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The Desperate and the Dispirate

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Publié le 13 juin 2016
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As I was leaving Detroit very early Sunday morning to catch a plane, I saw the breaking story about a “shooting incident” in an Orlando nightclub, but the first reports did not detail any fatalities. Only after we landed was the shocking news of 50 dead and as many wounded revealed on the concourse TV screens.

Just in the past six months: December, 137 dead at the Paris Bataclan Theater (and two other sites); March, 35 dead at the Brussels airport; now the massacre at the Orlando Pulse Club. Before that, San Bernardino, The Madrid train bombing, the London Subway bombings… not to mention the videotaped beheadings of sundry Western journalists and other non-combatants… or the foundational outrage of 9/11.  It gets more difficult for the democracies of the West to evade the recognition that a state of war exists between us and Islamic theocracy.

No one knows what to do about it , including, of course, the blowhard Trump. The perp in the Orlando slaughter, Omar Mateen, killed at the scene, was born in New York City, and many of the various European massacre perps were homegrown as well. Good luck trying to deport new wannabes like them. The mood for the moment, as in so many of these tragedies, is the awful combination of rage and impotence. In all such past atrocities, people of the Western nations under attack just sucked it up and moved on with daily life.

These recent massacres, though, have stirred up the sleeping demons of Western politics. No sentient observer can fail to notice the extremities of feeling aroused in America’s 2016 election spectacle, which have overtaken dark trends underway for years already around Europe. One can only imagine that the sentiments will only get more extreme, as may the actions that follow

* * *

I was in Detroit last week for the annual congress of the New Urbanists, who hold their meet-up in a different city each year, more or less to keep up with developments around the country. The org was formed in 1993 to challenge the fiasco of suburban sprawl, which was defacing the national geography like some landscape-eating leprosy. The org has been most successful at changing the DNA of property development in hundreds of cities and towns: the laws and zoning codes that for decades made it illegal to build so much as a popsicle stand in America without supplying ten parking spaces. The New Urbanists are responsible in large part for the urban renaissance — not so evenly distributed around the country.

Detroit, of course, is the most extreme case of civic implosion in the USA. In 1950, it was the seventh-richest city in the world. By the turn of this century, it was left for dead and bankrupt. It’s creeping back now by small increments, which may seem like not quite enough, but is actually exactly the scale required for what is coming. The residue of the city’s skyscraper center still stands on Augustus Woodward’s disorienting semi-circular street grid. There’s a grand wish to bring it all back to life, but personally I think that giant office and apartment towers are not on the menu for The Long Emergency. Practically everyone I talked to about this issue thinks my view of the matter is nuts. But I reiterate: skyscrapers and mega-structures are already obsolete (we just don’t know it yet).

Our cities will come back as cities, just not at the scale of comic book gigantism they achieved at the height of the oil age, when Superman was leaping over The Daily Planet headquarters. And remember that most of our cities occupy very important sites, most particularly Detroit on its stretch of river between Great Lakes, on the border of Canada. It’s coming back now by small entrepreneurial gestures, hipster and hippie business start-ups, the “risk oblivious” art shock troops, a cadre of fearless homegrown architects, and some visionary urban designers. The ballparks and casinos have landed downtown, too, like UFOs from a planet of bygone utopian redevelopment fantasies, all crammed into the same sports ghetto where wild drinking and structured parking overwhelms anything like normal city life a few hours a week.           

The geographically huge city offers plenty of forsaken small-to-medium buildings, some of them very beautiful and built to last for the ages, that can be bought for almost nothing. There’s an awful lot of empty space between them, and for the moment enterprising gardeners are putting it to use while time bides itself waiting to find out where fate wants to take it.

* * * 

This website suffered a pretty severe Denial of Service (DoS) attack the past few weeks, culminating in a disabling shut-down last Monday. We don’t know who the culprits are. Readers may know that I boast of being allergic to conspiracy notions, but I can’t help thinking that some of Hillary Clinton’s wealthy friends out in Silicon Valley might have put their geeks and nerds up to the job. Another website unfriendly to the Clintons, Yves Smith’s Naked Capitalism blog, suffered a very similar attack last week. We’ve made some changes to fortify this operation and hope to be back to the familiar layout this Monday, perhaps a little later than the usual 9:30 a.m. posting time. But we’ll be running on the alternative Patreon site too, just in case. Thanks for being patient about this problem.

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" One can only imagine that the sentiments will only get more extreme, as may the actions that follow"

would those be like the "sentiments" of parents protecting their children from real monsters, jimmie?

have you noticed how humans sentiments return to baseball and birthdays after the very large poisonous snake is throttled with a shovel? and dad aint smileing as he kills the bastard.


sure. youve noticed.

Kunstler said, re the Islamic terror in Orlando, "No one knows what to do about it, including, of course, the blowhard Trump."

If Kunstler could ever get over his personal guilt of having voted twice for Obama, he would acknowledge that Trump has, repeatedly, told America what he would do to combat Islamic terror in America. He would 1) make an end to ISIS in the Middle East 2) place a temporary ban on Muslim immigration and 3) encourage personal defense in line with the 2nd Amendment. These are enormous first steps. He would not be a dithering Obama who, I suspect, is privately sympathetic to terrorism in America.

Kunstler said, regarding the killer Mateen having been born in New York, "Good luck trying to deport new wannabes like them."

Again, if Kunstler were serious, he would understand that Trump would not have allowed Mateen's radical Afgan parents into our nation in the first place.

On another note, we must not forget that Kunstler for years promoted the fallacy of 'Peak Oil' as a means of forcefully driving Americans out of their homes, into the woods, and onto a diet of fruits and nuts....not to mention sitting around a communal fire listening to the pontifications of the Great Guru himself. Now that the concept of 'Peak Oil' has been disproved and replaced by the reality of 'Forever Oil' Kunstler is now just another irrelevant Liberal voice. Past time for him to retire to those woods he would have us relegated to.

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well said. control freaks always end crying because liberty with responsibility is all that can truely suffice.
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Kunstler said, re the Islamic terror in Orlando, "No one knows what to do about it, including, of course, the blowhard Trump." If Kunstler could ever get over his personal guilt of having voted twice for Obama, he would acknowledge that Trump has, repea  Lire la suite
Jim C. - 14/06/2016 à 15:00 GMT
Note :  2  0
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