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America Becoming a Third World Country

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Publié le 18 mai 2011
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Business Insider reports that Nearly Half Of Detroiters Can’t Read.

Nearly Half Of Detroiters Can’t Read
John Ellis | May 5, 2011, 3:07 PM

24hGold -  America Becoming a ...

Wikimedia Commons

Detroit was once the symbol of American wealth and industrial capacity. It is now everybody’s emblem of decline.

The data about Detroit grow more depressing by the month. This report may be the most depressing thing you’ll read all year.

In a nutshell, it says that
ROUGHLY HALF OF ALL THE PEOPLE WHO LIVE IN DETROIT ARE ILLITERATE. They can’t read the back of a cereal box. They can’t read a weather report. They can’t read at all.

As Andrew Coulson notes in his blog at Cato:
"Virtually the entire illiterate population has completed elementary school, the level at which reading is theoretically taught. That’s seven years of schooling (k-6), at a cost of roughly $100,000, for… nothing."

By way of epitaph,
last month every teacher in the Detroit public school system was laid off.

UPI reports that Detroit to eliminate half of public schools.

Detroit to eliminate half of public schools
Published: Feb. 22, 2011 at 1:05 AM

LANSING, Mich., Feb. 22 (UPI) — Michigan state education officials Monday ordered
Detroit Public Schools to close half its schools and consolidate operations to close the budget deficit.

State officials told Robert Bobb, emergency financial manager for the Detroit Public School District, to immediately implement
a restructuring plan that would INCREASE CLASS SIZES TO 60 STUDENTS at whichever high schools remain after the closures, The Detroit News reported Monday.


New York Times reports about Murdertown, U.S.A..

April 15, 2011
Riding Along With the Cops in Murdertown, U.S.A.

A sign taped to the entrance of police headquarters says it all:
“CLOSED WEEKENDS AND HOLIDAYS.” Every weekday, the doors are locked at dusk.

It’s not that the cops here are scared;

Flint is the birthplace of General Motors and the home of the U.A.W.’s first big strike. In case you didn’t know this, the words“Vehicle City” are spelled out on the archway spanning the Flint River.

But the name is a lie. Flint isn’t Vehicle City anymore. The Buick City complex is gone. The spark-plug plant is gone. Fisher Body is gone.

What Flint is now is one of America’s murder capitals. Last year in Flint, population 102,000, there were 66 documented murders. The murder rate here is worse than those in Newark and St. Louis and New Orleans. IT’S EVEN WORSE THAN BAGHDAD’S.

After the door is unlocked and I enter police headquarters, it is easy to see why. There are only six patrolmen on duty for a Saturday night.
So broke is Flint that the city laid off two-thirds of its police force in the last three years. The front desk looks like a dusty museum piece.

I am assigned to ride along with Officer Steve Howe, a 20-year-veteran of the department. Caucasian. Late 50s. Medium build. Mustache. Clump of very well-kempt salt-and-pepper hair.

I sign a release form and am given a bulletproof vest.

“Isn’t that a little bit much?” I ask the sergeant on duty.

“You have to sign your life away,” he tells me.

Cops can be a suspicious, insular lot when it comes to reporters. But Howe and the others are blunt and self-effacing.
“We ain’t cops anymore,” Howe says. “We’re librarians. We take reports. We don’t fight crime.”

He guides me through the yellowing jail cells upstairs that had to be closed down recently because of lack of manpower.
“IF YOU BREAK INTO SOMEONE’S HOUSE, WE CAN’T HOLD YOU,” he says with a straight face. “If you’ve got a weapon or you’ve murdered somebody, then county will take you. I don’t see any light at the end of this tunnel. Only darkness.”

We leave headquarters and head out into the night. Howe turns up the heat in his Chevy cruiser and switches on the computer.

“That’s something,” I say hopefully.
“Some squad cars in Detroit don’t even have computers.”

“Hold on a sec,” he says. “Let it warm up.”

When it does, I see that
there are more than 12 runs stacked up, including a kidnapping call that is more than six hours old. A home-invader call is two hours old. A “man with a gun” call is 90-minutes old.

