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Osisko Q4 2011 Net Profit of $37.8 Million
Published : February 23, 2012
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MONTREAL, QUÉBEC--(Marketwire - Feb. 23, 2012) - Osisko Mining Corporation (the "Company" or "Osisko") (News - Market indicators)(FRANKFURT:EWX) is pleased to report that it has generated a net profit of $37.8 million ($0.10 per share) during the fourth quarter of 2011, and in its first partial year of operations has generated a net profit of $18.0 million ($0.05 per share) versus a loss of $17.8 million in 2010 ($0.05 per share).

Mine operating profits during the fourth quarter totaled $39.5 million, and $79.5 million for 2011. The Canadian Malartic mine reached commercial production on May 19, 2011.

Sean Roosen, President and Chief Executive Officer of Osisko, commenting on the results: "We are extremely pleased with the solid and profitable financial performance in our first year of start-up operations. The financial results clearly demonstrate the strength of the Canadian Malartic mine, which even in this first partial year of ramp-up operations has allowed us to capture great margins in this favorable gold price environment. We anticipate 2012 to provide a strong operating year for the Company as we complete the ramp-up and optimize operations at Canadian Malartic."

Highlights for the fourth quarter and the year were:

  • Gold production of 79,718 ounces in the fourth quarter and 200,137 ounces for the year;
  • Operating cash flow of $39.7 million in the fourth quarter and $85.7 million for 2011;
  • Capital outlays of $356.8 million;
  • Year-end increase in Canadian Malartic gold reserves by 200,000 oz. to 10.72 M oz., effectively replacing 2011 production.

The construction of Canadian Malartic was completed in late February 2011. Following a cold testing period of the processing plant, ore was introduced in the mill in early April and first gold was poured on April 13, 2011, approximately six years after the initial drill hole. Commercial production was achieved on May 19, 2011, representing the first day where the processing plant throughput averaged at least 60% of the 55,000 tonnes per day capacity. Sean Roosen noted: "The dedication and contribution of our employees was remarkable as we moved Canadian Malartic from an exploration project to one of Canada's largest gold mines in just over six years."

Following the positive contribution of the Canadian Malartic mine, in the fourth quarter the Company has recognized a tax benefit from prior year's losses which contributed $10.0 million to the net earnings.

In the fourth quarter of 2010, the Company had net earnings of $3.1 million, mainly as a result of unrealized gain on investments for $2.9 million, and a gain on premium of flow-through shares of $3.7 million, In 2010, finance costs were capitalized to property, plant and equipment as Osisko was developing its Canadian Malartic mine.

The Company has also strengthened its senior management team with the recent appointment of Ms. Hélène Cartier as Vice President, Environment and Sustainable Development following the departure of Jean-Sébastien David.

Key operating results

(in thousands of Canadian dollars, unless otherwise noted)

  2011 2010 2011 2010  
Gold Production (oz) 79,718 - 180,633 -  
Gold Sales (oz) 75,100 - 155,500 -  
Average Sale Price (US$/oz) 1,655 - 1,667 -  
Average Market Price (US$/oz) 1,688 - 1,663 -  
Cash Costs per Ounce (C$/oz) 936 - 952 -  
Cash Costs per Ounce (US$/oz) 914 - 955 -  
Cash Margin per Ounce (US$/oz) 741 - 712 -  
Revenues 128,100 - 263,408 -  
Mine Operating Profit 39,526 - 79,452 -  
Net earnings (loss) 37,802 3,078 17,997 (17,826 )
Net Earnings (loss) per Share 0.10 0.01 0.05 (0.05 )
Cash Flows from Operations 39,660 4,467 85,700 (20,786 )
(1) Since the beginning of commercial production; excludes 19,505 ounces from pre-production.

Steady progress at Canadian Malartic

Ramp up at Canadian Malartic continued throughout the period. Mill availability and performance were lower in October and November, but an improved performance was noted in December and continued into 2012. The mine production has continued to increase with greater flexibility as the pit is being developed. The grade processed has increased as the mine is gaining closer access to the higher grade ore areas. The operating team is also steadily gaining experience in mining near the old underground mining areas.

