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Elliott wave predicts $32659 gold on 16 Jan 2015

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Publié le 19 mars 2012
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Nick from Sharelynx with help from Geoff S has put together an Elliott Wave theory prediction using 'The Golden Mean' & 'Fibonacci Sequences' to arrive at the future price of gold. Click here for the chart.

It predicts the next peak as $3,559 in Jan 2013 with an eventual peak of $32,659 gold on 16 Jan 2015. Nick's comments:

The first two uplegs (blue line) generate (through the formulas) the future uplegs (red line) as the price heads to it's peak at W5(5). The Time, Price and Percentage of each leg up & down are shown on the edge of the chart.

So having left W4(A) behind the next 16 months we are heading up to W4(B). Presumptions are that the blue line (actual gold price) will stay above the red line for the first 1/2 of the next upleg falling to below the red line for the second half of the upleg and rising steeply into the peak of W4(B) as gold likes to do.

Perhaps gold's final top is W4(D) or W5(1) or higher and perhaps the timing doesn't play out right but this presumably will be something close to the shape of gold's rise over the next few years.

A nice speculation and one to dream about. I'm certainly going to be bookmarking this chart and checking back from time to time. If it works out with reasonable give and take then I think Nick will achieve Guru status within the precious metals internet community.



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Yes, and the moon is made of green cheese.
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Green cheese doesn't exist ! Cheese with green spots ? Yes !
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Egon on Greyerz of Matterhorn was suggesting $50K! I guess with $1200 trillion or so of notional derivatives in the pipeline, anything is possible. What troubles me is that such extraordinary numbers would indicate a financial apocalypse of almost unimaginable proportions wherein ordinary exchange and transference might become problematic and even questionable in the extreme. And if the dollar goes to absolute zero, as is an almost 100% mathematical probability, who would want to exchange a St. Gaudens for such worthless confetti anyway. Of course by then will we have to adjust and recalibrate to the new world reserve currency either SDR, Yuan or basket? In other words things are not quite as simple as our present fiasco of FRN denomination pegged to COMEX paper circus we are so accustomed to presently which is on the verge of going up in flames itself. We are entering uncharted waters. Freegold anyone?
Evaluer :   3  0Note :   3
My crystal ball shows 17,223$ by then. Not too bad either.
Evaluer :   3  0Note :   3
GeeeesuuuuuuusblooooooodyHELLLLLLLLLLLLLman .

That puts Silver at G:S ratio 15.5 to1 at only $ USD 2107.032258064516 per ounce or at a measly...

$ 67,741.08709677419 per Pamp Kilo Bar.

Two things to note
Anything is possible.
Elliot Wave Theory is in fact a theory.

Nice graph though :)

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Yes, and the moon is made of green cheese.  Lire la suite
Tamoharadasa - 20/03/2012 à 12:39 GMT
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