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The Death of the American Middle Class with Graham Mehl

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Publié le 10 septembre 2014
2085 mots - Temps de lecture : 5 - 8 minutes
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In what will be our final installment together, at least for the foreseeable future, Andy and I will look at the sole largest reason for the current circumstances in which nearly the entire Western world finds itself. We end not our friendship nor our collegial working relationship, but have mutually reached the decision that these collaborations are no longer generating benefits anywhere near the expenditures required to produce them. The title of this piece explains in some degree why this is the case. We hope the rest will fill in at least some of the blanks.

While many believe that Newton�s laws only apply to physics, a powerful analogy can be drawn between them and the rest of existence as well. Of particular interest here is that a body in motion stays in motion until acted upon by an outside force. The same would certainly seem to be true of socioeconomic phenomenon. America is in debt and she�ll continue down that pathway until the pathway is acted upon by an outside force. We�ll leave it to the shock-monger folks in Baltimore and other places to tell you what those particular forces will be (for a mere $50/year along with the obligatory 5 free gifts), but the takeaway is that America isn�t going to just magically clean up its act. Neither her government, nor her people, will suddenly wake up one morning and say �We�ve been doing it all wrong; we need to stop this now!� However, the only reason we pen this last piece is in the hope that one or two might read it and come to exactly that conclusion on their own. It won�t make a lick of difference in the aggregate, but a few less ruined lives are never a bad thing.

America�s mind has died folks, and even more importantly than that, her will has died also. Those who do know merely shrug their shoulders and say �que sera sera�. They�ve largely given up. They blithely do the very things they know they shouldn�t, expect the very things they shouldn�t, then give that slack shrug when it all goes wrong just like they knew it would. Everyone knows that in the financial world there are no get rich quick schemes for the man on the street. Those perks are reserved for others. No, for the man on the street, growth takes a lifetime, but destruction and annihilation take only an instant. We saw this in grand form in 2008. The reprobate bums in the media will shrug this off saying it is an irrelevant point because the Dow has regained all the lost territory and then some. What they fail to acknowledge (as usual) is the fact that most of the Joe Average types sold at the bottom and have only been expressing a desire to get back in now that more record highs are in place. In other words, they got most if not all of the loss and very little of the subsequent �gain� (sic). We say gain with sarcasm because anyone can jigger an index, yank the losers, put in winners, and then call it a gain.

Yes, we�ve been there a hundred times. Nothing is what it seems. The not-so-USFed now claims it has figured out why there has been no inflation (another laugher) despite massive injections of QE monopoly money. Get this: the American consumer is hoarding money. Yet this same institution will release a report a week earlier saying that 40% of households are under financial stress. Which is it, folks? For certain, price inflation has been tame compared to the amount of QE unleashed. Exhibit One is the stock market. The money has been pent up. The �fed� buys its bonds, then the banks that receive that money as primary dealers use the money to jam commodities markets, pump equities, and in general perpetrate what will go down in history as the biggest scam mankind has ever seen. A decade ago, the above might have qualified as a �theory�, but lately the admissions pour out in the mainstream media. You�d think such revelations would cause some concern? Not in America where the mind has died. Even in rabble-rousing Europe, the cries for reform have calmed as Cyprus fades into the background and the debt crisis slowly simmers; kept at bay by � you guessed it � massive money printing. Nobody is fazed by any of this and those who are don�t need to be told there is something wrong.

Along these lines, likely the biggest economic event that has happened recently to underscore all of this is the absolute fabrication of GDP numbers. Instead of merely reporting numbers, now we have to spin them because the numbers aren�t enough to maintain the illusion anymore. So we get a stuffed shirt or three on television and blame the weather for the lack of economic activity. Over a hundred billion dollars in Q1 vaporized because it snowed. Really? Evidently it has never snowed before, but it is sure likely to from now on because snow, in addition to being a great source of fun for the young chaps, is also an excellent scapegoat for lackluster economic performance. However, the snow and cold didn�t cause people to shift dollars spent on spring and summer products to shovels, salt, snow blowers, heating oil, and warmer clothes? Nope, the quislings in the establishment tell you that you didn�t spend because it was cold and that you�re absolutely dying to break out the credit cards once it gets warmer. It�s all in the subliminals. They might have just as well trotted out Bush Junior and had him tell America to go on another vacation to Disney World. Remember that one? Personally our favorite is Fantasyland, but since we�re already there, a vacation is somewhat pointless.