“Sometimes, we don’t get to a call for two days,” he says. Last fall, an elderly couple called after being held up at gunpoint in their driveway. The police arrived on the scene FIVE HOURS LATER.

Traffic tickets?

“Don’t make me laugh,” he says.

We drive 50 miles through the evening, and the city flashes by us in all its monotony. Liquor store. Gas station. Liquor store. Hi-C, 25 cents. Catfish steaks, $1.25. Regular unleaded, $3.65.

The action isn’t heavy tonight, either. Domestic disputes, mostly.
A woman will not let her brother into the house, having already destroyed his furniture with a pipe and thrown his clothing into the snow. Another man has beaten his girlfriend and locked himself inside a neighbor’s house. Howe takes reports. The kidnapping call gathers dust.

We pass by an abandoned Victorian with a sign neatly spray-painted on the peeling door:
“Please don’t burn.”

“Sorry, slow night,” Howe apologizes. “Last weekend we had four murders.”

Nature calls. Howe pulls into the 7-Eleven for a toilet break and a Big Gulp. As we get out of the car, I see a blue flash of light near the side of the store and the sound of gunfire. A shadow runs toward the apartment complex.

“Back in the car!” Howe barks at me.

Someone might have just become the 14th homicide victim of 2011, and winter hasn’t even broken yet.

Howe calls in: “Shots fired.” He gives the following description: A shadow wearing a hood. And
in less than two minutes, the entire Flint police force on patrol swarms the area. ALL SIX OF THEM. They find no gun and no victim. They do, however, round up a fidgety kid in a hood, but since he doesn’t have a gun, they kick him loose.

Frustrated, Howe heads back to the car and watches the kid walk away.
Two more people are killed in Flint the following week.


The Economic Collapse Blog reports about American Hellholes.

American Hellholes

24hGold -  America Becoming a ...

The U.S. economy is dying and we are heading for the next Great Depression. The talking heads in the mainstream media love to spin the economic numbers around and around and they love to make it sound like the economy is improving, but the truth is that it doesn’t take a genius to see what is happening to the U.S. economic system. ALL OVER THE NATION MANY OF OUR GREATEST CITIES ARE BEING SLOWLY BUT SURELY TRANSFORMED INTO POST-APOCALYPTIC WASTELANDS. All over the mid-Atlantic, all along the Gulf coast, all throughout the "rust belt" and all over the entire state of California cities that once had incredibly vibrant economies are being turned into rotting, post-industrial hellholes. In many U.S. cities, the "real" rate of unemployment is over 30 percent. There are some communities that will start depressing you almost the moment that you drive into them. It is almost as if all of the hope has been sucked right out of those communities. If you live in one of those American hellholes you know what I am talking about. Sadly, it is not just a few cities that are becoming hellholes. This is happening in the east, in the west, in the north and in the south. America is literally being transformed right in front of our eyes.

If you still live in an area of the United States that is prosperous, do not mock the cities that you are about to read about. The cold, hard reality of the matter is that economic decline and economic despair are spreading rapidly AND THEY WILL COME TO YOUR AREA SOON ENOUGH. Right now we are still talking about "American hellholes", but if the long-term economic trends that are destroying this nation are not turned around eventually we will just be talking about one gigantic "American hellhole". In the end, no area of the country will completely escape the economic hell that is coming.

Let’s take a closer look at what is currently happening in some of the worst areas of the country….

Detroit, Michigan

In the city of Detroit today,
there are over 33,000 abandoned houses, 70 schools are being permanently closed down, the mayor wants to bulldoze one-fourth of the city and you can literally buy a house for one dollar in the worst areas.

During the boom days of the 1950s,
Detroit was a teeming metropolis of approximately 2 million people, but today the current population is less than half that. The city of Detroit, once a shining example of middle class America, is now a rotting cesspool of economic decline and it actually saw its population decline by 25 percent during the decade that recently ended. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, Detroit lost a resident every 22 minutes between the years of 2000 and 2010.

So why are people leaving Detroit so rapidly?

There simply are no jobs.

