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The Ship of State Is Rudderless

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Publié le 12 juillet 2012
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America is like a fleet of oil tankers or warships, adrift at sea with no rudders and no experienced fleet commander giving orders. Rather, we have a community organizer, a neighborhood PTA-type rabble rouser, sitting in the supreme commander’s chair with hands on the controls (sometimes) crashing ahead without a clue. As we move inexorably toward economic and foreign relations disasters, we have an inexperienced, arrogant kid playing God while attempting to drive the mightiest nation in history. Americans prefer to be led – not driven with threats. This is not going to end well at all.

Numerous modern political observers offer that President Ronald Reagan was one of the best presidents in the history of the United States. Obviously, others would argue against that statement but we think his success was attributed to simplicity of purpose. He believed in the sanctity of the United States Constitution, Bill of Rights and the Ten Commandments. We heartily agree. All the rest is just nonsense and the work of busy bodies trying to re-arrange the lives of others to suit their old, stale agendas and paradigms. President Reagan had very specific goals for his presidency and he was successful in all of them including getting the Russians to back down and repairing an economic mess that he inherited from others.

Our current chief executive by comparison has no concrete plans to deal with American joblessness. He is promoting the erosion of our liberty and he takes no steps to promote free enterprise. Having come from a background where the structural foundation is one of government entitlements, he thinks this is the path for our future. We saw a report some time ago saying Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society cost the United States $44 billion over time. Look how well that has worked out for us all.

Johnson’s $44 billion mistake is now peanuts compared to Obama’s $5 trillion tragedies (and counting). The way things are going now, Obama will probably waste more than $44 billion on his bankrupt solar companies, General Motors and a handful of insolvent banks (who claim they are making money on the tax payer’s dime…) all before breakfast.

Many observers are too worried about the Supreme Court’s Obamacare approval. Initially, we were too. Now, however, we see the wisdom of Justice Robert’s approval: he has attached a caveat and is calling it a TAX. This will be a key discussion point in the forthcoming elections but beyond that… America cannot afford it anyway, so who cares?

We expect some of the intermediate and larger-sized corporations would eliminate all medical benefits under the new plan; if it ever made it to first base, which we sincerely doubt. So, the end result is Obamacare is defeated by the congress as a bad tax or, alternatively, there is no money to pay for it as Great Depression II deepens into economic darkness.

In his speeches before the 2008 election, Obama was truthful to the extent he told us he would spread it around. As in, rob Peter (the working man and woman) to pay Paul (the ne’er-do-wells/gimme-gimmes, who sit upon a for-life structural welfare nest, promoting communism under the guise of “social welfare fairness”). That idea sure worked well in Europe, didn’t it?

In the Great Depression of the 1930s in the United States, there was no welfare nest, no unemployment checks and no food stamps. Either you found a way to feed yourself and your friends and family or, you starved. There is no way to count the dead who had starved in the 1930s, but it was reported that over 250,000 little defenseless American children were tossed out of their homes by parents who could not feed them. These kids went on the road in desperation and most of them were never heard of again— ever.

We are not saying this sad event happens again, but keep in mind there are thousands of underage kids living on the streets as they departed dysfunctional homes for many reasons.

Along with his plans for a nanny-state welfare paradise, Obama is using the presidential Executive Order as a tool to circumvent the will of the people without congressional approval. Obama has 38 czars and czarinas on his staff and they are seated with super powers and never attained approval from any insiders or, for that matter, outsiders.

These major government department heads are running amuck, showering US citizens with a truck load of nanny-state rules and illegal takings. We can clearly see a monstrous staff of socialistic-communists bent upon imposing their personal rule and will upon the American people…all this with no legal authority.

Being “politically correct” is censorship, but just without burning books in the streets like the Nazi’s did in that era. Our new capital controls, border controls and mail censorship forces compliance where you have difficulty moving money for normal commerce and in some cases, cannot use paper documents. For example, if you are sending a gift overseas, the documents are filed on the internet or, you cannot send the gift. This is just a warm-up. The real fun starts later on, after Obama is re-elected by those needy welfare voters who receive all the government checks he promises to deliver…forever.

This is the way it started in Germany in the 1930s and of course after the Russian Revolution in that nation in 1917. I think the nasty old Russian men like Stalin, Trotsky, Lenin and their henchmen are rolling over in their graves laughing at America and what she is doing today to create self-inflicted socio-economic wounds.

Some of those old dictators and murderers predicted this would happen and they are proving to be correct. This is happening despite their forecasts being decades old. They clearly understood human nature. When a society floats on a sea of handouts, the mess multiplies in the dark until it all dies and drowns.

