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Self Education is the First Step to Understanding the Global Banking Crime Syndicate

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Publié le 07 novembre 2013
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In order to help people understand the enormous, life-changing fallout and blowback that is coming from the massive criminal banking syndicate activities, we are going to embark on a series of educational videos that you can track by subscribing to our video channel here at https://www.youtube.com/smartknowledgeu and by tracking our articles here on our blog. For more than a century, the criminal banking cartel has succeeded in erasing truth about their criminal nature of their industry and how they re-structured their entire industry to turn banks into private companies that served their communities into private companies that served only their owners and incessantly ripped off their communities every single chance they had.

Thus ridding yourself of the false and deceptive banking concepts that you learned from professors paid off by the banking industry while earning your bachelor degree or master in business administration, and engaging in self-education about banking truths is the first step not only to understanding the global criminal banking syndicate, but of providing you and your family with hope of surviving the massive tectonic shift in wealth distribution that will accelerate as the banking cartel attempts to bankrupt everyone on this planet.

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