At the height of the economic downturn,
the mayor of Detroit admitted that while the "official" unemployment rate in Detroit was about 27 percent, the "real" unemployment rate in his city WAS ACTUALLY SOMEWHERE AROUND 50 PERCENT.

Since there are not enough jobs, that also means that not enough tax money is coming in. Detroit is essentially insolvent at this point.

Detroit officials are trying to implement some austerity measures in a desperate attempt to get city finances under control.

For example,
the state of Michigan recently granted approval to a plan that would shut down nearly half of the public schools in Detroit. Under the plan, 70 schools will be closed and 72 will continue operating.

It has been estimated that
the remaining public schools will have class sizes of up to 60 students.

Detroit Mayor Dave Bing also wants
to cut off 20 percent of the entire city from police and trash services in order to save money.

Essentially that would mean
abandoning 20 percent of the city of Detroit to the gangs and to the homeless.

The mayor of Detroit has also discussed a plan in which
authorities would bulldoze one-fourth of the city
in order to save money on services.

So with all of this going on,
is Detroit a pleasant place to live at this point?

No way.

Today, Detroit is considered to be
the third most violent city
in the United States.

In fact,
crime has gotten so bad
and the citizens are so frustrated by the lack of police assistance that they have resorted to forming their own organizations to fight back. One group, known as "Detroit 300", was formed after a 90-year-old woman on Detroit’s northwest side was brutally raped in August.

If you want to see what the future of America looks like, just take a few hours and go driving through Detroit some time. But please only do this during the day. Do not do this at night. Detroit is not a safe place anymore, and you cannot count on the police to help you in a timely manner.

Detroit was once one of the greatest cities in the world.

But today it is an absolute hellhole.

Camden, New Jersey

So is there any place in America that is worse than Detroit?

Well, many would nominate Camden, New Jersey.

Many years ago, Camden was actually thriving and prosperous. But today the city of Camden is known as "the second most dangerous city in America".

In a recent article entitled "
City of Ruins
", Chris Hedges did an amazing job of documenting the horrific decline of Camden. Hedges estimates that the real rate of unemployment in Camden is somewhere around 30 to 40 percent, and he makes it sound like nobody in their right mind would want to live there now….

Camden is where those discarded as human refuse are dumped, along with the physical refuse of postindustrial America. A sprawling sewage treatment plant on forty acres of riverfront land processes 58 million gallons of wastewater a day for Camden County. The stench of sewage lingers in the streets. There is a huge trash-burning plant that releases noxious clouds, a prison, a massive cement plant and mountains of scrap metal feeding into a giant shredder. The city is scarred with several thousand decaying abandoned row houses; the skeletal remains of windowless brick factories and gutted gas stations; overgrown vacant lots filled with garbage and old tires; neglected, weed-filled cemeteries; and boarded-up store fronts.

Gangs have stepped into the gaping void left by industry. In Camden today, drugs and prostitution are two of the only viable businesses left - especially for those who cannot find employment anywhere else. The following is how Hedges describes the current state of affairs….

There are perhaps a hundred open-air drug markets, most run by gangs like the Bloods, the Latin Kings, Los Nietos and MS-13. Knots of young men in black leather jackets and baggy sweatshirts sell weed and crack to clients, many of whom drive in from the suburbs. The drug trade is one of the city’s few thriving businesses. A weapon, police say, is never more than a few feet away, usually stashed behind a trash can, in the grass or on a porch.

But before we all start judging Camden for being such a horrible place to live,
it is important to realize that this is happening in communities from coast to coast. All over the United States industries are leaving and deep social decay is setting in.

Even the criminals in Camden are struggling. Things have gotten so bad in Camden, New Jersey that not even the drug dealers are spending their money anymore.

So where are the police?

Unfortunately, there is very little money for police.
Authorities in Camden recently decided to lay off half of the city police force.

So now the gangs and the drug dealers have more room to operate.

Sadly, this is not just happening in Camden. It is happening all over New Jersey.

Of 315 municipalities the New Jersey State Police union recently surveyed,
more than half
indicated that they were planning to lay off police officers.