  Total Available Hours Operating Hours (%) Tonnage Produced (t) Tonnes per Hour Tonnes per Operating Day
Q2 2011 2,184 1,793 82 2,481,196 1,384 29,894
Q3 2011 2,208 1,890 86 3,086,324 1,633 36,742
Q4 2011 2,208 1,995 90 2,934,803 1,471 33,733
January 2012 744 684 92 1,084,538 1,586 36,151

Production statistics are as follows:

Tonnes Mined (000's)    
  - Ore 3,549 7,383
  - Waste 10,590 20,562
  - Overburden 1,823 3,267
Total 15,962 31,212
Tonnes Milled (000's) 2,935 7,492
Grade (g Au/t) 0.96 0.85
Recovery 88.3 87.7
Gold production 79,718 180,633
(1) Since the beginning of commercial production; excludes 19,505 ounces from pre-production.

As previously announced, the Company is building a new secondary crushing circuit designed to increase production to design capacity of 55,000-60,000 tonnes per day. The construction program is progressing well and is on target to deliver the first unit near the end of March and the complete program by the end of June.

The mine operating statement for the production period is as follows:

(in thousands of Canadian dollars, unless otherwise noted)

  Q4 2011
  Q3 2011
  Q2 2011
  YTD 2011(1)
Gold sales (ounces) 75,100   72,100   8,300   155,500  
Silver sales (ounces) 42,100   49,800   -   91,900  
Revenues 128,100   122,879   12,429   263,408  
Production Costs (74,841 ) (74,647 ) (9,398 ) (158,886 )
Royalties (1,933 ) (1,192 ) (159 ) (3,284 )
Depreciation (11,800 ) (8,748 ) (1,238 ) (21,786 )
Total (88,574 ) (84,587 ) (10,795 ) (183,956 )
Net Mining Profit 39,526   38,292   1,634   79,452  
(1) Since the beginning of commercial production.

During the year, the Company exercised its option to purchase half of the Royal Gold royalty (previously owned by Barrick Gold) for US$1.5 million and re-purchased a 1% royalty interest from Géoconseils Jack Stoch Limitée in consideration for the issuance of 460,000 common shares of Osisko. This royalty was encumbering a portion of the Canadian Malartic and Barnat deposits and is part of a 2.5% Gross Metal Royalty interest that was granted as a result of the acquisition of certain claims of the Canadian Malartic property in March 2006. Following this purchase, only 60% of the recoverable gold ounces at the entire Canadian Malartic mine are subject to a 1.5% Net Smelter or Gross Metal Royalty, based on the most recently published reserve estimates.

Update on Resources and Reserves

The following resource and reserve estimates are dated as of January 1, 2012. Resources are based on a lower cut-off of approximately 0.30 g/t Au (0.286 to 0.312 g/t Au) and reserves/pit shell resources are based on a US $1200 gold price.

Consolidated global (in situ) resources for all Malartic area deposits (Canadian Malartic, South Barnat, Gouldie, Charlie, Jeffrey and Western Porphyry) are 372.95 Mt @ 1.02 g/t Au for 12.23 M oz gold in the Measured and Indicated category and 50.35 Mt @ 0.71 g/t Au for 1.16 M oz gold in the Inferred Category. This number excludes 2011 production and stockpiled inventory (approx. 230,000 oz. Au). Global (in situ) Inferred resources for the Hammond Reef deposit are estimated at 530.6 Mt @ 0.62 g/t Au for 10.52 M oz gold. Consolidated diluted in-pit resources for all Malartic area deposits (except Western Porphyry) are 345.49 Mt @ 0.99 g/t Au for 11.00 M oz gold in the Measured and Indicated category and 10.74 Mt @ 0.69 g/t Au for 0.24 M oz gold in the Inferred Category. These numbers also exclude 2011 production and stockpiled inventory (approx. 230,000 oz. Au). Diluted in-pit resources at Hammond Reef in the Inferred category are 336.6 Mt @ 0.63 g/t Au for 6.86 M oz gold.

The Proven & Probable reserve estimate at Malartic (main pit and three satellite pits excluding Western Porphyry) is 337.67 Mt @ 0.99 g/t Au for 10.72 M oz gold. This number excludes 2011 production (approx. 200,000 oz. Au).