The situation is not much better across the pond either. While Europeans have a penchant and reputation for rioting and burning at perceived injustices, even the most battle hardened of them will admit that it is more about taking out frustrations than actually effecting change. Like America, much of Europe is drunk on excess, frivolity, sports, and the �me generation�. We have iPhones. Shocking that the narcissism of society would be so intense that companies would actually market to it. In true Biblical sense, the world has been turned upside down. What was abhorred is now revered. What was bad is now good and what was good is now bad. �Global warming� results in extreme cold, peace talks result in more war, and �patriot� acts result in the trashing of the American Constitution and the snooping on anyone who dare plug into the matrix. And, as we have tirelessly pointed out, consumer protection acts result not in the protection of consumers, but rather join them with unsecured creditors, strip them of their depositor status, and leave them wide open to further acts of robbery.

But nobody pays attention. Why? It is almost for certain that many folks are just tired of hearing about it. Think about the responsible person�s quandary today. They�re responsible for supporting not only themselves, but well over a hundred million of their fellow countrymen � just in America. They�re responsible for supporting a government that is out of control with regard to spending and other excesses. And lately, they�ve become further encumbered because the two-headed hydra known as America�s political system has unleashed untold millions of illegal (not undocumented) individuals onto the various welfare rolls. Sure, some of them will work. Most will not, but it doesn�t even matter. One side wants votes and more dependence on government. The other side wants cheap labor and more dependence on government. The establishment couldn�t care less about the plight of the responsible people; they are there to be milked and bilked.

What�s the common denominator here? If the school system taught history the way it ought to, this would alarm most folks. However, what do you do when people don�t even know they should be alarmed? Leave it to common core and kids graduating high school in 4 years won�t even be able to find their own country on a map let alone contemplate these and many other important matters. Too many already can�t. But nobody cares. Everything is fine.

When the lawless make the laws, there are going to be problems. So we don�t hold it against you if you�re working your knuckles to the bone to do the right thing while so many others have capitulated into the dark world of government dependence and social welfare. Meanwhile, there is a whole alternative world, based on the sham of �reality TV�, here people can drape themselves in a cocoon of nonsense and a false world while the very real world spirals out of control around them. Why do you think every little town in America wants a minor league baseball team? Or a casino? Or maybe rails to trails? Bread and circuses, but again, most don�t even know what that is thanks to the dumbing down of the generations through government education. Make no mistake here; we are not setting ourselves up as being better than anyone else. Part of our fortune lies simply in when we were born. Much of the rest of our wiring is the result of having parents who understood rules and that when you break the rules there are consequences. We�ve had the benefit of being America�s last generation, to to speak. The ones after us have not only felt the full brunt of the misinformation and lack of true education, but for the most part, didn�t have parents that grew up in a generation of hardship and deprivation.

Consider today, here it takes stumbling across someone who is at least 90 years old to find an individual with any recollection of the Great Depression. We can read all the books we want, but nothing portrays the story and circumstances like someone who was there. Yet instead of cherishing this rapidly declining resource, we stick it in nursing homes where it is cared for by a generation that is more concerned about Facebook than the faces of those it is charged with caring for. Harsh words, but it is the death of the American mind captured in a picture.

Graham and I entitled this piece �Death of the American Mind�, but it is by no means exclusively an American problem. No doubt those of you who take the time to read this will think of a hundred, if not a thousand, other examples of what we pointed out above. We both went into this joint venture of sorts thinking we were going to change the world. We were wrong. The world cannot be changed because it doesn�t want to be changed. The world enjoys circumstances as they are. The world is hooked on largesse and in a way it is, in fact, hooked on its own ignorance of its perilous state. The establishment that intertwines the fabric of society is heavily invested in maintaining the status quo because that establishment�s power is at its maximum when personal responsibility, liberty, and cognitive activity are at their minimum.

As someone who is responsible, it is incumbent on you to make this fight a personal one. We need to forget about saving the world and start focusing inward. Not in a selfish way, but from a preservation point of view. There will no doubt come a day when the foolishness ends and that outside force acts on the orb of insanity that drifts along on its collision course with its self-imposed destiny. Then panic will ensue and there are going to millions asking �what do we do now?� It is imperative that there are those who can succinctly outline what happened, why, and how to move forward. In short, this world is going to need leaders rather than pretenders. It is going to need thinkers not stinkers. That will be the time of your opportunity. And in that time you�ll have the chance to prove this article wrong; that America�s mind wasn�t in fact dead, but was merely embroiled in a century-long daydream.

Graham Mehl is a pseudonym. He currently works for a hedge fund and is responsible for economic forecasting and modeling. He has a graduate degree with honors from The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania among his educational achievements. Prior to his current position, he served as an economic research associate for a G7 central bank.


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You state, " It is imperative that there are those who can succinctly outline what happened, why, and how to move forward." America has been mind controlled through toxic injury. Americans can't even get the toxic GMOs out of their food supply like Europe did 12 years ago. See this on GMO toxicity and tumors.


American's can't even get the toxic fluoride out of their water like Hitler used on his concentration camp inmates to make them docile and controllable. America can't remove the toxic vaccines from dumbing down their kids. See the latest CDC revelation concerning a coverup of the link between vaccines and autism.

