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Let The Dogs Out

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Publié le 10 août 2020
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If he actually makes it through the Democratic “mostly-virtual” Convention to be held (sort of) in Milwaukee next week (but really on the Internet), Joe Biden’s acceptance speech will not be a live event. Instead, Mr. Biden’s head will be clamped in place, as in a Civil War era photograph, so that the audience won’t see his earpiece while an aide feeds him his lines — they wouldn’t dare rely on the candidate reading off a teleprompter. And you know what? It still won’t work. They’ll have to cut-and-paste the video so drastically it will look like an early edit of Ed Wood’s fifties’ classic Plan Nine from Outer Space.

One has a sense that a whole lot of scrambling is going on behind the scenes in DNC-ville this week leading up to the party’s dreaded coronation — and in other places, too, such as Bedminster, New Jersey… the fabled seventh floor of the FBI headquarters… across Pennsylvania Avenue at William Barr’s Department of Justice… and three blocks east in the hallowed chambers of the DC Circuit Court of Appeals.

Mr. Biden’s ominous stalling on his veep pick sends the signal to casual observers that this whole nomination pudding remains badly un-baked. Surely a few not-insane party higher-ups must know that Uncle Joe is not up to actually hitting the campaign trail. They don’t dare imagine what will happen as he is wheeled out to face those sparse crowds of “dog-faced pony soldiers” assembled in middle-school cafeterias across the land. Some kind of rolling debacle, fer sure: shouting matches, push-up contests, and moments of humiliating aphasic blankness. Is it back to basement, then? I guess so — but what about those debates Mr. Biden signed on for?

They’d never permit him to show up live. Instead, citing possible Covid-19 exposure, they’ll proffer a “virtual” Zoom hook-up, and once again Mr. Biden will be rigged with the trusty earpiece to be fed his lines. Or they’ll cook up some other excuse and just pull him out altogether. The foregoing assumes that Mr. Biden remains the Democratic Party’s candidate for president, which is assuming a lot. Meanwhile, I’d like to see some aeriel drone footage of the parking circle at Hillary Clinton’s Chappaqua, New York, hideaway this week… the limos coming and going, the CNN mobile video vans parked on the grass with a tangle of cables running up to the house… the coup to end all coups….

And what of the mysterious action in Bedminster, New Jersey, Mr. Trump’s hideaway? He made the intriguing remark last week at a campaign stop in Ohio: “I have a lot of rich enemies. You won’t see me for a while.” Rumors abound in the non-seditionist news media that something ugly is about to drop. Something, perhaps, that might bust open a suppurating fistula of Deep State corruption of which RussiaGate was one mere subsidiary side-pool of sepsis. Something that perhaps involves the evidence-trail of money-laundering that emanated out of Ukraine during Barack Obama’s second term — a whole fetid, reeking dumpster-load of evidence stealthily gathered under-the-radar by Rudy Giuliani lo these many months — of which the roles of Joe and Hunter Biden are already richly documented, but which may involve many other government poohbahs of both parties. And I say evidence because, as a skilled former federal prosecutor, Mr. Giuliani knows the difference between aspersions and proof. Was Mr. Trump intimating back in Ohio that it’s duck-and-cover time?

Attorney General Barr sat through a leisurely chat with Mark Levin on TV last night, a curious hour of understatement and elision, especially concerning the momentous matter of US Attorney John Durham’s way-overdue actions in the Russia Collusion hoax. Mr. Levin dropped the ball so many times in his questioning that it seemed deliberate — for instance failing to ask whether Mr. Barr had detected any prosecutorial misconduct in the pursuit of General Michael Flynn. There’s plenty of reason to suppose that Robert Mueller’s lawyers royally misbehaved in that case, colluding with FBI director Christopher Wray to withhold a ton of exculpatory evidence even to this day. There are plenty more reasons to suppose that the entire Mueller investigation was a knowing, seditious sham, and that several of his “team” members — e.g. Andrew Weissmann, Jeannie Rhee, Brandon Van Grack, Zainab Ahmad, Aaron Zebley, plus US Attorney Tanisha Guahar, and possibly Mr. Mueller himself — deserve to be indicted for their efforts to overthrow a president (not to mention a long list of other now well-known characters in the DOJ, FBI, CIA, and other festering places).

Speaking of General Flynn, his mandamus petition comes before an en banc session of the DC Court of Appeals on Tuesday. It’s hard to see how they can get around their earlier three-judge panel’s order under a mandamus petition for DC District Judge Emmet Sullivan to vacate the case, as now demanded by the federal prosecutors who brought it in the first place. We won’t rehearse the tedious legal arguments, except to say that where there is no prosecution, there is no case, and Judge Sullivan has no standing to act as prosecutor himself under the separation of powers in the constitution. But in these dark days of a weaponized judiciary, with its Lawfare henchmen grubbing away in the shadows, there’s no telling what bad faith gears may be turning in that mill.

So, buckle up for what, all of a sudden, looks like an action-packed week. Lay in some tonic water and gin for both Covid-19 relief and some self-prescribed anesthesia as America unleashes its dogs of war upon itself.

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Why does Mr. Soros get a free pass by not being charged with treason for funding the Antifa groups in their destruction of Federal properties to incite a civil war.
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Your question was probably rhetorical, but the answer is $$$$$$$$$$$$. When you own the politicians, you are probably safe from a political attack.
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Your question was probably rhetorical, but the answer is $$$$$$$$$$$$. When you own the politicians, you are probably safe from a political attack. Lire la suite
J. - 21/08/2020 à 13:25 GMT
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