Summary table of Resources and Reserves as of January 1, 2012

Property Category Tonnes
(g/t Au)
Ounces Au
Canadian Malartic Global M&I 372.9 1.02 12.23
Canadian Malartic Global Inferred 50.4 0.71 1.16
Hammond Reef Global Inferred 530.6 0.62 10.52
Canadian Malartic Diluted In-pit M&I 345.5 0.99 11.00
Canadian Malartic Diluted In-pit Inferred 10.7 0.69 0.24
Hammond Reef Diluted In-pit Inferred 336.6 0.63 6.86
Canadian Malartic P&P Reserves 337.67 0.99 10.72

The Company continues to conduct exploration work on a regional basis around the Canadian Malartic infrastructure for additional resources and reserves.

Exploration and Development

A new resource estimate for Hammond Reef was released on November 7, 2011. New drilling by Osisko and Brett Resources from January 2010 to July 2011 (approximately 300,000 meters) has significantly increased the size of the deposit. Global inferred resource now stands at 10.52 million ounces of gold (based on 0.30 g/t Au lower cut-off), and in-pit inferred resource reached 6.86 million ounces at a diluted grade of 0.63 grams per tonne gold, based on a Whittle-optimized pit shell using a gold price of US$1,200 per ounce, a corresponding lower cut-off grade of 0.28 grams per tonne gold and a waste/ore strip ratio of 1.25.

Additional drilling continues since July 2011 to allow for the upgrade of the entire in-pit deposit to indicated category by the end of the first quarter of 2012 and measured and indicated category by the end of the second quarter 2012.

During the year, the Company has terminated its activities on various exploration projects, including Duparquet and Goldboro, which resulted in a charge of $16.0 million.

The Company continues to pursue growth opportunities by the evaluation of various projects and entering into exploration agreements.

Summary from the Company's financial position and results are as follows:

(in millions of Canadian dollars)

  December 31, 2011 December 31, 2010(1)
Cash Position(2) 142.0 397.9
Working Capital 47.4 282.9
Total Assets 2,069.2 1,958.9
Total Debt 331.6 287.9
Shareholders' Equity 1,654.1 1,594.0
(1) Revised under IFRS
(2) Includes Cash and Cash equivalents, Short-term investments and Restricted cash.

In August 2011 an amended and restated master funding and lease agreement has been signed with Caterpillar Financial Services for US$56.3 million to finance additional mining equipment for Canadian Malartic. As at December 31, 2011, US$45.6 million have been drawn on the increased facility.

In 2011, the Company made debt repayments of $11.8 million and completed two private placements of flow-through shares for $32.4 million.

Capital investments amounted to $59.5 million for the fourth quarter and $356.8 million for 2011 mainly for the Canadian Malartic construction, the Canadian Malartic expansion project and investments in exploration projects.

Outlook for 2012

With the introduction of a new pre-crushing plant which is expected to be fully completed by the end of June 2012, the Company expects to produce between 610,000 and 670,000 ounces at a cash cost ranging from $510/oz to $575/oz. The cash cost is expected to decrease substantially as the plant reaches full capacity, an increase of 65% compared to 2011. The non-cash charges are expected to be approximately $136 per ounce.

Capital expenditures are estimated at $219.2 million and are summarized below:

Canadian Malartic  
  Expansion 65.9
  Pre-Stripping Development 23.9
  Other Capital 46.2
Hammond Reef  
  Reserve Development and Exploration 39.2
  Feasibility and Other Studies 15.3
  Other 4.5
Exploration Projects 23.9
Other 0.3

The Company expects to repay $86.9 million on its various credit facilities.

Non-IFRS Financial Performance Measures

The Company has included certain non-IFRS measures including "cash cost per ounce" and "cash margin per ounce" to supplement its financial statements, which are presented in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards ("IFRS"). Refer to the Company's 2011 Management Discussion and Analysis.