So why doesn’t the state government step in and help out?

Well, the state of New Jersey is in such bad shape that they still are facing
a $10 billion budget deficit
for this year even after cutting a billion dollars from the education budget and laying off thousands of teachers.

New Jersey also has $46 billion in unfunded pension liabilities and $65 billion in unfunded health care liabilities.
Nobody is quite sure how New Jersey is even going to come close to meeting those obligations.

Meanwhile, cities like Camden are rotting a little bit more every single day.

New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans had a struggling economy even before Hurricane Katrina struck back in 2005. But that event changed everything.
It is now almost 6 years later and virtually the entire region is still a disaster zone.

New Orleans permanently lost
of its population after Hurricane Katrina. There are many areas of New Orleans that still look as if they have just been bombed.

21.5 percent
of all houses in New Orleans, Louisiana are currently standing vacant. Many of those homes will never be inhabited again.

What made things even worse for New Orleans (and for residents all along the Gulf coast) was the horrific BP oil spill last year. The mainstream news does not talk about the oil spill much anymore, but those living in the area have to deal with the effects every single day.

Some of the industries in the Gulf region were really starting to recover from Hurricane Katrina but the BP oil spill put a stop to that.

Before the oil spill, Louisiana produced more fish and seafood than anywhere in the United States except for Alaska. But now the seafood industry has been absolutely devastated. It has been estimated that the cost of the BP oil spill to the fishing industry in Louisiana alone could top 3 billion dollars.

Some local shrimpers in the region are projecting that it will be about seven years before they can set to sea again.

New Orleans keeps trying to bounce back from all of these disasters, but times are tough down there.

Today, New Orleans is the
13th most violent
city in America. That is actually an improvement. Before Katrina New Orleans had even more violent crime.

The truth is that
other areas along the Gulf coast are doing a lot worse than New Orleans is doing. A ton of big corporate money has flowed into New Orleans. Officials are trying to clean up the city and make it a huge tourist destination once again.

But in the surrounding areas things are not looking so bright.
There are areas along the coasts of Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and the panhandle of Florida that are some of the most depressing places in the nation.

It is almost as if there are hundreds of thousands of people that time forgot.
In some rural areas along the Gulf coast the poverty is absolutely mind blowing. There are very few jobs and there is very little hope. Meanwhile, LARGE NUMBERS OF PEOPLE IN THE REGION CONTINUE TO GET SICK FROM THE TOXIC DISPERSANTS USED TO CLEAN UP THE OIL SPILL.

Let us hope that we don’t see another major disaster in the Gulf of Mexico any time soon. As it is,
it is going to take decades for that region to fully recover. There are a lot of really good people that live down there, and they deserve our prayers.

Vallejo, California (And Virtually The Rest Of The State Of California)

Almost the entire state of California is an economic disaster zone. Austerity measures are being implemented in city after city as tax revenues have nosedived.

The following is an excerpt
from a recent New York Times article
that describes the brutal austerity that has been implemented in Vallejo, California….

Vallejo is still in bankruptcy.
The police force has shrunk from 153 officers to 92. Calls for any but the most serious crimes go unanswered. Residents who complain about prostitutes or vandals are told to fill out a form. Three of the city’s firehouses were closed. Last summer, a fire ravaged a house in one of the city’s better neighborhoods; one of the firetrucks came from another town, 15 miles away. Is this America’s future?

that is what the future of America is going to look like. Public services are being slashed all over the nation due to budget crunches.

Unless there is a major jobs recovery, the situation in California is going to continue to degenerate.
The truth is that the state of California needs millions and millions of new jobs just to get back to "normal". For example, near the end of last year it was reported that 24.3 percent of the residents of El Centro, California were unemployed. Not only that, as of the end of last year the number of people unemployed in the state of California was approximately equivalent to the entire populations of Nevada, New Hampshire and Vermont combined.

Businesses are closing in California at an astounding pace. At one point last year it was reported that in the area around Sacramento, California there was one closed business for every six that were still open.

As a result of all of this,
home prices in many areas of California have completely fallen off a cliff. For example, the average home in Merced, California has declined in value by 63 percent over the past four years.

