper
CobarOwner100Expl.          Australia     New south walesCopper, zinc
WoodlawnOwner100Expl.          Australia     New south walesLead, copper, silver, zinc
Mount HopeOwner100Expl.          Australia     New south walesLead, copper
CrookwellOwner100Expl.          Australia     New south walesGold, diamond
Milkmans -two Mi...Owner100Expl.          Australia     New south walesGold
Nuggetty Gully LeadOwner100Expl.          Australia     New south walesGold
Esk RiverOwner100Expl.          Australia     New south walesPlatinum
Tin Pot LeadOwner100Expl.          Australia     New south walesGold
Currajong LeadOwner100Expl.          Australia     New south walesGold
Billy's Lookout...Owner100Expl.          Australia     New south walesGold
Bushman Lead And...Owner100Expl.          Australia     New south walesGold
CORONATION HILLExpl.          Australia     Northern territoryPalladium, platinum, gold
Adelaide RiverOwner100Expl.          Australia     Northern territory*Uranium
WarregoOwner100Expl.          Australia     Northern territory*Gold, bismuth, copper
WoolwongaOwner100Expl.          Australia     Northern territory*Gold
Goodall (norther...Owner100Expl.          Australia     Northern territory*Gold
NabarlekOwner100Expl.          Australia     Northern territory*Uranium
White'sOwner100Expl.          Australia     Northern territory*Uranium, lead, cobalt, copper
George CreekOwner100Expl.          Australia     Northern territory*Uranium
ArgoOwner100Expl.          Australia     Northern territory*Gold
GeckoOwner100Expl.          Australia     Northern territory*Gold, copper
Tom's Gully (nor...Owner100Expl.          Australia     Northern territory*Gold
White'sOwner100Expl.          Australia     Northern territory*Nickel, silver
Cosmo HowleyOwner100Expl.          Australia     Northern territory*Gold
Pine CreekOwner100Expl.          Australia     Northern territory*Gold
Tennant Creek (n...Owner100Expl.          Australia     Northern territory*Gold
White DevilOwner100Expl.          Australia     Northern territory*Gold
Dyson'sOwner100Expl.          Australia     Northern territory*Uranium
WoodcuttersOwner100Expl.          Australia     Northern territory*Lead, zinc
ExplorerOwner100Expl.          Australia     Northern territory*Gold
Pine Creek (nort...Owner100Expl.          Australia     Northern territory*Gold
GranitesOwner100Expl.          Australia     Northern territory*Gold
Rum Jungle Creek...Owner100Expl.          Australia     Northern territory*Uranium
Tennant Creek Sm...Owner100Expl.          Australia     Northern territory*Copper
Coronation Hill...Owner100Expl.          Australia     Northern territory*Gold, uranium
Saddle RidgeOwner100Expl.          Australia     Northern territory*Gold
GoodallOwner100Expl.          Australia     Northern territory*Gold
MolineOwner100Expl.          Australia     Northern territory*Gold
Mount BurtonOwner100Expl.          Australia     Northern territory*Uranium, copper
Saddle RidgeOwner100Expl.          Australia     Northern territory*Uranium
SkullOwner100Expl.          Australia     Northern territory*Uranium
RockholeOwner100Expl.          Australia     Northern territory*Gold, uranium
South Alligator...Owner100Expl.          Australia     Northern territory*Gold
TeaguesOwner100Expl.          Australia     Northern territory*Gold, uranium
PaletteOwner100Expl.          Australia     Northern territory*Gold, uranium
Pandanus CreekOwner100Expl.          Australia     Northern territory*Gold, uranium, copper
Tennant Creek (n...Owner100Expl.          Australia     Northern territory*Gold, copper
El SheranaOwner100Expl.          Australia     Northern territory*Gold, uranium
Koolpin CreekOwner100Expl.          Australia     Northern territory*Uranium
The GranitesOwner100Expl.          Australia     Northern territory*Gold
Scinto 5Owner100Expl.          Australia     Northern territory*Uranium
SleisbeckOwner100Expl.          Australia     Northern territory*Uranium
HiltonOwner100Expl.          Australia     QueenslandLead, zinc
Mt LeyshonOwner100Expl.          Australia     QueenslandGold
Selwyn/starraOwner100Expl.          Australia     QueenslandGold, copper
Sheahan GrantsOwner100Expl.          Australia     QueenslandGold
Pajingo (queensland)Owner100Expl.          Australia     QueenslandGold
StarraOwner100Expl.          Australia     QueenslandGold, copper
Mount ChalmersOwner100Expl.          Australia     QueenslandGold, copper
Mt CuthbertExpl.          Australia     QueenslandCopper
Croydon (queensland)Owner100Expl.          Australia     QueenslandGold
Lucknow And Alma...Owner100Expl.          Australia     QueenslandPlatinum, gold
Cracow (queensland/)Owner100Expl.          Australia     QueenslandGold
Mount Morgan Tai...Owner100Expl.          Australia     QueenslandGold
Mt. MorgansOwner100Expl.          Australia     QueenslandGold
ThalangaOwner100Expl.          Australia     QueenslandLead, copper, zinc
Cement HillOwner100Expl.          Australia     QueenslandGold
Cracow (queensland)Owner100Expl.          Australia     QueenslandGold
WirralieOwner100Expl.          Australia     QueenslandGold
Palmer RiverOwner100Expl.          Australia     QueenslandGold
Red DomeOwner100Expl.          Australia     QueenslandGold, copper
Gunpowder / MammothOwner100Expl.          Australia     QueenslandCopper
Mary KathleenOwner100Expl.          Australia     QueenslandUranium
Pyes Creek & Haz...Owner100Expl.          Australia     QueenslandGold
BeltanaOwner100Expl.          Australia     South australiaZinc