Our economic and market forecasts signal a “kick the can” situation not only in Europe but all over the world until September 23-25, 2012, or in the alternative, after the voting on November 6 in the United States.

China has experienced eight months in a row of sliding, negative economic numbers. They can tinker with several central planning tools, tweaking their problems until in the end their created messes turn on them like a rabid dog. Mother Nature will not be denied and not just in China either. Watch Europe first followed by other poor, emerging nations; then the larger ones fall.

However, for now the game goes on; the accurate numbers are hidden and we see regular name calling between Obama for votes (I’m a tough guy vote for me) and China. These are just school-yard bullies spouting meaningless crap.

Do you really think the Chinese, the Germans or, that little unwashed creature
in Iran care really about what Obama thinks or, says? Hardly…

If you want to see some real excitement, watch what happens when the German citizens vote against the ECB-ESM Euro-land bailouts for their neighbors in a fall referendum. Now that is going to be very interesting. One observer told us the vote is coming quickly. We say the German Supreme Court stalls it until at least until after Obama is re-elected in November, 2012.

While the German justices may think that the 4th quarter may be a peaceful post–election period, we predict it goes absolutely wild with a host of other problems including but not limited to: (1) lawsuits for voter fraud, (2) impeachment proceedings, (3) other criminal lawsuits against the administration, (4) white house scandals involving women, (5) grand theft by staff and numerous other charges relating to current and expanding investigations.

This is going to be better than an Academy-Award-Winning Movie and we all get a ring-side seat. Great fun! Watch for stupendous market moves giving us super-duper trading, and all the other neato scandals the liberal, lefty newspapers and TV media so dearly love – wowser!

Now that Greece has cooled-off for the next ten minutes, our attention has turned to Italy and Spain where those prime ministers and economic leaders told the world first that: “We do not need the money”, and next: “We might need the money” and finally, “We need all your money as we can only cover 20% of our bad debts!”

Today, all of these turkeys are now telling us there is not enough money in the world to solve their problems and pay their bills. Gosh, what a big surprise!

Next we have the Queen of the IMF, Madame LeGarde, tut-tuting aloud saying, “You European boys just have to get your act together and very soon.” Or what? Is she going to put out the European credit fires with the IMF’s garden hose, a good chunk of which is US taxpayer’s money? There is not enough credit and cash on the planet for that one. Their game covers 850,000,000 people with the USA being only 1/3rd of that size for comparison.

She got that job as she is very smart, as in “street smart”. You do not become the Chairwoman of the mammoth Baker & McKenzie law firm unless you are a powerful rainmaker (sales lady bringing in the big deals and clients) while making all those monster egos behave themselves.

Now, however, Madame LeGarde is stuck with a problem even superman cannot fix. How can they pay a gazillion dollars in worldly bills when they have so little left with which to pay? And, all of this exists despite her ability to access/print currency and bonds with wild impunity. She has met her match and all the yelling and cajoling ain’t going to cut the mustard. Europe goes crack-up-boom…they just happen to be first in line among several larger nations throughout the world.

The USA is and will be the continuing recipient of Euro-land’s troubles. America is receiving a mountain of cash and bond transfers from suspect European paper, most of which is landing in long bonds, T- Bills and money market funds. Today, it got even more interesting as interest rates were lowered once more on money market funds in Europe, which makes the funds virtually useless. A Big Boy Bank closed 15 of their European funds on that news and returned the money. Next, we say that pile of cash lands in USA paper as it’s the best of the worst (at least this week).

In summary, the 3rd quarter of 2012 will be a set-up quarter for those traders and investors moving into positions that can profit from all this forthcoming excitement arriving in the 4th quarter.

We strongly suggest that if you are not experienced in managing big, faster moving messes, it would just be easier to go and buy physical gold and silver and take possession. This way you eliminate any counter party risk and if you need some cash later on, the metal brokers are more than happy to buy it back and very quickly, too. This trade is safe and liquid.

Most of our readers of these essays and in our Trader Tracks Newsletter are primarily stock traders and investors. At this juncture they are wondering and worrying as to when markets will return to new rallies, pulling-up their beaten down stock positions. The precious metals stocks (the best of the best) will begin to react almost immediately when gold and silver begin new rallies. However, most of them usually take 2-4 weeks longer in a precious metals reaction before any substantial shares movement. This past week in Trader Tracks, our list of recommendations week-over-week moved from negative to almost all positive.

