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Send Out the Clowns

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Publié le 02 mai 2016
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I n this decade of maximum peril, a prankish God delivers two maximally detested candidates to lead the faltering nation as events run ahead of all the convenient narratives. For instance: the idea that Republican “insiders” can block Trump’s path to the nomination. The insiders may be phantoms after all. For instance, the loathsome Koch brothers have already made their move onto Hillary’s side of the game-board. Trump won’t miss their campaign contributions for a New York minute (while Hillary might find a way to stuff the cash into some Cayman Islands lock-box of the Clinton Foundation).

Events played right into Trump’s smallish hands last week when protesters outside a Donald rally in Costa Mesa, CA, waved Mexican flags and placards calling for the reestablishment of Aztlán del Norte. Kind of proves his point about illegal immigration, don’t it? Trump also supposedly blundered in saying that Hillary had only “the women’s card” left to play in her donkey trot to the election. I’m not so sure he’s wrong about that — though the indignometer needle danced through the red-line after he said it.

Has it come to this? The women’s party against the men’s party? What kind of idiot psychodrama is this country acting out? Mom and dad mud-wrestling in an election year hog-wallow? A Reality TV show writ large from sea to shining sea? Are there no better ways of understanding the difficulties we face?

Lately Hillary has been boasting of her ability to bring Wall Street to heel, theoretically after Wall Street installs her in the White House. Voters (especially women) might want to pay attention to Hillary’s lavish praise for President Obama’s handling of the banking turpitudes still unresolved seven years after the crack-up of 2008. What did the Dodd-Frank Act (signed by “O” in 2010) accomplish except to provide more lucrative work-arounds, by Too-Complex-To-Comprehend legalese, for Too-Big-To-Fail banks. It was written by bank lobbyists and lawyers and was about 2,270 pages longer than the old Glass Steagall Act that Bill Clinton vaporized in 1999. Do you suppose that Bill and Hill might have talked about the repeal of Glass Steagall back then? Do you wonder what she thought about it at the time… being a lawyer and all?

This week attention is fixed on the Indiana primary where Devil Bat Ted Cruz desperately makes his last stand against the Trump juggernaut. It seems that former House Speaker John Boehner actually succeeded in driving a wooden stake through Cruz’s hypothetical heart by casually remarking that he was “the most miserable sonofabitch I ever worked with.” Kind of hard to explain that one away, though Ted tried by sending out his new attack dog Carly Fiorina and claiming that he never worked with the Speaker of the House — a risible claim for a national legislator in the same party.

All of this would be amusing if the USA wasn’t sliding into the twilight of what many people call “modernity” — which is code for the techno-industrial hyper-complexity we’ve been enjoying lately as a species. We have yet to comprehend the diminishing returns of heaping more complexity on what is already too complex. Exhibit A for most of the common folk must be the Affordable Care Act (also signed by “O” in 2010). Whereas the shrewd stylings of Dodd-Frank surely mystify the public, most full-functioning adults understand what it means when their health insurance premiums go up by 20 percent and the new deductible makes it unthinkable to even consider going to the emergency room.

The sad truth may be that rackets of this kind are unreformable, and that we can’t begin to do things differently until they collapse. It should be obvious, for instance, that American health care needs to move in the opposite direction from where it has been going — from giantism, as epitomized by colossal merged mega-hospital corporations, back to some kind of local clinic care in which doctors and their subalterns are not burdened by an oppressive matrix of Charge-Master grift. There may be less razzle-dazzle technology in that future model, but much more hands-on care, plus an end to the kind of financial pillage that bankrupts households for relatively routine illnesses (the $90,000 appendectomy).

Likewise in virtually all other areas of American life, the real trend as yet un-discussed in this election campaign, will be unwinding and downscaling of the onerous, toxic hyper-complexity of the age now passing and finding our way to a workable re-set of what used to be known as political-economy.

In the meantime: a clown show.


