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Gold-Silver Ratio & its implications

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Publié le 02 décembre 2011
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Flipping the Silver-Gold ratio on its head, we find the GSR in a nice uptrend after it was clobbered down and out of its bottoming pattern last year by the Vampire's QE2 policy announcement.  Once the bottoming pattern broke in the GSR, NFTRH abandoned the intense risk management and rode to a nice solid +42% return in the speculative portfolio.  Thank you Ben.

Now, the GSR would be hammered down again by the global monetary fixers.  Hey, they think they can control our worlds at will, after all.  But for now, GSR remains in an uptrend and as long as it remains above the green shaded support zone, it paints the Santa party as a bunch of drunks at the punch bowl back slapping, telling crude jokes and not much more.

In other words, they have likely created another counter-trend move, that will be unwound shortly after the holidays on the near end or, if they really get the suck in going again, after the President is re-elected on the far end.

Alternatively, if they break the GSR down and send it back to the hell it came from, enter the pervasive 'El Hyper' noise, which would take the place of the deflationary depression discussion that has dominated since the Long Bond's yield turned down early in the year.

There is no guarantee that the system will not break one way or the other at any given inflection point, but thus far over the decades that the 'continuum' has been in force (post-gold standard and 'gold window' closure) casino patrons have stood to be played by the dynamics within the parameters shown in the chart above.  Each green arrow has represented a reloading of the inflation gun, renewed power for the Wizard and/or an invitation to the Vampire.  You see?

Choose your metaphor, but be on the right side of this thing.



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Say we have a greater depression.
There will be a collapse in all things industrial and not much demand for silver.

Silver falls to $15. Gold goes to $240 at a ratio of 16:1

On the other hand gold could go as a safe haven investment to $3200 and silver does the opposite as above giving a ratio of >200:1

Now that would be historical eh?

Sorry but I just find the whole gold/silver ratio thing of no benefit.
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i believe we must return to the natural earths balence of the metals at 15 or 16 to 1 or the historical average of 16 to 17 to 1 ,especially since 85% of the gold ever mined is still in human possession and 85% of all the silver mined is in our trash dumps.that should bring us to about 1 to 1 in the next decade or 2 the usgs said in 08 or09 that silver will be the first element on the periodic table to become extinct by 2020 .so i dont think we have any possibilty to maintain this false ratio. it seems to me that the above ground silver estimates have the paper silver added to the real pkysical numbers adding to the comex and etf fraud. im a amature stacker @ a ratio 75% silver to gold
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Don't listen to him Tamoharadasa.. He will be the last in line to the gold mine when the currencies fail... They are doing so at a insane pace. Too much over head debt to be accounted for... The end game is buying enough gold and silve to back the paper garbage....The charts are cute except for the fact that he is basing his logic around old data. The new data says China and Asia run the show because they own the gold. We have no way to peg the dollar angainst the gold unless they consfiscate your gold. We are a debt based currency as well as all in the world. They all follow Keynesian principles. The currency death spiral will continue and I will keep buying gold and silve....
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Gary, many , if not everyone, is more sophisticated than I in understanding these. I dont understand the implications so well. Could you please also give a summary in simple langauge undertsandable by non-professionals? I suspect theres a lot of us reaeding these commentaries and getting an education, but we need the answers cheat-sheets !
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Say we have a greater depression. There will be a collapse in all things industrial and not much demand for silver. Silver falls to $15. Gold goes to $240 at a ratio of 16:1 On the other hand gold could go as a safe haven investment to $3200 and silve  Lire la suite
S W. - 20/01/2012 à 23:40 GMT
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