Year-End 2011 Results Conference Call

Osisko will host a conference call on Friday, February 24, 2012 at 11:00 AM EST, where senior management will discuss the financial results and provide an update of the Company's activities. Those interested in participating in the conference call should dial in at 416-981-9000 (Toronto local and international), or 1-800-931-6421 (North American toll free). An operator will direct participants to the call. The call will be retransmitted for 14 days with the following dial in number: 416-626-4100 or Toll-free 1-800-558-5253, access code 21574696.

About Osisko Mining Corporation

Osisko Mining Corporation operates the Canadian Malartic gold mine in Malartic, Quebec and is pursuing exploration on a number of properties, including the Hammond Reef Gold Project in Northern Ontario.

Mr. Luc Lessard, Eng., Senior Vice-President and Chief Operating Officer of Osisko, is the Qualified Person who has reviewed this news release and is responsible for the technical information reported herein, including verification of the data disclosed.

Cautionary Notes Concerning Estimates of Mineral Resources

This news release uses the terms measured, indicated and inferred resources as a relative measure of the level of confidence in the resource estimate. Readers are cautioned that mineral resources are not economic mineral reserves and that the economic viability of resources that are not mineral reserves has not been demonstrated. In addition, inferred resources are considered too geologically speculative to have any economic considerations applied to them. It cannot be assumed that all or any part of an inferred mineral resource will ever be upgraded to a higher category. Under Canadian rules, estimates of inferred mineral resources may not form the basis of feasibility or pre-feasibility studies or economic studies except for Preliminary Assessment as defined under NI 43-101. Readers are cautioned not to assume that that further work will lead to mineral reserves that can be mined economically.

Note Regarding Certain Measures of Performance

This press release contains certain non-IFRS measures, including "cash cost per ounce" and "cash margin per ounce". The Company believes that these measures, together with measures determined in accordance with IFRS, provides investors with an improved ability to evaluate the underlying performance of the Company. Non-IFRS measures do not have any standardized meaning prescribed under IFRS, and therefore they may not be comparable to similar measures employed by other companies. The data is intended to provide additional information and should not be considered in isolation or as a substitute for measures of performance prepared in accordance with IFRS.

Forward-Looking Statements

Certain statements contained in this press release may be deemed "forward-looking statements". All statements in this release, other than statements of historical fact, that address events or developments that Osisko expects to occur, are forward looking statements. Forward looking statements are statements that are not historical facts and are generally, but not always, identified by the words "expects", "plans", "anticipates", "believes", "intends", "estimates", "projects", "potential", "scheduled" and similar expressions, or that events or conditions "will", "would", "may", "could" or "should" occur including, without limitation, further development of its Hammond Reef project and increasing of throughput at the mill to achieve design capacity at its Canadian Malartic mine, timely installation of the pre-crush circuit, increasing of mining fleet availability, increasing of production. Although Osisko believes the expectations expressed in such forward-looking statements are based on reasonable assumptions, including, without limitation, that all technical, economical and financial conditions will be met in order to warrant further development of its Hammond Reef project and that the diligent ongoing optimizing of its operations at the Canadian Malartic mine including the installation of the secondary crushing circuit will be achieved and will, accordingly, improve its operating performance, such statements are not guarantees of future performance and actual results may differ materially from those in forward looking statements.

Factors that could cause the actual results to differ materially from those in forward-looking statements include gold prices, access to skilled consultants, mining development personnel, results of exploration and development activities, Osisko's limited experience with production and development stage mining operations, uninsured risks, regulatory changes, defects in title, availability of personnel, materials and equipment, timeliness of government approvals, actual performance of facilities, equipment and processes relative to specifications and expectations, unanticipated environmental impacts on operations market prices, continued availability of capital and financing and general economic, market or business conditions. These factors are discussed in greater detail in Osisko's most recent Annual Information Form and in the most recent Management Discussion and Analysis filed on SEDAR, which also provide additional general assumptions in connection with these statements. Osisko cautions that the foregoing list of important factors is not exhaustive. Investors and others who base themselves on forward-looking statements should carefully consider the above factors as well as the uncertainties they represent and the risk they entail. Osisko believes that the expectations reflected in those forward-looking statements are reasonable, but no assurance can be given that these expectations will prove to be correct and such forward-looking statements included in this press release should not be unduly relied upon. These statements speak only as of the date of this press release.