KanmantooOwner100Expl.          Australia     South australiaGold, silver, copper
Mount PainterOwner100Expl.          Australia     South australiaThorium, uranium, radium
Mt. GunsonOwner100Expl.          Australia     South australiaCopper
MypongaOwner100Expl.          Australia     South australiaUranium
HellyerOwner100Expl.          Australia     TasmaniaLead, zinc
Mount LyellOwner100Expl.          Australia     TasmaniaCopper
BeaconsfieldOwner100Expl.          Australia     TasmaniaGold
Mt. LyellOwner100Expl.          Australia     TasmaniaSulfur-pyrite, copper, gold, silver
Que RiverOwner100Expl.          Australia     TasmaniaLead, copper, gold, zinc, silver
Stanton & Loughnan'sOwner100Expl.          Australia     TasmaniaGold, iridium, bismuth, osmium
Thompson River C...Owner100Expl.          Australia     VictoriaCopper, palladium, silver
NagambieOwner100Expl.          Australia     VictoriaGold
Blackwood PbOwner100Expl.          Australia     VictoriaLead
Lord BobExpl.          Australia     Western australiaGold
BardocOwner100Expl.          Australia     Western australiaGold
New CelebrationOwner100Expl.          Australia     Western australiaGold
ParingaOwner100Expl.          Australia     Western australiaGold
Mt. GibsonOwner100Expl.          Australia     Western australiaGold
Mt. MagnetOwner100Expl.          Australia     Western australiaGold
Mertondale (west...Owner100Expl.          Australia     Western australiaGold
KuraraOwner100Expl.          Australia     Western australiaGold
Mt. CharlotteOwner100Expl.          Australia     Western australiaGold
Mt. MartinOwner100Expl.          Australia     Western australiaGold
Mt. PercyOwner100Expl.          Australia     Western australiaGold
Mt. PleasantOwner100Expl.          Australia     Western australiaGold
Horseshoe LightsOwner100Expl.          Australia     Western australiaGold, copper
JubileeOwner100Expl.          Australia     Western australiaGold
Great VictoriaOwner100Expl.          Australia     Western australiaGold
Edwards FindOwner100Expl.          Australia     Western australiaGold
Hedges (western...Owner100Expl.          Australia     Western australiaGold
NiftyOwner100Expl.          Australia     Western australiaCopper
NimaryOwner100Expl.          Australia     Western australiaGold
Blue BirdOwner100Expl.          Australia     Western australiaGold
Big BellOwner100Expl.          Australia     Western australiaGold
Meekatharra (wes...Owner100Expl.          Australia     Western australiaGold
Reedy'sOwner100Expl.          Australia     Western australiaGold
Fimiston KmaOwner100Expl.          Australia     Western australiaGold
Kambalda (wester...Owner100Expl.          Australia     Western australiaCobalt, nickel, pge, copper
Laverton (wester...Owner100Expl.          Australia     Western australiaGold
FraserExpl.          Australia     Western australiaGold
HedgesOwner100Expl.          Australia     Western australiaGold
Boddington Gold...Owner100Expl.          Australia     Western australiaGold
CadjebutOwner100Expl.          Australia     Western australiaZinc
LongOwner100Expl.          Australia     Western australiaNickel, copper
LancefieldOwner100Expl.          Australia     Western australiaGold
Harbour LightsOwner100Expl.          Australia     Western australiaGold
Mt.morgansOwner100Expl.          Australia     Western australiaGold
Golconda OperationsOwner100Expl.          Australia     Western australiaGold
HaveluckOwner100Expl.          Australia     Western australiaGold
King Of The HillsOwner100Expl.          Australia     Western australiaGold
Carnilya Hill (w...Owner100Expl.          Australia     Western australiaNickel, copper
CapelOwner100Expl.          Australia     Western australiaRutile
Bottle CreekOwner100Expl.          Australia     Western australiaGold
Galtee MoreOwner100Expl.          Australia     Western australiaGold
Golden KilometreOwner100Expl.          Australia     Western australiaGold
GoongarreOwner100Expl.          Australia     Western australiaGold
Victoria DefianceOwner100Expl.          Australia     Western australiaGold
Mt. FisherOwner100Expl.          Australia     Western australiaGold
Grants PatchOwner100Expl.          Australia     Western australiaGold
Bannockburn (wes...Owner100Expl.          Australia     Western australiaGold
Griffins FindExpl.          Australia     Western australiaGold
Ora Bandagimlet...Owner100Expl.          Australia     Western australiaGold
Scotia Second NickelOwner100Expl.          Australia     Western australiaNickel, copper
Hopes Hill/corinthiaOwner100Expl.          Australia     Western australiaGold
CopperheadOwner100Expl.          Australia     Western australiaGold
Teutonic BoreOwner100Expl.          Australia     Western australiaCopper
Lady BountifulOwner100Expl.          Australia     Western australiaGold
KaronieOwner100Expl.          Australia     Western australiaGold
Wiluna DepositsOwner100Expl.          Australia     Western australiaGold
Mt. Henry/australisOwner100Expl.          Australia     Western australiaGold
NevoriaOwner100Expl.          Australia     Western australiaGold
Yilgarn StarOwner100Expl.          Australia     Western australiaGold
LabouchereOwner100Expl.          Australia     Western australiaGold
BellevueOwner100Expl.          Australia     Western australiaGold
Golden CrownOwner100Expl.          Australia     Western australiaGold
Black Cat IiOwner100Expl.          Australia     Western australiaGold
Golden MileOwner