California also had more foreclosure filings that any other U.S. state in 2010. The 546,669 total foreclosure filings during the year means that over 4 percent of all the housing units in the state of California received a foreclosure filing at some point during 2010.

Sadly, things don’t look like they are going to turn around in California any time soon. Forbes recently compiled a list entitled "
Cities Where The Economy May Get Worse

Six of the top seven spots were held by cities in California.

California is becoming a very frightening place. When you combine high unemployment with unchecked illegal immigration what you get is rampant poverty.

20 percent
of the residents of Los Angeles County are now receiving public aid of one form or another.

In particular,
the number of children that are considered to be in need of public assistance is truly scary.

60 percent
of all the students attending California public schools now qualify for free or reduced-price school lunches.

Poverty and illegal immigration have also caused a tremendous health care crisis in the state.
The hordes of illegal aliens taking advantage of "free" medical care at hospital emergency rooms have caused dozens of hospitals across the state of California to completely shut down. As a result, the state of California now ranks dead last out of all 50 states in the number of emergency rooms per million people.

The bozos in Sacramento keep passing hundreds of new laws in an attempt to "fix" the state, but the truth is that for the poorest residents of the state all of those new laws don’t make a shred of difference.

The following is how
Victor Davis Hansen
describes what he saw during his recent tour of the "forgotten areas of central California"….

Many of the rural trailer-house compounds I saw appear to the naked eye no different from what I have seen in the Third World. There is a Caribbean look to the junked cars, electric wires crisscrossing between various outbuildings, plastic tarps substituting for replacement shingles, lean-tos cobbled together as auxiliary housing, pit bulls unleashed, and geese, goats, and chickens roaming around the yards. The public hears about all sorts of tough California regulations that stymie business - rigid zoning laws, strict building codes, constant inspections – but apparently none of that applies out here.

Hansen also says that he observed that people in these areas are doing whatever they can to get by….

At crossroads, peddlers in a counter-California economy sell almost anything. Here is what I noticed at an intersection on the west side last week: shovels, rakes, hoes, gas pumps, lawnmowers, edgers, blowers, jackets, gloves, and caps. The merchandise was all new. I doubt whether in high-tax California sales taxes or income taxes were paid on any of these stop-and-go transactions.

In two supermarkets 50 miles apart, I WAS THE ONLY ONE IN LINE WHO DID NOT PAY WITH A SOCIAL-SERVICE PLASTIC CARD (gone are the days when "food stamps" were embarrassing bulky coupons).

Are you frightened yet?

You know what they say – "as goes California, so goes the nation".

What is happening in California now is eventually going to come to your area.

Right now California is also having a huge problem with gangs.
Gang violence in America is getting totally out of control. According to authorities, there are now over 1 million members of criminal gangs operating inside the country, and those gangs are responsible for up to 80% of the violent crimes committed in the U.S. each year.

But instead of ramping up to fight crime and fight illegal immigration,
police forces all over California are being cut back.

For example, because of extreme budget cuts and police layoffs, Oakland, California Police Chief Anthony Batts has announced that
there are a number of crimes that his department simply will no longer respond to due to a lack of resources. The following is a partial list OF THE CRIMES THAT POLICE OFFICERS IN OAKLAND WILL NO LONGER BE RESPONDING TO.

grand theft
grand theft: dog
identity theft
false information to peace officer
required to register as sex or arson offender
dump waste or offensive matter
loud music
possess forged notes
pass fictitious check
obtain money by false voucher
fraudulent use of access cards
stolen license plate
embezzlement by an employee
attempted extortion
false personification of other
injure telephone/power line
interfere with power line
unauthorized cable tv connection

Not that Oakland wasn’t already a mess before all this,

Today, Oakland is considered
the 5th most violent city
in the United States.

Will it soon become the most violent?

Oakland is not the only major California city that is facing these kinds of issues.

Things have gotten so bad
in Stockton, California
that the police union put up a billboard with the following message: "Welcome to the 2nd most dangerous city in California. Stop laying off cops."