Osisko Mining Corporation
Consolidated Balance Sheets
As at December 31, 2011 and 2010 and as at January 1, 2010
(tabular amounts expressed in thousands of Canadian dollars, except per share amounts)
  December 31, 2011   December 31, 2010   January 1, 2010  
  $   $   $  
Current assets            
  Cash and cash equivalents 100,670   358,493   673,777  
  Short-term investments -   17,068   84,064  
  Restricted cash 14,485   11,176   16,212  
  Accounts receivable 39,419   30,731   30,149  
  Mining taxes receivable -   2,058   7,610  
  Inventories 47,552   -   -  
  Prepaid expenses and other assets 7,174   7,329   790  
  209,300   426,855   812,602  
Non-current assets            
  Restricted cash 26,878   11,202   16,134  
  Investment in an associate 1,698   2,158   2,802  
  Other investments 16,041   40,851   6,919  
  Property, plant and equipment 1,801,325   1,477,818   504,305  
  Deferred income and mining taxes 14,000   -   -  
  2,069,242   1,958,884   1,342,762  
Current liabilities            
  Accounts payable and accrued liabilities 74,562   73,519   46,996  
  Current portion of long-term debt 86,485   70,405   6,155  
  Provisions and other liabilities 824   -   -  
  161,871   143,924   53,151  
Non-current liabilities            
  Long-term debt 245,139   217,481   173,914  
  Provisions and other liabilities 6,038   3,494   355  
  Deferred income and mining taxes 2,126   -   -  
  415,174   364,899   227,420  
Equity attributable to Osisko Mining Corporation shareholders            
  Share capital 1,656,034   1,606,051   1,111,326  
  Warrants 13,166   13,166   5,871  
  Contributed surplus 55,909   43,390   24,272  
  Equity component of convertible debenture 8,005   8,005   8,005  
  Accumulated other comprehensive income (9,397 ) 11,019   -  
  Deficit (69,649 ) (87,646 ) (34,132 )
  1,654,068   1,593,985   1,115,342  
  2,069,242   1,958,884   1,342,762  
Osisko Mining Corporation
Consolidated Statements of Comprehensive Income (Loss)
For the three months and the years ended December 31, 2011 and 2010
(tabular amounts expressed in thousands of Canadian dollars, except per share amounts)
  Fourth Quarter   Year  
  2011   2010   2011   2010  
  $   $   $   $  
Revenues 128,100   -   263,408   -  
Mine operating costs                
  Production costs (74,841 ) -   (158,886 ) -  
  Royalties (1,933 ) -   (3,284 ) -  
  Depreciation and depletion (11,800 ) -   (21,786 ) -  
Earnings from mine operations 39,526   -   79,452   -  
  General and administrative expenses (6,144 ) (11,500 ) (30,707 ) (31,955 )
  Exploration and corporate development expenses (2,651 ) (930 ) (23,585 ) (2,473 )
  Other losses -   (240 ) (485 ) (240 )
Earnings (loss) from operations 30,731   (12,670 ) 24,675   (34,668 )
  Interest income 354   1,081   2,318   3,363  
  Finance costs (6,910 ) -   (17,676 ) -  
  Foreign exchange gain (loss) 1,669   2,850   (1,148 ) 2,751  
  Share of loss of associate 20   (34 ) (460 ) (644 )
  Other gains 1,962   10,140   3,288   9,672  
