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Watch What Happens When a Nation Bans Guns

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Publié le 16 septembre 2012
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( 14 votes, 3,9/5 ) , 14 commentaires
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SUIVRE : Thomas Jefferson
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“Laws that forbid the carrying of arms… disarm only those who are neither inclined nor determined to commit crimes… Such laws make things worse for the assaulted and better for the assailants; they serve rather to encourage than to prevent homicides, for an unarmed man may be attacked with greater confidence than an armed man.”~Thomas Jefferson

Watch What Happens When a Nation Bans Guns



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I think the movie is a load of shite. People were paid for those rifles and promptly bought better ones. I can easily buy a gun if I am a registered member of a gun club and have no criminal record.
Evaluer :   2  16Note :   -14
Are there any statistics on how many crimes that were committed before and after the gun ban by law abiding citizens vs. criminals who would have purchased the firearms illegally, in itself a criminal act?

If they were gun club members why would they have given them up just to go buy some more?

If they knew the law was coming into effect why would they not have registered with a gun club immediately to avoid giving the firearms up?

Why would the government allow people to purchase new guns when these same people were required to surrender the weapons they had?
Evaluer :   10  7Note :   3
It seems my reply got lost. I think there are more crimes now for sure. 2 surrender of weapons was voluntary and people were paid for them. Gun club requirement came in after . I believe should be able to own guns for any number of reasons .personally I have no need for a gun. Hope that helps.. Not a big fan of long reply ony iPhone.
Evaluer :   7  1Note :   6
There's been gun laws in aust since a lunatic with a rifle slaughtered 35 people in Tasmania. There's also been a huge increase in this past year of shootings and gun related crime.
Evaluer :   5  5Note :   0
So outlawing guns doesn’t equate to a reduction in guns being used when a crime is committed? Go figure.
Evaluer :   16  8Note :   8
Did you even watch the video? It clearly shows that crime has gone up after the gun control laws came into effect! Civilised does not mean getting rid of guns. Civilised is a state of mind where the population has respect for everyone else. This can be achieved with or without guns but when guns are taken out of the equation those who are of a mindset to hurt others can thrive and your whole civilised society goes down the drain a lot quicker. You simply can’t refute the fact that criminals will ALWAYS have guns. Even if guns were taken out of production and all existing guns destroyed, these criminals will find some other way to kill those who oppose them stealing from others. It wasn’t all that long ago that humans used bows and arrows to commit crimes. Stop ragging on guns and gun owners, get rid of your own liberal mindset and realize that there will always be a portion of the population that will use whatever means are at hand to kill others. You miss one very important point, law abiding citizens don’t use guns to commit crimes, they use them for self defense.

I don’t know what utopian planet you live on but here on earth guns in the hands of law abiding citizens is what keeps politicians from completely enslaving all of its citizenry and makes the criminals think twice about breaking into someone house. It’s great to sit back and think of how wonderful life would be if everyone would just respect everyone else and daisy’s would be growing everywhere while kids with puppy’s can play in the streets freely without fear of being kidnapped and abused. But then, when you have to open your eyes again, the real world hits you smack in the face.

Even in your wonderful England with the gun restrictions you have, there are still many instances of violence which include guns. So the proof is in the death toll, England with strict gun control still has problems with guns being used in break ins and other violent crimes. In other words the criminals still get their hands on guns and the law abiding citizens have to hide in their houses and wave a rolling pin at an armed intruder when he breaks in. Who’s going to lose in this scenario?

GGA – Gold, Guns, Amo…
Evaluer :   30  10Note :   20
I'm sorry. What the frick has this got to do with gold? If Americans want to continue to own guns and live in one of the most dangerous societies on earth with one of the highest per capita murder rates then let them. I for one applaud Australia's efforts to move past their frontier/settler mentality origins, towards being a modern civilised society. I'm from England and we can pretty much count the number of armed incursions into people's houses with guns which result in homicides on our fingers. It's just not something we worry about. In time the Australians will get there too. They are moving in the right direction. Civilised societies don't need guns.
Evaluer :   5  34Note :   -29
I won't give up my guns! Period, end of story for me.
Evaluer :   22  6Note :   16
Well, I wonder when they got together to create a web site about gold, specifically 24h Gold, if they realized it would eventually become a quasi-political web site? More and more, just as ridiculous as the widening gap between the political parties, there is a tendency for web sites to encourage divisiveness that is plaguing our nation's population and government. 24hGold must decide if it is about GOLD or politics. You do a disservice to try to encompass both by posting politically biased articles that become discriminatory to the portion of your readers who do not choose your political leanings.
Evaluer :   5  19Note :   -14
Since the gold standard was abandoned, David, gold itself has become very political, especially these days. If one thinks about tools governments use to enlarge and retain power paper money fills the bill. Gold, among other things, possesses the ability to limit a government's ambitions at enlarging their power simply by the fact that it can ultimately serve as a relief currency in times of chaos. People these days are increasingly coming to understand the power of gold and it is becoming easier and easier to see why governments and our government particularly exert great effort at manipulating gold's price (Happily, they will never be able to manipulate it value).
Evaluer :   6  3Note :   3
I agree with most of what you say, but the comment I made concerned 24h Gold's propensity to publish strictly conservative view points on their web site, which seems to me to have increased over the last year or so. If they wish to garner viewer hits from those who are not politically conservative it would be in their best interest to stick to articles about gold and silver or both conservative AND liberal views.