Already the police force in Stockton has been stripped down to almost nothing.

A while back,
the Stockton Police Department dropped this bombshell….

"We absolutely do not have any narcotics officers, narcotics sergeants working any kind of investigative narcotics type cases at this point in time."

Do you think drug dealers will be flocking to Stockton after they hear that?

California was once the envy of the world.

Now it is becoming one gigantic hellhole.

During one recent 23 year period, the state of California
built 23 prisons
but just one university.

So is there any hope for California?

No, unfortunately there is not.

In another article, I wrote about
some of the reasons why millions of people have been leaving California for good….

the standard of living in California is going right into the toilet. Housing values are plummeting. Unemployment has risen above 20 percent in many areas of the state. Crime and gang activity is on the rise even as police budgets are being hacked to the bone. The health care system is an absolute disaster. At this point California has the fewest emergency rooms per million people out of all 50 states. While all of this has been going on, the state legislature in Sacramento has been very busy passing hundreds of new laws that are mostly about promoting one radical agenda or another. The state government has become so radically anti-business that it is a wonder that any businesses have remained in the state. It seems like the moving vans never stop as an endless parade of businesses and families leave California as quickly as they can.

But this is not just a "California thing". The truth is that what is happening in California, in Detroit, in Camden and in hundreds of other communities is also going to happen where you live.

THE U.S. ECONOMY IS SLOWLY DYING. Only 66.8% of American men had a job last year. That was the lowest level that has ever been recorded in U.S. history.

People are getting desperate. There are ten percent fewer middle class jobs than there were a decade ago and the competition for good jobs has become insane. More than 44 million Americans are now on food stamps and that number grows every single month. Millions more American families fall into poverty every single year.

It is time to face the truth about what is happening to America. Our economy is not growing and becoming stronger. Rather, the cold, hard reality of the matter is that OUR ECONOMY IS VERY SICK AND IT IS DYING. The seemingly boundless prosperity that we have enjoyed for decade after decade is coming to an end. Our communities are being transformed into absolute hellholes.

THOSE THAT ARE TELLING YOU THAT THE U.S. ECONOMY WILL SOON BE BETTER THAN EVER ARE LYING TO YOU. The U.S. economy is going to go down and it is going to go down hard.

You better get ready.

Signs that the economy is worsening

CNN reports that
Wal-Mart shoppers are ‘running out of money’.

Wal-Mart: Our shoppers are ‘running out of money’
By Parija Kavilanz, senior writer
April 28, 2011: 2:41 PM ET

Wal-Mart’s core shoppers are running out of money much faster than a year ago due to rising gasoline prices, and the retail giant is worried, CEO Mike Duke said Wednesday.

"We’re seeing core consumers under a lot of pressure," Duke said at an event in New York. …

Wal-Mart (WMT), which averages 140 million shoppers weekly to its stores in the United States, is considered a barometer of the health of the consumer and the economy.

To that end, Duke said
he’s not seeing signs of a recovery yet.

Wal-Mart has struggled with seven straight quarters of sales declines in its stores.

Bloomberg reports that McDonald’s turns Away Over 938,000 Applicants For Minimum Wage, Part-Time Jobs.

McDonald’s Hires 62,000… [turning Away Over 938,000 Applicants For Minimum Wage, Part-Time Jobs]
By Leslie Patton – Thu Apr 28 20:19:49 GMT 2011

24hGold -  America Becoming a ...

Job seekers reach for applications at a McDonald’s Corp. restaurant in Chicago on
April 19, 2011. Photographer: Tim Boyle/Bloomberg

McDonald’s and its franchisees hired 62,000 people in the U.S. AFTER RECEIVING MORE THAN ONE MILLION APPLICATIONS, the Oak Brook, Illinois-based company said today in an e-mailed statement. …

The number of applications for unemployment benefits in the U.S. rose last week, a sign that progress in the labor market may be fading.

Reuters reports that Most Americans say U.S. in recession.

Most Americans say U.S. in recession despite data: poll
By David Morgan
WASHINGTON | Thu Apr 28, 2011 9:47am EDT

(Reuters) –
More than half of Americans say the U.S. economy is in a recession or a depression despite official data that show a moderate recovery, according to a poll released on Thursday.