Earnings (loss) before income and mining taxes 27,826   1,367   10,997   (19,526 )
  Income and mining tax recovery 9,976   1,711   7,000   1,700  
Net earnings (loss) 37,802   3,078   17,997   (17,826 )
Net earnings (loss)                
  Basic 0.10   0.01   0.05   (0.05 )
  Diluted 0.10   0.01   0.05   (0.05 )
Osisko Mining Corporation
Consolidated Statements of Cash Flows
For the three months and the years ended December 31, 2011 and 2010
(tabular amounts expressed in thousands of Canadian dollars, except per share amounts)
  Fourth Quarter   Year  
  2011   2010   2011   2010  
  $   $   $   $  
Operating activities                
Net earnings (loss) 37,802   3,078   17,997   (17,826 )
Adjustments for:                
    Interest income (354 ) (1,081 ) (2,318 ) (3,363 )
    Share-based compensation 2,999   4,023   10,779   13,630  
    Depreciation 11,973   153   22,277   473  
    Finance costs 6,910   -   17,675   -  
    Write-off of property, plant and equipment 175   240   16,451   240  
    Unrealized foreign exchange loss (gain) (1,738 ) (1,791 ) 1,657   (2,875 )
    Share of loss of associate (20 ) 34   460   644  
    Loss (gain) on sale of available-for-sale financial assets -   770   (5,041 ) 770  
    Unrealized net loss (gain) on financial assets at fair value through profit and loss 1,604   (7,685 ) 10,119   (7,217 )
    Deferred gain - premium on flow-through shares (3,567 ) (3,748 ) (7,849 ) (3,748 )
    Provisions and other liabilities 825   -   1,220   -  
    Deferred income and mining tax recovery (9,976 ) (1,700 ) (7,000 ) (1,700 )
    Other non-cash gain -   -   (639 ) -  
  46,633   (7,707 ) 75,788   (20,972 )
  Change in non-cash working capital items (6,973 ) 12,174   9,912   186  
Net cash flows from operating activities 39,660   4,467   85,700   (20,786 )
Investing activities                
  Net decrease in short-term investments -   14,438   17,068   66,996  
  Net decrease (increase) in restricted cash (20,629 ) (633 ) (18,985 ) 9,968  
  Acquisition of investments (1,500 ) (7,500 ) (13,783 ) (31,947 )
  Proceeds on disposal of investments -   13,294   12,038   17,185  
  Property, plant and equipment, net of government credits (59,533 ) (156,681 ) (356,787 ) (497,960 )
  Acquisition of assets -   (4 ) -   33,881  
  Interest received 356   1,095   2,525   3,234  
  Net cash flows from investing activities (81,306 ) (135,991 ) (357,924 ) (398,643 )
Financing activities                
  Long-term debt -   75,000   -   75,000  
  Debt issuance costs (5 ) (946 ) (640 ) (946 )
  Finance lease payments (4,596 ) (1,457 ) (8,419 ) (11,098 )
  Long-term debt repayments (1,250 ) -   (3,333 ) -  
  Issuance of common shares, net of issue expenses 701   21,456   39,477   41,189  
  Interest paid (5,293 ) -   (12,684 ) -  
Net cash flows from financing activities (10,443 ) 94,053   14,401   104,145  
Decrease in cash and cash equivalents (52,089 ) (37,471 ) (257,823 ) (315,284 )
Cash and cash equivalents - beginning 152,759   395,964   358,493   673,777  
Cash and cash equivalents - end 100,670   358,493   100,670   358,493  

