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Food and Gas Rationing?

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Publié le 31 mars 2022
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Even mainstream media outlets are reporting that food and gasoline rationing could be possible. We are not going to escape the cost of sanctions, as Biden himself said, so prepare now before things worsen.

We began warning that this was incoming back in 2020 when the lockdowns got the ball rolling. Everything that has happened since then has only helped shove the lack of food into overdrive.

Food Shortages Becoming As Obvious As The Higher Prices

And now, it’s not just food, but fuel to transport the food as well.  Russell Hardy, chief executive of Vitol, the oil trader, says Europe is about to reap the whirlwind of its “systemic shortfall” of diesel fuel. About half of European diesel imports come from sanctions-hit Russia, according to The Financial Times

“Gas Stations Will Run Dry”: Catastrophic Scenario For Diesel Emerging According To World’s Biggest Energy Traders

The economic fallout is beginning to get hard not to notice. Sanctions and other supply-chain disruptions have sent consumer prices surging across the world as oil and other commodity prices have spiked. Soaring gas and diesel prices are also adding to the cost of food, heightening fears that the world is on the brink of a hunger crisis.

Some European governments are preparing citizens for sacrifices. If Russia retaliates against its enemies by shutting off the pipelines that supply a majority of Germany’s natural gas, wider energy shutdowns are likely. Priorities next winter would be decided “politically”, according to the German economy minister. Meanwhile, Ireland is resorting to “wartime tillage” incentives to grow crops that could ease a potential food supply crunch. –The Financial Times

The problems persist and the rationing of everything from food to fuel is likely in the coming year. Especially considering what can be noticed as higher prices for food and fuel in the United States and other parts of the Northern hemisphere, could result in an actual famine for those in the southern hemisphere.

Be aware and remain prepared. Stock up when you can. It won’t take much more strain on the already delicate food supply chain to demolish it for good. Rationing and forcing compliance with certain things in exchange for food or fuel is a possibility too. Be in a position to say no to the rulers, but of helping your fellow human beings who cannot or did not prepare.

Source : www.shtfplan.com
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