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Position Statement

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Publié le 13 juillet 2020
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Nothing moves and nothing wants to move, or even think about moving, under the punishing heat-dome. For the moment, the sore beset nation stews in a dreadful stillness. The mysterious consensus of the BLM mob has hit the “pause” button on street tantrums, though plenty of damage has been done to businesses, personal lives, undefended monuments, and the public interest. Each day is another frightful step in the creep toward mass default as rents, mortgages, car loans, insurance premiums, electric bills, business debts, and other common obligations go unpaid. It’s like one of those eerie interludes on a battlefield when forces stop to gather their wounded and reassess their positions.

Perhaps you, like me, are skeptical of the news reports about the surge in Covid-19 cases — or, more to the point, what it actually means. Cases may be surging, but deaths are way down. Media megaphones such as CNN and The New York Times eagerly retail maximum hysteria to provoke renewed business lock-downs, ensuring further destruction to the old service economy and, more importantly, to disparage Mr. Trump. I wonder if the virus is, in fact, close to burning itself out and the surge in cases signifies that it will soon run out of new victims. How many asymptomatic carriers are out there?  We just don’t know, but by August we’ll have an idea.

It’s certainly in the interest of the Woke Resistance and its inquisitors in the Woke media to keep the volume up on Covid-19 hysteria. It’s crucial to their strategy of forcing a vote-by-mail system that would easily invite voter fraud. It also provides a cover for keeping their mummified lead candidate, Joe Biden, moldering silently in his basement like the ghost of Hubert Humphrey, as well as an excuse to avoid a real convention in Milwaukee, which would force Mr. Biden to step up and speak before a huge, live audience. Imagine the mortification.

Just as I’m unconvinced about the true meaning of the Covid-19 surge, I don’t buy the polls that show Mr. Biden ten points up on Mr. Trump. I suspect many actual voters were not pleased by the June reign of terror unleashed by Democratic mayors and governors, and did not fail to notice exactly how all that went down. And it is well-known now, four years after the last election and its janky polling, that many voters won’t reveal their true intentions to pollsters — fearing the vilification they’d invite.

I’ve gotten a lot of letters and comments lately condemning my failure to go all-out against Mr. Trump. So, I’ll state my current position plainly: I didn’t vote for him last time, but I would vote for him this time to keep the Democratic Party out of power. There’s a lot to not love about Mr. Trump in his persona and manner. There’s a great deal more to fear about the prospect of Democratic Party control of government. Their enmity to free speech cannot be doubted after a decade of promoting cancel culture. Their appetite for coercion is at odds with the Bill of Rights. Their bad faith and dishonesty have been on display through all the concocted melodramas of RussiaGate and its offshoots. Their economic program is a mashup of all the failed central planning regimes from the bygone 20th century and is wholly inconsistent with the new imperatives to downscale and re-localize the real productive activities of daily life in this country.

Beyond Mr. Trump’s deformities of personal presentation, I am more in favor with the blunt outlines of his policies. I’m for strict control of the nations borders and frankly for reduced immigration. Globalism is clearly winding down and Mr. Trump’s drive to produce more of what we need here in America is in step with that reality. Mr. Trump has been careful to avoid new foreign misadventures — though the military establishment and their pals in the war industries have obstructed the president’s will to quit the old adventures still being prosecuted in places across the Middle East and West Asia. I suspect Mr. Trump might have accomplished more in the nation’s interest if he hadn’t been hounded, harried, and sabotaged by the ceaseless bad faith hostilities of his opponents since Nov 3, 2016.

I’m not confident about Mr. Trump’s management of the nation’s financial quandaries, and especially the racking-up of epic new debt, but there’s plenty of evidence that the Democratic Party would do a lot worse in terms of spending money that doesn’t exist and destroying what’s left of the country’s productive capacity, along with what remains of the middle class. I believe anybody who has managed to stay sane through the travails of the past four years cannot fail to see that the clinically incompetent Joe Biden is an obvious stalking horse for something more sinister. I think we will learn what that is before much longer.