John Burzynski
Vice-President Corporate Development
(416) 363-8653
Sylvie Prud'homme
Director of Investor Relations
(514) 735-7131
Toll Free: 1-888-674-7563
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Osisko Mining Corp.

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Osisko Mining est une société de production minière d'or basée au Canada.

Osisko Mining détient divers projets d'exploration au Bresil, au Canada et en Argentine.

Son principal projet en production est MALARTIC au Canada et ses principaux projets en exploration sont GOLDBORO, SLEITAT, JC - SMART SKARNS, HAMMOND REEF, MALARTIC CHL GOLD PROPERTY, DUPARQUET et CLEMENT LAKE au Canada, EL POTOSI et SANTA CLARA / CERRO BONITO au Salvador, CERRO CONDORINI et COAL CREEK au Perou, FAMATINA en Argentine et CASTELO DOS SONHOS au Bresil.

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26/07/2012Acquires Common Shares of Bowmore Exploration Ltd=2E
17/05/2012(Malartic)Canadian Malartic Mill Returns to Operation
10/05/2012(Malartic)Reports Fire Damage at Canadian Malartic Mill Limited to Cyc...
30/01/2012(Famatina)s Status of Famatina Exploration Project
22/12/2011and DIOS Discover New Gold Showings on the AU33 WEST Project
28/11/2011TSX.V Company Adjacent to Osisko Property - 3 Minute Video
29/09/2011(Goldboro)Orex to Pursue Exploration Work on Goldboro Gold Project
08/09/2011(Malartic)Intersects 1.23 g/t Au Over 172 Metres at Barnat Extension
31/08/2011Osisko and EMSE Sign Agreement for Development of Famatina P...
31/08/2011(Famatina)and EMSE Sign Agreement for Development of Famatina Project ...
11/08/2011(Goldboro)Goldboro Gold Project Drill Assay Results Identify Extension...
05/08/2011Osisko Buys Back a 1% Royalty Interest on Canadian Malartic ...
05/08/2011(Malartic)Buys Back a 1% Royalty Interest on Canadian Malartic Propert...
21/06/2011Osisko Declares Commercial Production at Canadian Malartic
21/06/2011(Malartic)Declares Commercial Production at Canadian Malartic
17/06/2011Osisko Submits Notice of Termination in Duparquet Project
17/06/2011(Duparquet)Submits Notice of Termination in Duparquet Project
14/06/2011(Malartic)Intersects 1.50 g/t Au Over 63.6 Metres at Jeffrey Zone
13/06/2011(Duparquet)et Clifton Star annoncent une estimation de ressources pour ...
13/06/2011(Duparquet)and Clifton Star Release Resource Estimate for the Beattie D...
01/06/2011(Malartic)Officially Inaugurates the Canadian Malartic Mine
01/06/2011Osisko Officially Inaugurates the Canadian Malartic Mine
02/05/2011(Malartic)Announces Revised Mine Production Plan at Canadian Malartic
21/04/2011(Goldboro)Orex Exploration Inc.: Drilling Campaign Has Begun at Goldbo...
20/04/2011Osisko Mining Corporation - Drilling campaign has begun at G...
20/04/2011Osisko Mining Corporation - Drilling campaign has begun at G...
13/04/2011(Malartic)Pours First Gold at Canadian Malartic Mine
31/03/2011(Malartic)Osisko accroît les réserves aurifères de Canadian Malartic à...
31/03/2011(Malartic)Increases Gold Reserve at Canadian Malartic to 10=2E7 Millio...
29/03/2011(Malartic)Exercises Buy Out Option in Canadian Malartic Net Smelter Ro...
28/02/2011(Malartic) Découverte de minéralisation de type Canadian Malartic
24/02/2011(Hammond Reef)Reports 124 Metres Averaging 0.73 g/t Au in Southeast Extens...
29/01/2011(Malartic)Osisko Reports Significant New Intersections at Barnat Exten...
25/01/2011(Malartic)Reports Significant New Intersections at Barnat Extension, I...
21/12/2009(Malartic)Provides Update on Construction and Development Progress at ...
14/12/2009(Malartic)Releases New Resource Estimate for Canadian Malartic Project
20/10/2009(Malartic) Intersects New Gold Mineralization on the Malartic CHL Prop...
14/09/2009(Malartic)Intersects 1.20 g/t Au Over 86.9 Metres at Jeffrey Zone
01/09/2009(Malartic)Osisko Mining Corporation: Construction Activities at Canadi...
20/08/2009(Malartic)Quebec Government Authorizes Construction of Osisko's Canadi...
26/02/2009(Malartic) Preliminary Metallurgical Results on Barnat
26/01/2009(Malartic)Announces Inferred Resource Estimate for South Barnat Deposi...