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As you imply, Obamacare's days are numbered. In fact these are the last days of government-protected monopolies like the monopoly that state governments gave Allopathic "accident medicine" nearly 80 years ago, to exclusively treat all disease.

What many fail to realize, there's a big difference between accident, trauma and ambulance medicine and treating degenerative diseases that makes up nearly 90% of medicine.

PBS doctor Andrew Weil said we shouldn't expect to cure degenerative diseases with Allopathic medicine no more than to treat accidents with Alternative medicine.

If Allopathic medicine had to compete with cheaper, safer and far more effective natural medicine like Homeopathy, Naturopathy or Chinese Medicine they would likely be starved for patients.

The last time the dangerous Allopaths competed in the marketplace in 1900 they could only attract 14% of patients. Allopaths were known as Quicks (later Quacks) for the quicksilver or mercury they poisoned their patients with.

They're still poisoning patients with toxic mercury in vaccines along with aluminum, MSG neurotoxin and formaldehyde embalming fluid.

They're also poisoning and killing patients with chemotherapy for cancer that's a derivative of WW1 mustard gas. In fact in a poll, 75% of doctors would not take chemotherapy.

In the 1918 Flu Pandemic, the Allopaths lost 30% of their patients. The Alternative medical providers lost 1% and were eventually banned when states granted the Allopaths an exclusive government-protected monopoly to treat all of medicine due to globalist's threats and bribes of politicians - same as today.

Because we allowed the Globalist Organized Crime Cabal through their Jesuit, Zionist and Masonic agents to hijack our money and medicine after 1913, we allowed the Quacks of the day, a government-protected monopoly and drove out the true healers.

The sheeple to this day still believe the myth that Ambulance Allopathic Medicine earned it's government-protected status because it's the only "proven and scientific" medicine.

Nothing could be further from the truth. It's a vicious, cruel lie that most of the public not only believe, but even defend.

Naturopathic medicine supports the body's own immune and healing system. The human body is a powerful chemical factory that can make strong cleansers that are capable of eliminating, detoxifying and healing any disease.

In the past year, 15 Alternative doctors have been murdered in the US because they were curing their patients with a synthetic version of GcMaf that's one of these "strong cleansers" the body makes.
Every one was visited by the FDA prior to being accidented or suicided. They discovered that vaccines produce Nagalase that destroys natural GcMaf that turns on our immune system to detoxify and eliminate diseases in the body.

Our globalist poisoners have been in overdrive mode recently trying to keep the sheeple ignorant of the dangers of vaccines by their suppression of the Robert Deniro film festival movie "Vaxxed" about corruption and fraud at the FDA concerning the Vaccine and Autism connection.

GcMAF - Is This Why ‘Alternative’ Doctors Are Being Murdered?


An alternative to GcMaf is to support the entire body - if we provide complete 90 element nutritional building blocks to it. This idea is emphasized by Naturopaths and Veterinarians on utube.

One of my favorites is veterinarian Joel Wallach who emphasizes that over 900 animal diseases have been cured through nutrition and can do the same for humans.

This powerful principal has been suppressed and as Obamacare is preparing for another devastating rate hike in November. This may just drive more people to empower themselves with powerful natural nutritional methods everyone can afford.

The sheeple may just stumble and be forced into the best medicine by the greed promoted by Obamacare.

Forget about government-protected monopolies containing costs, our hidden globalist controllers are getting a huge belly laugh on their way to the bank - but hopefully not for long.

True Cures - Dr. Joel Wallach - 90 Essential Nutrients


black against white. rich against poor. male against female. citizens against ill-legals. gun owners against delusionals. far left radicals against far right radicals. patients against their health care system. this has been the plan since about 1917. fully financed. now almost fully implemented. no real suprises except for a dumbed down nation wakeing up to slavery.
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As you imply, Obamacare's days are numbered. In fact these are the last days of government-protected monopolies like the monopoly that state governments gave Allopathic "accident medicine" nearly 80 years ago, to exclusively treat all disease. What  Lire la suite
sam_site - 03/05/2016 à 18:36 GMT
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