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05/08/2016>   China Gold Leasing Boosts Imports, Masks 20% Demand Drop
02/08/2016>   Gold & Silver Buying Most Popular in 3 Years
22/07/2016>   Gold Bull Meets Black Swans Meet Daffy Duck
18/07/2016>   Gold: Never a Great Investment Hedge?
05/07/2016>   Big Buyers Push Silver Bullion Demand to Record
05/07/2016>   Brexit Profit-Taking Matches Gold Buying Surge
04/07/2016>   Brexit Bombshell: Too Late to Buy Gold?
27/06/2016>   Buying Brexit Gold at £1,000? Who, What, How
16/06/2016>   Brexit Crisis: Gold in 5 Historic Shocks
15/06/2016>   China & Russia Buying Gold 'as Safe Haven'
14/06/2016>   The Royal Mint Joins SIPP Gold Offers
07/06/2016>   Gold & Silver Buying Jumps to 3-Year High
31/05/2016>   Hot-Money Gold Trading Adds Just 14¢ per Tonne in 2016
11/05/2016>   Gold to Blame for UK's Widest Trade Deficit Since 2008
03/05/2016>   More Gold Than Peru
30/04/2016>   Silver Investing Mania 5 Years to the Day
27/04/2016>   Silver Deficit Shock Will Stun the World. Massively
21/04/2016>   All You Need to Know About China's New Shanghai Gold Fix
12/04/2016>   Gold ETF Investing Jumps in China, But Market 'Still Tiny'
05/04/2016>   New Wave of Gold Investing as Prices Jump
31/03/2016>   Splitting the Difference in Gold Analysis
23/03/2016>   LBMA Silver Price 'Enhanced' After January's 4% 'Miss'
11/03/2016>   China & India's Hotel California for Gold
09/03/2016>   'Buy Gold' Central Bankers Urge Savers
01/03/2016>   Gold Selling Jumps on Best Price Move Since 2012
24/02/2016>   Buy Gold, Lose 8% on a 6% Profit
22/02/2016>   Brexit Gold Investing Surge
16/02/2016>   Gold Bullion Rallies from $1190 October High as Goldman...
12/02/2016>   Racing to Buy Gold? Stop!
11/02/2016>   Gold Investment Demand: Why Prices Are Surging
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