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Hi James,
Are you growing weary? Perhaps it’s time to put the pen down for a week or two. Take a break, please. It’s not a failure to go all-out against Mr. Trump in my opinion. It’s more a deterioration of your superb journalism I’m accustomed to. Covid deaths are way down, you say? “way down”?? What! I know you’re not a fan of the ny times but take a look at the graphs here:
Further, you seem to be painting a picture that this virus is nothing to be too concerned over. In fact, people do die from it and at a rate of at least double the flu. CDC: 79,400 flu deaths in 2017-2018, 34,200 for 2018-19. 138,000+ and counting for Covid. Further, look how insidious this thing is:
“COVID-19: Lasting damage to the lungs, heart, kidneys, brain and other organs is possible after a severe case of COVID-19.
Flu: Influenza complications can include inflammation of the heart (myocarditis), brain (encephalitis) or muscles (myositis, rhabdomyolysis) tissues, and multi-organ failure.“
Do the research on the cost, length of stay, …you name it. The findings support that a bit of hysteria should not be unexpected.
And what?, you propose to vote for Trump so as to vote AGAINST the democratic party? Really? You’ve lowered yourself to this level now? Instead of voting for who we want, we’re supposed to vote against who we don’t want? This is what your journalism is conveying! You can still vote FOR somebody, …libertarian, write-in, etc. …or just don’t vote.
And you think the Democrats will manage the money worse? Huh? Are you aware of what the Fed did after the March market tank?
“Now, in response, the Fed is starting QE to a degree never before contemplated. QE3 was $60 billion per month of debt purchases. This week, the Fed is doing purchases of $125 billion PER DAY!! The intent is that those purchases will be $75 billion of Treasuries and $50 billion of MBS. PER DAY!! The Fed is shoving a firehose down the mouth of the banking system and turning the valve up full blast.” (https://stockcharts.com/articles/tac/2020/03/qe-is-bullish-for-stocks-beari-109.html )
Do some more research and you’ll find that this was to bail out banks, corp loans on their share buy-backs used to prop up stock prices, and more. This happened under Trump’s watch. Historically, way back to when Nixon took us off the gold standard, it’s been happening across both parties. Both parties are in on it. The increased taxes and spending you’re worried about with the democrats is flyshit compared to the out-of-control fed money printing machine. And it’s pure speculation on your part, it seems, that the dems will be worse than the repubs who seem to be addicted to war-mongering. Most people don’t understand that wars and our military cost a ton of money and is dependent on the fed printing press. Can you please use your talents to help more people understand this?
Lastly, the (alleged) witch-hunt(s) on Trump simply serve to mask the atrocities of his loose-cannon nature. Can’t you point some of those out for your readers? e.g. – The immigrant children in cages in empty Walmart facilities? Yep, that’s still going on. I think you totally underestimate, with Trump in control, the risk to standard freedoms we enjoy. As a journalist, you should be especially concerned. (As far as the witch-hunts, your writings have helped me to understand that the dems would have been better to do nothing and just let him self-destruct.)
You like the blunt outlines of his policies? I wonder if you pay much attention to the execution piece? In general, it’s sort of an end-justifies-the-means approach without much thought. And it usually includes a mini-disaster with collateral damage all over the place. You say you like strict control of borders? Well, is building a wall the solution? Again, you don’t have to look too far to find many independent analyses saying what a total waste of money it is and how ineffective it will be. His approach to Covid? Well, he didn’t really have one. Had he, you would not be writing about the hysteria you’re somewhat disturbed about. The protests? Bring in the military? Have you seen what’s going on in Portland lately? …using rented mini-vans to kidnap protesters? …and on and on and on.
Please. Take a break. Get your form back.
Thx, -Bob
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Despite his deformities, Mr. Trump obviously loves this country, and is doing what he thinks is best to save it. While it is quite plain that the Democratic Party hates America, and is openly working to tear it down. That is pretty much what the next election will come down to, try to save the country, or finish destroying it.
The Libertarians would like to do a reset back to the Jeffersonian era, but that is completely overshadowed by the fighting in the streets, but who knows, maybe people are giving some thought to a 'live and let live' philosophy and a way out of this horrendous debt. I aint holdin my breath.
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Hi James, Are you growing weary? Perhaps it’s time to put the pen down for a week or two. Take a break, please. It’s not a failure to go all-out against Mr. Trump in my opinion. It’s more a deterioration of your superb journalism I’m accustomed to.  Lire la suite
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