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Publié le 07 janvier 2015
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The ideological movement that calls itself neoconservative is small, potent, and extremely dangerous. Oh, and its members don’t like lewrockwell.com, either.

Founded by followers of Leon Trotsky, they liked Lenin but not Stalin, who killed Trotsky. These left-wing intellectuals now run the conservative movement and the Republican party. How the heck did that happen?

They applied the tactics they learned from Bolshevism to become first, left-liberals, and then, new conservatives. In every mask, they have been very successful, but while there are important neo-liberals (Democratic neocons), they have had the most effect in the GOP.

From the days of Reagan, especially, and their almost total victory under Bush II, the neocons have exerted immense influence not only in politics, but in academia and the media.

Their policies are no longer openly socialist; indeed, they promote a government-controlled capitalism, instead. But their belief in global empire, perpetual war, the police state, central banking, total surveillance, and an omnipotent executive has never changed. Now, however, thanks to them, that’s called Republican conservatism.

Perhaps the first neocon was Leo Strauss, an admirer of the totalitarian Plato, and who advocated rule by intellectuals who, from behind the scenes, would put neocon ideas into practice not only through machinations and the “Noble Lie” (needed to fool the peons into obedience), and through connections to the state’s intelligence organs. The neocons have always been very, very close to the CIA.

Who are the neocons? The late Irving Kristol is properly called their godfather. Bill Buckley was important, too. Today they include such figures as Bill Kristol, John McCain, Charles Krauthammer, and Sean Hannity. Their institutions include everything from the NY Times to National Review, and departments in many universities, too. Oh, and let’s not forget the billionaire donors.

Despite having vast power, the neocons seem to be in perpetual anxiety. They’re like fleas on a beautiful dog—constantly worried about being scratched off.

And what might be the intellectual equivalent of the much-needed flea powder? The ideas of liberty, especially as shown forth by our two greatest anti-neocons: Murray Rothbard and Ron Paul.

I started LRC more than 15 years to support these ideas, and to tell the truth about the neocons, whom Murray had first warned me about. In the Congress and in private life, Ron has been the great anti-neocon champion.

If a grouplet is salaamed from the White House to the Congress, from the Pentagon to the CIA, why worry about opposition? Because neoconism is built on very ignoble lies, and we have the beautiful truth on our side.

So LRC has been smeared from pillar to post from the very beginning. 2014 may be the worst ever. The NY Times had a number of attacks, and have their many allies. A major search engine company joined in, and so did many paper and digital pubs.

There is no attempt to refute the ideas of freedom, peace, laissez-faire capitalism, honest money, private property, of the idea that we do not need a predatory and vicious state ruling over us, that civilization if built on commerce and trade with everyone, on the art of peace, not the weapons and mores of death.

LRC continues to reach young people, all over America and the world. I know we are doing good, because of all the attacks. They’re like anti-congressional medals of honor. But they’have had an effect, especially that giant search engine’s actions. This year, more than ever, LRC needs your help very much.

Whatever donation you can make would be a huge help, to keep LRC going.  Please, bug the neocons and boost liberty, by becoming a Supporter. I can’t tell you how important this is. Please help as much as you can, as soon as you can.

PS: It seems as if the state and its pals are advancing on all fronts, but one of their weak points is youth dissent and youth skepticism towards their lies and schemes. Help me keep this going, in 2015 and going forward.



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