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Special Report: The End of OZ

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Publié le 05 août 2010
3533 mots - Temps de lecture : 8 - 14 minutes
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Spring 1964: A little known high school teacher named Henry Littlefield published an article in the American Quarterly arguing that the novel "The Wonderful Wizard of OZ" was a cleverly disguised satire on the politics of the late 1800's America. He also argued that the Author, Frank Baum, devised the first "truly American Fairy Tale" as a Monetary Allegory on the virtues of a bi-metallic monetary system and the fight against the evil bankers.


The Wizard of OZ: Parable on Populism




Since this article was published there have been many follow on articles and other theories developed as to the meaning of the story but the monetary symbolism lives on in the hearts of millions of gold bugs and hard-money advocates around the world.


The following is my interpretation of the characters and plot of the original OZ story drawing mostly from the original Littlefield article but also others that have been published.




Dorothy = The "Everyman" representing the many "Sheeple" that live their lives from day to day unaware there is more going on behind the scenes. Dorothy wanted to find her way home (to the ideal of the United States of America as set forth by our Founding Fathers)


The Scarecrow = Midwest farmers whose years of hardship and self doubt has made them the subject of ridicule. The Scarecrow was in search of a brain.


The Tin Woodsman = Represented the nations workers and in particular industrial workers who were being disenfranchised by the industrial leaders and banking concerns. The Tin Woodsman is in search of a heart.


The Cowardly Lion = Represented William Jennings Bryan, the Nebraska Congressman who was the Democratic presidential candidate in 1896 and 1900. Jennings was known for his roaring rhetoric but didn't have enough support and confidence to back-up his verbal attacks. The Cowardly Lion was in search of courage.


The Wizard = A manipulative politician or even the President of the United States.


The Wicked Witches = Represent financial-industrial interests and their gold-standard political allies, the main targets of Populist venom.


The Colors of Money = The story is richly bathed in the colors of gold, silver and green all having vital importance to both the plot and the monetary allegory.




In its most basic form, the plot of The Wonderful Wizard of OZ is a quest by the people of the United States of America to take back the control of their monetary system by "melting" the evil cabal of bankers and industrialist that use and abuse the power of money for their own purposes. It is truly a battle between the forces of good and evil, and, as in most good fairy tales, good will always triumph over evil...but this tale never really ended!




At the end of Baum's novel Dorothy returns to the "colorless" world of gray Kansas and loses her silver slippers. Here is an excellent interpretation of the actual results of the adventure:


"Neither the Scarecrow nor the Tin Man nor the Lion truly lacked what each believed he was missing; the great Wizard's powers proved illusory; and Dorothy had the power to transform her condition all along. These features of the story point to a more ambivalent result. Indeed, Populism's outright failure is suggested when Dorothy's silver shoes fall off in the desert and are "lost forever." After Bryan's defeat in 1896, the free-silver movement went into rapid decline. McKinley's reelection and the statutory adoption of the gold standard in 1900 spelled political oblivion for the Populists."




It's plain to see how our monetary realities have transpired since the story was written over 110 years ago. Today, the total and complete transfer of control of our monetary system has almost been achieved by the banking and industrial powers.


Could it be that for over 110 years this "Truly American Fairy Tale" is still in process? And if so WHEN WILL WE FINALLY MELT THE WITCH? Don't ALL fairy tales really END with the final defeat of the evil villain, or are we going to realize Dorothy's worst nightmare and never return home?






We last left our hero in the Wonderful Wizard of OZ on the plains of Kansas in a gray, dark land with very little hope for introducing the colors of OZ (gold/silver backed monetary system). Since the book was released in 1900 there have been many "remakes" of the OZ story in books, films and plays but they have all ended on that same sour note of Dorothy returning to the colorless world.


Net effect = No change


…until NOW!


In December 2007 the SciFi Channel aired the latest remake of the OZ tale with the release of "Tin Man". This new version of the old tale was complete with the latest special effects and a new angle. It is clearly not based off the original characters in Baum's 1900 era plot.


