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World Gold Production Statistics by Country
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Published : January 11th, 2015
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Gold production makes a sizable contribution to a countrys economy. Gold is mined around 90 countries worldwide. The statistics is based on the 2013 estimates in metric tons. South Africa was the dominant producer of Gold until 2006, it is now ranked sixth. China is now the first with 420 metric tons of Gold production among world countries, followed by Australia, United States and Russia.

Gold Production Statistics by Top Countries
China 420 Metric Tons
Australia 255 Metric Tons
United States 227 Metric Tons
Russia 220 Metric Tons
Peru 150 Metric Tons
South Africa 145 Metric Tons
Canada 120 Metric Tons
Mexico 100 Metric Tons
Uzbekistan 93 Metric Tons
Ghana 85 Metric Tons
Brazil 75 Metric Tons
Papua New Guinea 62 Metric Tons
Indonesia 60 Metric Tons
Chile 55 Metric Tons

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