Follow monthly charts first and discover the best time of year for your favorite markets. Then, work backwards using weekly charts followed by dailies. For the most part, we have learned that swing trading (a few days to a few weeks) is easier to manage for us. However, some traders enjoy the scalping game doing 150 trades each day finishing the session and then going flat overnight. Find what suits you best and above all control risk first. The balance of your earnings will often take care of themselves –Traderrog

Roger Wiegand


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I too had my comment deleted by those with the power to determine what crosses the line. While i was disappointed that said action was taken and did seek an explanation (none was supplied), i was shocked to see that David S.'s post had also been deleted. David, you in no way crossed any line in 24hgold's comment policy. You did not call Wiegand any names or slander him, you employed no profanity and there was nothing of a racist nature to your comment. You merely commented that Wiegand seemed to get all of his "facts" from Hannity and that he would do well to broaden his perspective. Pretty vanilla really. My comment was in response to your own and pointed out a few of the instances of misinformation contained in Wiegand's piece that you said would take you a week to properly catalogue. i was not nearly as gentle as you with my critique; skirting the policy line to be sure, but staying on side i thought. The powers that be did not see it that way. Such is life. At least with my comment, i could imagine what it was that caused the powers to err on the side of caution. But with your comment, the only line i can imagine you having crossed was an invisible and nowhere mentioned one, it being to never question why the web master has chosen to act in a particular fashion....As a side note, let me state that my deleted comment, before meeting its untimely end, had received several green up arrows with none pointing the other way; so it would not seem that anyone but the moderator was offended by what i wrote. Anyway, i had better not say more with this comment lest it meet with disapproval by the powers.
Evaluer :   1  3Note :   -2
My previous comment was deleted because the content did not comply with the 24hgold standards. My comment was that political dribble such as this article contains is not worthy of publication by 24hgold and does them a disservice. The author merely was ranting his extreme conservative political beliefs that did not mention precious metals until the end of the article. As I stated, the financial and economic mess we are currently in was created over decades by both political parties, greedy corporations and banks, and equally greedy big unions. The resulting chaos has created massive currency printing (approved by BOTH party administrations) and the devaluing of currencies globally. This, however, will benefit the price of gold by causing fear purchases as a safe haven and speculative investing. The precious metal miners will be trailing the upward momentum of the price of gold and silver and should be considered when diversifying your PM investments, which is unlike the author's advice to only buy bullion.

If 24hgold is to be taken seriously in their journalistic contributions, it must allow comments that may be at odds with the authors and even their own "content" standards. Funny that the comment listed at 3:48 AM is a dubious "gold powder" sales advertisement from Africa that apparently made the grade of "approved content" by 24hgold.
Evaluer :   2  0Note :   2
OK, who at 24hGold was asleep at the switch and allowed this obviously, no -- horribly, biased political rant to actually go online? It is filled with so many "Fox News" nonfactual statements and fear mongering that to begin to dissect it logically would take a week, so I won't. Suffice to comment that if Mr. Wiegand is ignorant of the actual fact that the dilemmas we face was started decades ago and perpetrated by BOTH parties with a good bit of corporate and union greed tossed in, then he should turn off Hannity and get out more often.
Evaluer :   4  5Note :   -1
David, you were not correct in stating that Roger the Dodger (of reality) is ignorant of the actual facts. He is well aware of them. However, being a presstitute in service of the Republican party, facts do not trouble him. He has a long and sordid history of pulling this sort of crap out of his ass. i mean, where else does he get such stuff as the IMF having the ability to print their own money and bonds from? And no, he did not forget that Bush II was the one to initiate all the controls he rails against. It is just more convenient to blame it on Obama. Just as he conveniently ignores that G.M. is again the #1 car manufacturer in the world. And just as he conveniently ignores the fact that the only nations in the world that are still holding their own and then some are the so called socialist nanny states like Norway, Sweden, Germany, Canada, and Australia. He relies upon most Americans being ignorant of this truth to spout his hateful propaganda about "the kid". Heck, he goes so far as to warn that Obama having a second term would usher in the second coming of the Third Reich. Now do not get me wrong, i have been hugely disappointed by Obama, but he is not Hitler, Stalin and Lenin rolled into one. But Wiegand may be the second coming of Dr. Joseph Goebbels.
Evaluer :   3  3Note :   0
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My previous comment was deleted because the content did not comply with the 24hgold standards. My comment was that political dribble such as this article contains is not worthy of publication by 24hgold and does them a disservice. The author merely was r  Lire la suite
The Recusant - 13/07/2012 à 22:16 GMT
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