Here is the original Trailer for Tin Man: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gs5PEEzaxjU


You can buy the Collector edition here:




Truthfully, when I first watched this movie I was on the hunt for clues to the Monetary Allegory angle and I didn't see them. It seemed to me to be a very bizarre telling of the story that made no sense at all. Was this just another attempt to suck some more profits from the original tale by updating it with special effects for today's attention-deficit-disorder audience that refuses to watch movies unless they are in 3D on an iMax screen?


So I did a little more checking, a little more thinking and a LOT more opening my mind to the possibility and WHAM! There is was. Clear as day.




One that is based off the CURRENT EVENTS discussed in:


The Road to Roota Theory




Let me walk you through it with the characters and plot like I did above:




D.G. = The "Everyday" person represented by the US Congress. The initials D.G. stand for Dorothy Gale from the original story. Just like Dorothy, D.G. is wandering through life with blinders on but also a feeling that something was not right about the world she was living in.


Glitch = The character Glitch is a take-off on the Scarecrow who once had a brain but it was removed by the bad guys and now he is a bumbling fool. Glitch was once the Queens most trusted advisor who invented a digital machine that controls the entire O.Z. (Outer Zone). Glitch represents Alan Greenspan who used his computer programming ability to rig the "free markets" since the early 1970's. This computer control was stolen by the banking cabal in the late 1980's and Greenspan turned into the babbling mouthpiece that ran the fiat monetary system from 1987-2007. In the end Glitch regains his brains and fights to take down the banksters. (See "Greenspan's Golden Secret" http://www.roadtoroota.com/public/101.cfm)


Tin Man = The character Tin Man or Cain is a takeoff on the Tin Woodsman. Cain is a cop who has been locked in a metal bodysuit and forced to watch the murder of his wife over and over. The Tin Man represents ex-Attorney General, Michael Mukasey who presided over the 1993 World Trade Center bombings, Jose Padilla 911 trail and the Larry Silverstein WTC insurance trial. Basically, Mukasey oversaw the evil plots by the banking cabal against America and was helpless to stop them for fear of assassination. Like the movie, he was forced to witness the murder of his love (the Rule of Law). Mukasey was one of Ronald Regan's closest allies and part of a small alliance of people in charge of the Gold Standard Implementation process. His son Marc, who got bankster Bernnie Madoff's accountant to turn states evidence against the banking cabal, is represented in the movie as Cain's son Jeb, the leader of the underground resistance.


RAW = The character "RAW" is a takeoff on the Cowardly Lion who, like William Bryan, is full of strong rhetoric but lacked the courage to fight the bad guys. RAW represents our friend Ron Paul. For years Ron has spoken out against the evils of fiat money and the Federal Reserve System only to be cast aside. The character RAW is found trapped inside a womb of sorts which is symbolic of RP's having delivered over 4,000 babies in his professional career as a doctor. RAW is able to see the future just like Ron Paul has seen the destruction of the fiat monetary system. RAW is found trapped in the "fields of the Papay" which have these scary creatures that I believe represent commodity traders on the COMEX.


Tutor = The shape shifting character Tutor is a takeoff on Dorothy's dog Toto. Tutor represents the ex Fed Chairman Paul Volcker who taught the United States how to float currencies without a gold standard. In the movie Tutor is seen as a traitor for working for the banksters as a spy which Volcker did in real life when he worked for the Rothschilds banking family. In the end Tutor helps to take down the evil empire just like Volcker is currently helping to take down the banksters with his Volcker Rule.


Azkadellia = In Tin Man, Azkadellia is actually the sister of D.G. but becomes possessed by an evil witch when she is a child and turns against D.G. (the people). Azkadellia represents the Federal Reserve System which was taken over by the banksters. Azkadellia wears a gold armored dress for much of the movie until the final scene when she has a silver dress on with the green emerald around her neck. Azkadellia and D.G. stand together to melt the wicked witch with a ray of SILVER while the witch fires a ray of GOLD.


The Witch = The Witch represents the Wicked Witch of the West who tries to take control of the entire OZ and plunge it into darkness. The Witch is found in a dark cave when DG and Azkadellia are just little girls and the witch possesses Azkadellia when D.G. abandons her. In the end the Witch is melted by a SILVER beam emitted from the joining of D.G. (Congress) and Azkadellia (Federal Reserve). When the witch is melting the she says "I care not for the heavens do my bidding" which is eerily reminiscent of Mayer Rothschild's quote "Give me control of a nation's money and I care not who makes her laws."


