Produces Gold
Develops Gold
Explores for Diamonds - Gold - Rare earth
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Status Information
 1Land holding
 2Green exploration
 3Brown exploration
 4Past producer
 5Early discovery
 6Advanced discovery
 8Care and maintenance
 9Mine development
Country Risk Information
 1Very low
 5Very High
Reserves and resources of
MetalTotalUnitReservesIn Situ Value
ProvenProbableProven and probableMeasuredIndicatedMeasured and indicatedInferred
 Gold 2 204 791oz 109 745 1 057 245 1 166 990 1 037 8014 276 523 727 US$
Definitions             Cautionary Note to US Investors concerning estimates of Measured and Indicated Mineral Resources
Properties, projects
and mines
TitleInterestDataStatusStatus LevelCountryRisk LevelProvinceTrendResources
YOUGAOwner90Prod.          Burkina Faso     Gold
YOUGA / BOLE-BOL...Leaser100Expl.          Burkina Faso     Gold
BOROMO GOLD BELTOwner100Expl.          Burkina Faso     Gold
BANFORA GOLD BELTLeaserExpl.          Burkina Faso     Gold
KUMASI BASINOwner100Expl.          Ghana     Gold
BOLE - BOLGATANGAJoint ventureExpl.          Ghana     Upper east regionGold
AGBAOUInterest85Expl.          Ivory Coast     Gold
FINKOLOInterest50Devpt          Mali     SouthGold
LOFDAL RARE EART...Owner100Expl.          Namibia     Rare earth
Tirisano Mine/no...Prod.          South Africa     
VENTERSDORPOwner100Expl.          South Africa     Diamonds