I do not agree that guns should be banned from Americans, but I also do not want to read biased rhetoric that proliferates the financial media. I consider myself an independent, having voted both ways most of my life. But the incessant drumming of the conservatives becomes annoying and then, just white noise. I come to 24h Gold's web site to read about gold investments, not conservative viewpoints on politics or social problems, for that, we have Fox News.
Evaluer :   3  4Note :   -1
Hello, again, David and I agree with most of what you state in your response. I'm somewhat relieved to discover someone who is actually into maintaining a discourse. It has been strikingly absent in political exchanges over the past ten years or so. In any case, I do not believe that ideologues necessarily drive or operate this publication. Their presence is obviously involved in the commentary to be found here; yet I have found that most of the readership are small business owners or advocates and because of this reality a certain amount of political discourse is absolutely necessary especially when the information they are reading concerns maintaining their livelihoods. There was a time when small businesses not only drove our nation, but provided it with the reputation of being "The Land of Opportunity."

Things have changed. Capitalism has changed. At best, it's become infected with the disease of cronyism. At worst, it's become an anarchistic free-for-all with business practices and models infiltrated by ruthless, amoral and destructive thugs and thieves who have pledged themselves to the obliteration of centuries old business traditions and in doing so have rendered the business climate, at best, a Force Five hurricane. Can honest business people survive, much less prosper in conditions such as we have today? What good are markets if one has a fundamental mistrust of the way they function? How does one address grievances in a situation like we have today? We usually would rely on the ballot box; but that doesn't seem to be working very well. What's left to us? I want to know so I come here, among other places, for ideas, to find out what's happening out there and to, hopefully, find out what the crooks are cooking up for their next assault and the crooks? They're connected, connected to a majority of those involved in running our nation. Talk about the rock and a hard place. Of course the talk will get around to politics and as far as I can tell, there's a lot of politicking and not much of it is addressing what's REALLY happening in the USA. I'm hoping (Really, I'm an optimist - a person who can admit that something's wrong and then begin to consider solutions) that good old American ingenuity and effort can somehow affect the situation because I've seen bad before, but never quite as bad as this and we're going to need all the help we can get.
Evaluer :   3  1Note :   2
dennyc: Yup, that's the way I see the frustrations also. But I do not agree that this site is bipartisan in nature nor to the proliferation of political debating on every web site to placate those frustrations. As for 24h Gold, not once have I seen a liberal or even-handed politically themed article on this site, they are usually very stilted to the right. I have also noticed a tendency for the administrators of this web site to delete comments that they find are too politically liberal. They deleted one of my comments months ago for saying pretty much what I have been commenting in this thread -- which I find logical and middle stream. And I'm surprised that they haven't deleted the comments by both of us. If one wishes to debate politics, my view point is to take it to one of the political sites. There is too much debate over trivial beliefs and too little discussion over the real systemic problems that face us. It's time to temper our personal beliefs and become civil to one another for a common goal.
Evaluer :   1  3Note :   -2
Yes, we know that bad things and bad people exist in EVERY country in the world. But for every incident that happens in a country that ban guns, you can find hundreds that happen in USA. So, please, if you want to compare the effect of legislation in different countries, don't cherry pick isolated incidents, but look at the data, compare the crime and murder ratio of USA with other countries such Australia or Europe.
Evaluer :   16  4Note :   12
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dennyc: Yup, that's the way I see the frustrations also. But I do not agree that this site is bipartisan in nature nor to the proliferation of political debating on every web site to placate those frustrations. As for 24h Gold, not once have I seen a lib  Lire la suite
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