The April 20-23 Gallup survey of 1,013 U.S. adults found that
only 27 percent said the economy is growing. Twenty-nine percent said the economy is in a depression and 26 percent said it is in a recession, with another 16 percent saying it is "slowing down," Gallup said.

Americans Gone Wild

The Economic Collapse Blog reports about Americans Gone Wild.

Americans Gone Wild

24hGold -  America Becoming a ...

Gerald Celente is known to love to make the following statement:
"When people lose everything and have nothing left to lose – they lose it." Sadly, Celente is exactly right about this. As the U.S. economy continues to collapse, Americans are going to becoming increasingly frustrated, and this frustration will inevitably boil over into rioting and violence. Could we be starting to see the start of this already? The number of Americans that have "gone wild" seems to be escalating. Years ago, losing a job was not that big of a deal. Now a job loss is enough to cause some Americans to snap and go over the edge. We are seeing restaurant brawls and open violence in the streets that would have been unthinkable 50 years ago. All over the nation people are losing it and are literally going crazy. The news stories and the videos posted below of "Americans gone wild" are very graphic and very shocking. There is a reason for this. These examples are meant to show you that THE VERY FABRIC OF OUR CIVILIZED SOCIETY IS FALLING APART. It won’t matter who ends up leading us politically if this is the kind of people we become.

Sadly, it appears that we are not the same kind of people that we used to be. Something has changed in America. Something is different. …

There are examples of "Americans gone wild" all over the nation. The things you are about to read about below are not just isolated incidents. The truth is that I could have easily included dozens more examples.

As the economy continues to crumble this trend is going to get even worse. The following are just a few examples of how Americans have been freaking out and losing it recently….

*One elementary school teacher in the town of Monroe, Georgia was arrested recently for something very unusual. One day he made the decision
to walk around the halls of his school completely naked. So why was he naked? Well, it turns out that he learned that he was going to be fired and so he snapped.

*As I have written about previously,
McDonald’s recently held a "National Hiring Day" and about a million Americans showed up to apply for jobs at McDonald’s restaurants all around the nation. Well, in Cleveland a horrible fight broke out between some girls and it ended up with three people being run over by a car. Do not watch this video if you are sensitive to graphic violence….


*In Sioux City, Iowa
a 41 year old man recently walked into the office where his boss worked and beat the living daylights out of him. The boss suffered four chipped teeth and needed surgery to repair his nose. Apparently the boss was planning to fire the man.

*At a McDonald’s restaurant in the Baltimore, Maryland area
two young girls recently beat and kicked another young girl so brutally that she started having seizures. The following video is very graphic and has some very strong language….


one gold thief
was so desperate to get into a jewelry store that he rammed his truck backwards through a wall of the store at very high speed. The thief got away with a bunch of gold and jewelry and the owner is scared to death that he is going to come back and do it again.

*In the following video from a Denny’s restaurant,
young women are actually throwing plates and furniture at each other….

*In Brooklyn,
New York a security camera recently captured chilling footage of a cold-blooded execution right in the middle of the street. One resident has named that particular street "body-a-week avenue".

*In Atlanta,
two dozen teens violently assaulted two Delta flight attendants on a train recently for no apparent reason. The following is how a local Atlanta newspaper described the attacks….

Their "Clockwork Orange" style blitz was over soon after it began. The teens boarded the train, headed to Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, at the Garnett station a little after midnight seemingly intent on instilling fear. They succeeded.

“There was blood everywhere, people were hollering and screaming,” a witness told Channel 2 Action News. “We were intimidated. People were terrified. People were trying to run. But there was nowhere to run.”


You don’t think America has changed?

What does it say about America when
the murder rate in Flint, Michigan is worse than the murder rate in Baghdad?

There are some areas of the country where people simply do not go out of their homes at night.

We refused to discipline our young people and demand the best out of them so now we are reaping a bitter harvest.

According to one recent report,
approximately half of all the people that live in the city of Detroit are illiterate.