03/12/2008(Malartic) Intersects 102 Metres Averaging 3.21 g/t Au at South Barnat
Communiqués de Presse en Français de Osisko Mining Corp.
01/06/2011(Malartic)inaugure officiellement la mine Canadian Malartic
Communiqués de Presse de Osisko Mining Corp.
13/02/2014Mails Letter to Shareholders Regarding Inadequate Goldcorp O...
05/02/2014Provides Corporate Update
29/01/2014Commences Legal Proceeding to Restrain Misuse of Confidentia...
29/01/2014Announces Filing and Mailing of Directors' Circular and Reco...
20/01/2014Reports Preliminary Fourth Quarter 2013 Production
15/01/2014Responds to Unsolicited Proposal From Goldcorp Inc=2E
13/01/2014Responds to Announcement by Goldcorp
16/12/2013Completes Long-Term Debt Renegotiation
24/10/2013Provides Notice of Third Quarter 2013 Operating and Financia...
30/07/2013Enhances Financial Flexibility by Improving Long-Term Debt T...
05/07/2013Intercepts 68 Metres Averaging 1=2E26 =?ISO-8859-1?Q?=20g/t=...
02/07/2013Receives Final $30 Million Payment from Kirkland Lake Gold
29/04/2013Corporate Update
17/04/2013Comments on Trading Activities
09/04/2013(Malartic)Previews Q1 2013 Canadian Malartic Operating Results
21/03/2013Discovers Two New Gold-Copper Zones at Upper Beaver
19/02/2013(Malartic)Receives Modified Operating Parameters at Canadian Malartic
19/02/2013(Malartic)s Reserves at Canadian Malartic
11/02/2013Denis Cimon Receives the 2013 Mineral Processor of the Year
29/01/2013(Hammond Reef)Provides Resource Update for Hammond Reef Project
24/01/2013(Malartic)Previews Q4 2012 Canadian Malartic Operating Results and 201...
12/11/2012(Malartic)Reports Record Monthly Throughput at Canadian Malartic
15/10/2012Founder Retires
09/10/2012Acquires Ground in Emerging Gold Belt in Mexico and Identifi...
03/10/2012Deposits the Second Tranche of itsFinancial Guarantee Coveri...
03/08/2012Secondary Crusher Installation Completed
24/07/2012Acquisition of Subscription Receipts of Druk Capital Partner...
16/05/2012Enhances Credit Agreement With CPPIB
14/05/2012(Malartic)Provides Update on Canadian Malartic
10/05/2012(Malartic)Reports Fire at Canadian Malartic Milling Plant
03/04/2012and Metis Nation of Ontario Sign Memorandum of Understanding
12/03/2012Brings First Half of Secondary Crusher Online
01/03/2012Announces Record Date for Annual Meeting
16/02/2012Canadian gold producer Osisko Mining Corporation joins Globa...
12/01/2012(Malartic)Previews Q4 2011 Canadian Malartic Operating Results
03/01/2012Responds to Below Market Price Offer for 5 Million Shares On...
14/12/2011Osisko Comments on Trading of Common Shares
14/12/2011Comments on Trading of Common Shares
08/10/2011President Sean Roosen Named Ernst & Young 2011 Quebec Entrep...
17/06/2011(Duparquet)met fin =E0 sa participation au projet Duparquet
13/06/2011Osisko and Clifton Star Release Resource Estimate for the Be...
14/05/2011Osisko publie ses r=E9sultats du premier trismestre de 2011
12/05/2011Annual and Special Meeting of Shareholders of Osisko Mining ...
29/04/2011Osisko Announces Revised Mine Production Plan at Canadian Ma...
29/03/2011Osisko Exercises Buy Out Option in Canadian Malartic Net Sme...
09/02/2011Goldcorp Sells Osisko Investment
22/12/2009Donates Shares to McGill University
11/12/2009and Clifton Star Complete Joint Venture Agreement on Duparqu...
13/11/2009Options Goldboro Gold Property From Orex Exploration
28/09/2009 Signs Option Agreement With Claim Post Resources for the Mo...
24/09/2009 Enters Into Financing Agreement With CPPIB Credit Investmen...
11/08/2009Signs Option Agreement With Midland Exploration for the Dunn...
10/07/2009Report on Osisko's Canadian Malartic Bape Hearings is Made P...
03/07/2009Osisko Mining Corporation Completes Strategic Investment
18/06/2009Comments on Trading of Common Shares
21/05/2009Discovers New Mineralized Zone Adjacent to South Barnat
19/05/2009Makes Strategic Investment
13/01/2009 Extends South Barnat to 1200 Metres Length
04/12/2008 Recognized for Strong Sustainability Performance
07/04/2006(Castelo Dos Sonhos)Résultats positifs sur le projet diamantifère Pontax
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