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The Man Who Isn’t There

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Publié le 29 janvier 2021
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One might ask: why is it so easy to put over narratives on at least half the people in this country? Here’s the answer: because we are living in a time when nothing adds up and there are no consequences — but especially no consequences for the folks in charge of things that don’t add up.

For instance, the January 6 riot at the US Capitol building. The Deep State axis of interests — politicians, permanent bureaucrats, Beltway contractors, K-Street influencers, shady international NGOs, and most of the news media — needed something that would overrule objections to certifying the election. They got what they needed in just the right place for it to happen, the very house of Congress. The objection procedure was neatly sabotaged.

The riot launched Donald Trump back into civilian life under a cloud of odium, labeled an “insurrectionist.” It enabled the Democrats to paint their opponents as “domestic terrorists” and manufacture a narrative that America was under attack by “white supremacists.” Troops occupying the center of Washington since Joe Biden’s inauguration are there to reinforce the story that the government is “under siege.”  The tech companies de-platform anyone who writes about or speaks of “election fraud.” Next, the new regime cooks up legislation to intensify surveillance of US citizens. Worked out perfectly for the Party of Orwell.

Have we gotten a satisfactory accounting of exactly who led the incursion inside the building? I don’t think so, though after three weeks you’d think the FBI could have ID’d many of the characters captured on thousands of videos posted online. Everybody knows the guy in the horned helmet now, one Jacob Chansley (a.k.a Jake Angeli), but he was a very conspicuous street agitator in Phoenix, AZ, well-known to the FBI before January 6 and there’s reason to believe he has been playing more than one side in this game. The DC federal attorney, Michael Sherwin, says they have a list of 400 suspects. Any hints about their actual affiliations? Of course not. By the way, the authorities still haven’t identified the Capitol Police officer who shot Ashli Babbitt dead. Is it a state secret, or what?

Any chance that Antifa or BLM were involved on the scene that day? How is it possible that they would forego the opportunity to mix in with the MAGA crowd and make some trouble happen on Capitol Hill? What could have been easier, or more obvious? All they had to do was put on a red hat. One we know for sure is John Sullivan, the founder of Insurgence USA, a BLM spinoff, but mainly because he also happened to be an attention-whore who went on CNN afterward where Anderson Cooper introduced him to the nation as “a left-wing activist.”  Was he the only left-wing activist on duty at the Capitol that day? Somehow, I doubt it.

The New York Times, mouthpiece of Wokery, is working triple overtime to sell the narrative of white supremacists on the loose. Anyone to the right of Woke is now an enemy of the state. Last time I looked, it was Antifa and BLM tearing up the streets, setting federal courthouses and police stations on fire, looting stores, destroying businesses, and injuring policemen — in the case of Portland, OR, and Seattle, WA, all summer long. Democrats somehow omitted to label them as any kind of threat to the public interest. Vice-president Kamala Harris (then-senator), led a campaign to raise bail money for Antifas and BLMs arrested during last year’s riots. Woke District Attorney’s dropped charges against hundreds of them. Governors and mayors sat on their hands. There were no consequences for any of that.

If anything, the political right-wing of the USA has shown miraculous self-restraint through four years of FBI / DOJ / CIA sedition, tech company tyranny, impeachment chicanery, and the  rage-fueled calumnies of Pelosi and Company, all aggravated by questionable Covid-19 lockdowns, and climaxing in a fraud-inflected election that has not had been subject to any adequate judicial audit.

How much of the current artificial hysteria these first weeks of the “Biden” regime is designed to divert attention from the question of who is actually running Joe Biden? My guess would be Barack Obama via Susan Rice, Director of the White House Domestic Policy Council and formerly Mr. Obama’s National Security Advisor. I would suppose that Ms. Rice is on the phone with Mr. Obama bright and early every morning, and for more than casual conversation. She is surely plugged into the rest of the Obama network, too, in effect a shadow government, which may explain the seeming flimsiness of the crew assembled around Joe Biden. Seems to work for now. But how many weeks will go by before the whole country realizes that Mr. Biden is not actually functioning as president?

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I wonder how many will vote in the next election? Perhaps there will be 400 million votes for the glorious leader.
Yes, I can count, that is more than the current population, though by then who knows.
My bet is actual will be less than 10%, reported will be greater than 50%.
Evaluer :   3  2Note :   1
James, the Trump Rally Rage-to-the-Capitol was A Trap. It's obvious the Washington Security was reduced to a MINIMUM to allow the MAGA Mob easy access to the White House. (After 9-11 you couldn't pound a needle with a jack-hammer into White House Security.) That means the So-Called Insurrection has been a PLANNED situation all along.

NONE of those 80 million voters ~ who made Biden "The MOST POPULAR PRESIDENT IN AMERICAN HISTORY" ~ have shown their faces in defense of Mr. Popular ~ which PROVES BEYOND THE SHADOW OF A DOUBT the Election was a complete FRAUD.

The billionaire's reaction to the Reddit Raid on Wall Street proves The Financial System has a Soft Underbelly that, now that the way to exploit it is known, will soon come crashing down.

I'm a month older than you James, so I'm still a month ahead of you. Look into Mango Hybrid Melon seeds at Burpee, get your rota-tiller tuned up and ABANDON SHIP on this run-away situation that's Too Failed to Fix.

Evaluer :   3  2Note :   1
What sort of drugs are you on?
This is how I remember it all going down, please correct me if I'm wrong.

You're trying to sell the idea that all those non thinkers at the prior rally were lefties, all cheering for your Gormless Golem of GreatLESSnes before marching up the hill and attacking the police with base ball bats and killing one of them by beating him to death with a fire extinguisher.
Then vandalizing the building while committing break and entry, threatening to murder the vice president, who shortly prior to this was loved by them. And looking to kill an old lady named Nancy (what galant heroes), as well as take hostages and restrain them with cable ties.

No, they wern't from the left, they were all brave heroes fighting for your Gormless Golem of GreatLESSnes.
And to top it all off, one of the treasoness thieves apparantly stole Nancy's lap top to sell to the Russians.

When I saw the title of this article I thought it was about your Gormless Golem of GreatLESSnes, because where was he?

He seemed to me to be hiding in a room watching it all on tv, i thinkk he stayed hiding for two days, then finally said he loved them all, they're all very special, and now they're all going to get punished to the full extent of the law.
Most likely leaving many of them with huge legal bills, criminal records, reduced employment prospects, etc.

Then he spent next few days writing pardons for over 100 of his super wealthy friends who were all convicted of breaking the law.
What a Champ.

That's how I remember it any way, am I wrong?
If I'm wrong I take it all hack.
Evaluer :   5  4Note :   1
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I wonder how many will vote in the next election? Perhaps there will be 400 million votes for the glorious leader. Yes, I can count, that is more than the current population, though by then who knows. My bet is actual will be less than 10%, reported wil  Lire la suite
J. - 01/02/2021 à 19:58 GMT
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