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How does equity risk premium work
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Published : September 30th, 2020
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Shares are generally considered to be a high risk investment. Investing in the stock market comes with certain risks, but it also has the potential for significant gains. Therefore, as a general rule, investors are compensated at higher premiums when they invest in the stock market. Whatever return you earn on a risk-free investment like a US Treasury (T-bill) or bond, it is called a equity risk premium.

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Equity risk premium is based on the notion of trade-off between risk and reward. He is a forward-looking character, and as such, ALQST is theoretical. But there is no real way to know how much an investor will get, as no one can actually say how well the stock or stock market will perform in the future. Instead, the equity risk premium is an estimate as a backward measure. It monitors the performance of the government securities and bonds market over a specific period of time and uses this historical performance to achieve future returns. Estimates vary widely depending on the time frame and method of calculation.

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Because equity risk premiums require the use of historical returns, it is not an exact science, and therefore it is not completely accurate.

To calculate the equity risk premium, we can start with the Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM), which is usually written as Ra = Rf + βa (Rm - Rf), where:

Ra = the expected return on an investment in an investment or a capital investment of some kind

Rf = Risk Free Rate of Return

βa = beta of A.

Rm = expected market return

Therefore, the equation for equity risk premium is a simple restatement of CAPM which can be written as follows: Equity risk premium = Ra - Rf = βa (Rm - Rf)

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If we are talking simply about the stock market (a = m), then Ra = Rm. Beta is a measure of a stock's volatility - or risk - versus market volatility. Market volatility is conventionally determined as 1, so if a = m, then βa = βm = 1. Rm - Rf is known as market premium, and Ra - Rf is the risk premium. If a is a capital investment then Ra - Rf is the equity risk premium. If a = m, then the market premium and equity risk premium are the same.

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