Can you imagine that?

Half of the people that live in a major American city can’t even read?

Can that possibly be true?

What does that say about the way that we are educating our children?

due to harsh economic conditions up in Detroit, about half of the schools in the city are being closed down for good.

That certainly isn’t going to make anything better.

this is where we are at as a nation.

We borrowed and borrowed and borrowed and we never thought that we were going to pay the price.

Now the "credit card bills" are coming due, and
state and local governments from coast to coast are completely broke.

There are signs of
economic decline
all over the United States. More than 33 percent of our men do not have a job. Over 44 million of our fellow citizens are on food stamps. OUR COUNTRY IS LITERALLY FALLING APART.

Welcome to the Recovery

New York Times give us THIS Op-Ed piece by Timothy F. Geithner.

Op-Ed Contributor
Welcome to the Recovery
Published: August 2, 2010

… a review of recent data on the American economy shows that

While the economy has a long way to go before reaching its full potential,
last week’s data on economic growth
show that large parts of the private sector continue to strengthen. Business investment and consumption — the two keys to private demand — are getting stronger, better than last year and better than last quarter. Uncertainty is still inhibiting investment, but business capital spending increased at a solid annual rate of about 17 percent.

The economic rescue package that President Obama put in place was essential to turning the economy around. The combined effect of government actions taken over the past two years — the stimulus package, the stress tests and recapitalization of the banks, the restructuring of the American car industry and the many steps taken by the Federal Reserve — were extremely effective in stopping the freefall and restarting the economy.

we are in a much stronger position to face them today than when President Obama took office. By taking aggressive action to fix the financial system, reduce growth in health care costs and improve education, we have put the American economy on a firmer foundation for future growth.

We suffered a terrible blow, but

Timothy F. Geithner is the secretary of the Treasury. [Isn’t he doing a wonderful job? (heavy sarcasm)]

My reaction: Anyone who believes Geithner has a serious mental disorder. America isn’t recovering. America is becoming a third world country.

Eric de Carbonnel




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Things are improving : http://www.asiaone.com/News/AsiaOne%2BNews/World/Story/A1Story20110524-280379.html
At least they exchange them for French New World order masters such as Strauss Kahn
No, Platinoid - the fascists within the US government planned all of this. It is fascism we are headed for, not socialism. That is a misunderstanding of what is happening here. The social programs will be abolished soon enough. All wealth will be held by a few people only and we will be even more deeply brought into the role of global military hegemon on behalf of the Western elite. This is not socialism - it is fascism. They are laying plans for something very monstrous. If America finds it's conscience - hard to do under these circumstances, clearly - and refuses to participate in the slaughter of the innocent, we might be saved from the worst of it. But most people still hang on their every word and believe whatever they are told. I expect they will have little problem bringing the people to participate in almost any misadventure. It is ironic that while they destroy our nation from the inside, we still insistently believe they are trying to protect us from external enemies. This is the height of naivete.
Hey, pcanon, fascism is socialism. They fight to distinguish themselves from each other, but history has shown that the argument is all talk. In practice they behave identically and have lost all meaningful philosophical contrast.

Socialists have rounded up, tortured, starved, and slaughtered the most people of any brand of collectivism.

It is the socialists destroying America from the inside. They openly espouse hatred for America. They control most of the campuses. They control most of the media. They want you to pay for something they tell you is for the 'good.'

They do it by claiming they are, in fact, the 'good' people, the ones who 'care,' the ones standing on the high 'moral' ground, and the only ones looking out for your interests.

Dominique Strauss-Kahn: an exemplary socialist.

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In the UK all we are told about America is that it is leading the way to recovery. After reading the whole of Mr Carbonnels article it is plainly clear that No recovery is taking place and what is truly worrying is the old saying that "what happens in the USA , happens in the UK." As for Mr Geitners footnote!! Well Words just fail me.
.....it continues to satisfy their failure fetish.....
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Socialists like it just the way it is.....
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At least they exchange them for French New World order masters such as Strauss Kahn Lire la suite
Josey Wales - 24/05/2011 à 09:28 GMT
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