The Mystic Man = The Mystic Man represents President Ronald Regan who began the original attack on the banking cabal in 1980 and tried to implement a gold standard before he was silenced. The first attempt on his life by VP Bush Sr. (with the setup of his friend's son John Hinkley Jr. as the pawn) but what worked was his contracting Alzheimer's (which may have been poison induced by the bad guys). The Mystic Man is addicted to Vapors, a drug created by Azkadellia and is ultimately killed by the queen by sucking a silver mist from his mouth.


Queen Lavender-Eyes = The character Lavender Eyes is a new character to the story but is obviously a representation of Liberty as she is the mother of D.G. and locked away on a small island to stand alone in a grey/green dress. The symbolism to the Statue of Liberty is obvious and D.G.'s attempt to free her represents the "good guys" attempt to restore Liberty to the citizens of the United States of America.



Zero = One of the main bad guy's is named Zero. It is very difficult to determine who the bad guys are but my guess on this one is that it is Dick Cheney. This is only a guess but due to the nasty nature of this character it makes sense that Cheney be represented because he has run much of the banking cabals operations in the US for the last three decades.


Ahamo = The character Ahamo is also a new character to the story and I believe this to be in reference to Warren Buffet the Oracle of Omaha (Ahamo spelled backwards). Although I see no evidence of Warren Buffet working with the good guys today, I believe that he will come through in a meaningful way when the time is right. Here is my take on Mr. Buffett and the taking down of the good guys (http://www.roadtoroota.com/public/243.cfm)


Mobats = The Mobats are part monkey, part bat creatures who are based on the Flying Monkeys from the original story. They were imprisoned with the Evil Witch of the Dark in her cave and enter into Azkadellia when the Witch takes possession of her. Mobats represent the Banks that are summoned by the Federal Reserve Banks to rig the financial markets.


Longcoats = The Longcoats are Azkadellia's Royal Troops. Stereotypical evil henchmen, they get their names from the long, black coats which they wear. Their appearance and attitude is akin to members of the SS, Hitler's secret police. The Longcoats represent the Cabals henchmen that implement the more diabolical plans of the Bad Guys such as the Kennedy assassination and false flag operations (ie 911 style attacks).




Although the plot of "Tin Man" holds many of the same monetary concepts as the original story the characters and story line have changed dramatically. DG's always felt that there was something missing in her life...some cosmic meaning. When she is transported to the O.Z. by the tornado (financial crisis) she begins to understand that there is a world that was hidden from her.


In this new world DG (Congress or The People) discovers she has a sister (the Federal Reserve) that was once good but turned bad when she became possessed by an evil witch(Banking Cabal). When they were young they worked and played together learning how to make their green doll float (floating fiat currencies) with the help of Tudor (Paul Volcker). She also learned that she had a mother (Liberty) who loved her very much but was locked away on an island by the witch. Her mothers most trusted adviser and once the smartest man on the OZ Glitch (Greenspan) invented a digital machine called the Sun Seeder (Greenspan's original gold market rigging computer programs) that the witch stole and was using it to destroy the O.Z.


DG relives the moment when her sister becomes possessed by the evil witch and understands that it was her fault her sister became possessed by the evil witch. Upon entering the cave of the witch DG became scared and ran from her sister's side breaking their silver, glowing grip that provided protection (silver money controlled by Congress). She soon realizes that all of the tragedies which have befallen the O.Z. are the result of that mistake she made as a child (Congress giving up control of fiat money to the Banking Cabal). DG also learns that she has more power than she knows and goes on a journey to find the Emerald of the Eclipse (the power of fiat US Dollars) to stop the evil witch from destroying the OZ.


DG travels through many strange lands on her way to find the Emerald of the Eclipse. First was a forest where the Eastern Resistance (Chinese) who were fighting Azkadellia's Longcoats but did not have the size and power to do much damage. Then there was Milltown (US Manufacturing town) which has been all but destroyed with only some 1/2 human-1/2 robotic people (technology replacing human production). DG travels to a place that looks very similar to the halls of US Congress with large marble walls and columns to finally find the Emerald but Azkadellia steals it from her which gave her the power to "bring eternal darkness to the O.Z."