CDC Autism study fraud

Vaccine additives - WTF

Cupric sulfate pesticide added to baby formula

America is an extinct nation and doesn't know it yet. Corrupt politicians are half the obstacle to reform. You still have 95% of a dependent population that demand Big Government take care of them with sacred entitlements. There's no convincing them of anything. They are completely captured and in the way of fixing our problems.

Few realize the public's health, independence and clear thinking abilities have been disabled by a poisoning agenda to chemically dumb them down. Toxic injury produces anxiety, depression, lethargy and a blind allegiance to the establishment. View neurosurgeon Dr Russell Blaylock's video detailing this poisoning agenda:

According to 22 year World Bank attorney Karen Hudes, a hidden Jesuit "super entity" owning 43,000 corporations completely dominates our world behind the curtain through their army of Zionist agents. They control our politicians through bribery and death threats and control our media, education and Hollywood. The Catholic church is controlled by the head of the Jesuit religious order through their control of all the secret societies like the Freemasons and the Knights of Malta. They stole the Vatican's gold nearly 250 years ago, entrusted it to their Rothschild Zionist banker agents who took over America in the 1913 Fed Act. The Jesuits have a reputation since 1540 for secrecy, deceit and assassinations in order to dominate the world as the Pope did in the dark ages. They assassinate anyone who crosses them. House Banking Chairman Louis McFadden was assassinated in 1936 after he tried to get congress to join him in arresting the Federal Reserve for treason and theft of America's gold and causing the 30s Depression.
Louis Mcfadden

These are the master poisoners of history and have been accused of poisoning Popes in 1773, 1939, 1958 and 1978 that tried to oppose or remove this organized crime syndicate scourge from the Catholic church. The Jesuits have been implicated in the assassination of Abraham Lincoln and JFK and have been expelled from over 100 countries for their vicious plots to gain power.

This parasitic, organized crime syndicate, posing as a religious order, has been secretly controlling the world for over 100 years, mostly through a poisoning agenda using vaccines, fluoride, GMOs and toxic chemicals and metals in our food, water and medicine in order to subjugate the masses and disable all threats to their domination.

That's why it's crucial that we stop this capturing process by taking back our medicine, food and water from these manipulators. Part of this poisoning agenda involves the suppression of natural medicine like cannabis, vitamin C and many more detoxifcation supplements.

If you follow the far bigger money than just industry profits from pesticides and chemotherapy for instance, you have to conclude they are protecting the enormously lucrative Fed banking scams that this organized crime cabal uses to steal America's wealth.

See Eric Phelps - The Real Powers Behind The NWO

Evaluer :   1  0Note :   1
Your blog sounds more like conspiracy theory blog than anything else. Whilst I cannot but agree that organisations like the Catholic church have become (non christian) business multinational empires I do not believe that any group has permeated every part of our business and government community.
From the limited data I see it appears that the problem is more a case of big business around the world owning governments of all manner, who then do whatever their political masters demand. This ALWAYS involves sending shiploads of money in the direction of the rich via their big business interests with both attacking the way of like of a nation's citizens (economic slavery) as well as taxing them to the point of collapse. This is the main game in town from what I can see, not a Zionist plot.
This is one of the clearest and well written articles I have ever read. No lies. No con. No self interest. No omitting the facts. Well done Andy. Your presence will be missed.

We all feel the middle class under attack, everywhere in the world. This is coming from the top end of society: the rich, the 1%, the establishemnt, who live with the notion that they produce wealth and should not have to pay tax and that taxes should be borne by the poor and the middle class alone. The top end is paying less and less and still crowing for more tax cuts, but these have to come from somewhere.....so the poor and the middle class pay, and are expected to suffer and be pushed into destitution whilst the (documented) increase in wealth at the top continues unabated.

I will disagree with you Andy that how America will be paying its huge debt. I am more thinking that those in charge have a plan to continue weakening the dollar (still waiting for that) so that it eventually collapses and a hyperinflation stage ensues. Only then will America offer to repay its debt. The Chinese will not be impressed at being dudded, but having the new reserve currency it will exact vengeance on the country which sold it out. THE CHINESE NEVER FORGET. The establishment should be aware of that.

I find it interesting that my genY children live in a fool's paradise of media making and no matter what I say they fail to understand that the current largesse is not the bottomless pit they believe in. If nothing else perhaps we are heading to a place where the many who live on Facebook, with no concept of the real world, will be educated. Sadly, as always, average Joes will be decimated. The establishment is good at fleecing average citizens and this will never change.

Evaluer :   1  0Note :   1
Who is John Galt?
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You state, " It is imperative that there are those who can succinctly outline what happened, why, and how to move forward." America has been mind controlled through toxic injury. Americans can't even get the toxic GMOs out of their food supply like Eur  Lire la suite
sam site - 12/09/2014 à 15:30 GMT
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