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09/07/2020>   The new deal is a bad old deal
07/07/2020>   A potential crisis in Comex gold
02/07/2020>   Prices are going to rise — and fast!
25/06/2020>   A collapsing dollar and China’s monetary strategy
18/06/2020>   The crisis goes up a gear
11/06/2020>   MMT —it’s just neo-Keynesian macroeconomics
05/06/2020>   Orphaned silver is finding its parent
28/05/2020>   Statistics, lies and the reservoir effect
21/05/2020>   The path to monetary collapse
15/05/2020>   Unintended consequences of monetary inflation
07/05/2020>   Time to learn about money
30/04/2020>   Geopolitics post COVID-19
23/04/2020>   Anatomy of a fiat currency collapse
16/04/2020>   The looming derivative crisis
10/04/2020>   The destructive force of bank credit
03/04/2020>   A primer for gold newbies
26/03/2020>   Dear Prime Minister
20/03/2020>   Payments panic and the ending of fiat currencies
13/03/2020>   The journey to monetary gold and silver
06/03/2020>   Will Brexit and coronavirus end the EU?
28/02/2020>   Why a bear market will lead to a dollar collapse
21/02/2020>   Will COVID-19 lead to a gold standard?
13/02/2020>   Coronavirus and credit – a perfect storm
06/02/2020>   Independence and its consequences
30/01/2020>   Estimating the shape of the coming crisis
24/01/2020>   Irrational fears of deflation
17/01/2020>   Why is bank credit so destructive?
10/01/2020>   How to return to sound money
04/01/2020>   Gold’s outlook for 2020
26/12/2019>   Bond worries and gold
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