Produces Platinum
Develops Copper - Nickel
Explores for Cobalt - Copper - Gold - Nickel - Palladium - Platinum - Rhodium - Uranium
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Status Information
 1Land holding
 2Green exploration
 3Brown exploration
 4Past producer
 5Early discovery
 6Advanced discovery
 8Care and maintenance
 9Mine development
Country Risk Information
 1Very low
 5Very High
Reserves and resources of
MetalTotalUnitReservesIn Situ Value
ProvenProbableProven and probableMeasuredIndicatedMeasured and indicatedInferred
 Nickel1 072 317 420lbs 568 065 111 434 729 5351 002 794 646 69 522 7747 794 479 875 US$
 Copper 410 423 570lbs 220 914 210 169 061 486 389 975 696 20 447 875 621 849 US$
Definitions             Cautionary Note to US Investors concerning estimates of Measured and Indicated Mineral Resources
Properties, projects
and mines
TitleInterestDataStatusStatus LevelCountryRisk LevelProvinceTrendResources
PEDRA BRANCAExpl.          Brazil     CearáPalladium
Janes Twp (chini...Expl.          Canada     OntarioCopper, gold, nickel, palladium, platinum
Kelly (kukagami...Expl.          Canada     Ontario
Washagami LakeExpl.          Canada     Ontario
Davis-kelly (pfn)Expl.          Canada     OntarioGold, palladium, platinum
River Valley (ra...Expl.          Canada     OntarioCopper, nickel, palladium, platinum
Sargesson Lake (pfn)Expl.          Canada     OntarioCopper, nickel, palladium, platinum
AGNEW LAKEExpl.          Canada     OntarioUranium
Cerrejon CoalJoint venture33Prod.          Colombia     La guajira
Urals Pt ProjectExpl.          Russia     Platinum
ElandsfonteinExpl.          South Africa     Platinum
OnderstepoortExpl.          South Africa     Palladium, platinum
UNION SECTIONProd.          South Africa     Platinum
AMANDELBULT SECTIONOwner100Prod.          South Africa     Platinum
RUSTENBURG SECTIONProd.          South Africa     Platinum
SHEBA'S RIDGEJoint venture35Devpt          South Africa     Copper, nickel
Ga-phashaJoint venture50Expl.          South Africa     Gold, palladium, platinum, rhodium
PLATREEFExpl.          South Africa     LouisianaCobalt, Copper, Gold, Nickel, Palladium, Platinum, Rhodium