DG rejoins with her group of new friends (Ron Paul, Michael Mukasey, Alan Greenspan, Paul Volcker) to take back the Emerald of the Eclipse. DG confronts Azkadellia as she is using the Emerald and the Sun Seeder to lock the the two suns behind the moon an banish the O.Z. to eternal darkness (Two EMP satellites that may have been the original end game for the banking cabal).


In the end, Azkadellia removes herself from the grasp of the wicked which and standing hand in hand with DG attack with a SILVER beam of light as the witch fights back with a smaller GOLD beam of light. The which melts, the sun comes out and the O.Z. is instantly transformed to it's original state of beauty, abundance and "liberty and justice for all".


The final line in the movie is:


"Now this is the O.Z. I remember".




The Producer -- When I first started investigating this movie as a play on current events I had to establish a link between someone who was involved in this movie and the good guys who are taking down the cabal and it didn't take very long. The main driving force behind the production of Tin Man was Robert Halmi Sr. who is not only a very famous movie producer but is also worked for the CIA…. http://movies.yahoo.com/movie/contributor/1800275083/bio


Halmis early days with the CIA give him the perfect insiders view of the battle between the Good Guys and the Bad Guys. If you watch the interviews with him about the movie (in the special features of the DVD) it is clear that he had a passion for making this film and carrying on the long held traditions of the original book but updating them for today. This includes the monetary allegory angle.


Gold/Silver Role -- Gold and silver play a HUGE role in the entire movie from start to finish. Here are just some observations:


- The "Yellow Brick Road" is missing many gold bricks just as suggested by the GATA crowd that the Gold in Ft. Knox is long gone


- Silver plays a VERY big role with a silver glow showing up when DG is feeling lost in the café, the silver glow when DG and Azkadellia make their red and green dolls float (floating currencies), when a Silver net that looks a lot like silver ore is dumped on DG and friends (COMEX dumping), the doll that glows silver that is given to Ahamo (Buffett), silver drives away the bear (Stearns?) and ultimately it is silver that kills the wicked witch.


- At a pivotal point in the script DG goes into a building that looks like marbled Congress to retrieve the Emerald (monetary authority). When she enters the room she is transported into a black and white version of a farm in Kansas where the real Dorothy hands D.G. the emerald. D.G. Looks down and sees Dorothy wearing SILVER slippers! Too symbolic to be accident if you ask me.


-         Azkadellia wears gold armored dresses most of the time that she is possessed by the Wicked Witch. In the end she is in a silver dress and is ultimately freed from the witch by the silver beam coming from the joining of Congress (DG) and the Federal Reserve (Azkadellia).



Tin Man Interactive - The ScyFy Channel has set up an interactive website that takes you through the art of the movie in "Enter the Infinite OZ". During the journey you will find it starts with a Golden scene, goes through a scene with a multi-colored road (various commodities), through a cave filled with geologic mineral deposits(secret Grand Canyon deposits?) and ends on a beautiful SILVER ROAD that leads to your destination! It can be found here:




All Seeing Eye = To top off all the monetary symbolism they even include the "All Seeing Eye" that is put into D.G.'s hand. To enter the Congress like building and find the emerald DG uses the power of the all seeing eye.



Here are some posted YouTube Videos for those who don't have the DVD of the movie:










I know this is a lot to take in as it has taken me YEARS to come to these conclusions BUT it is an AMAZING angle at an historic moment in time. You will need to watch this movie, look for all the clues and judge for yourself.


Oh, this report is only PART 1 of my analysis!


PART 2 will address the following themes:


- Red and Green dresses represent FRN's and Treasury Notes


- The Rothschild Shield is on the wall of Azkadellia's castle


- Floating Green doll represents the floating fiat currency system


- The bear represents Bear Sterns


- The digital codes to stop the "Sun Seeder" are significant dates in our monetary history


- Xora, the leader of the Mobats, represents Goldman Sachs


- The hidden language in the cave and our hidden history of an ancient civilization that once lived on earth




Stay tuned :-)




Bix Weir



Bix Weir is a freelance author and analyst dedicated to exposing the long term manipulation of the gold and silver markets. He has worked closely with the Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee helping to pull the curtain away from the Cabal of International Bankers that have taken control of our free market system.




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