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Countries Begin Rationing Wheat and Other Food Commodities

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Publié le 13 mars 2022
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A few countries have been rationing food as the rulers continue to make life as hard as possible on their slaves. We are going to pay a huge price in the coming months for simple staple items at the grocery store, and don’t think that rationing cannot happen in the United States.

Lebanon has started rationing wheat amidst the pre-planned food shortage. Many businesses were forced to close as a means of rationing the wheat imported from Ukraine.

Lebanon could face wheat shortages from July, forcing the government to reduce subsidized flat rounds of Arabic bread, which sustain the 80 percent of Lebanon’s population who live in poverty, according to a report by The Irish Times. Flour mills in Lebanon delivered supplies only to bread bakeries on Monday and Tuesday, forcing bakers who make pastries and thyme pizzas to close as a means of rationing wheat imported from Ukraine, which supplies 60 percent of the country’s wheat needs.

According to a report by Reuters, Hong Kong is rationing food to prevent “panic buying” as they continue to propagate the COVID-19 hoax.


In the United States, food rationing may happen on its own. Prices are skyrocketing and it won’t be too much longer before people really start to feel the pinch while shopping. According to a report by the Atlantic, Russia and Ukraine are massive growers of grain, especially wheat. Russia produces about 10 percent of the planet’s wheat; Ukraine about 4 percent. Some of that production is consumed at home, but after their domestic use, Russia and Ukraine together provide about one-quarter of all the planet’s wheat exports.

Controlling the food has always been a goal of those seeking totalitarian enslavement of humanity. Anyone paying attention should have seen this coming a mile away when they foisted the COVID hoax on humanity. In order to control people, they need to control their means of survival: food, water, and money.

Has Humanity Won? Almost…Here’s The Next Step

Most of the mainstream media and ruling classes are blaming the spike in prices and food shortages on the Russian “invasion.” “In a year when the world is already facing an unprecedented level of hunger, it’s just tragic to see hunger raising its head in what has long been the breadbasket of Europe,” David Beasley, executive director of the United Nations World Food Programme, commented last week, according to a report by Reason. “The bullets and bombs in Ukraine could take the global hunger crisis to levels beyond anything we’ve seen before.”

Source : www.shtfplan.com
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