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05/07/2020>   Weekend Reading - To Be Poor
03/07/2020>   The Crazy Train Has Left the Station
02/07/2020>   A New Era Tech Bubble - Non-Farm Payrolls Report Tomorrow
01/07/2020>   Hey Bartender! - Draw a One, Draw a Two, Draw a Three M...
30/06/2020>   Cui Bono? - The Worst Is Yet To Come
27/06/2020>   Stocks and Precious Metals Chart - In the Garden of Bea...
26/06/2020>   Bread and Circuses to Distract Us - And the Band Played On
25/06/2020>   Comex Options Expiration for the Metals Tomorrow
24/06/2020>   Into the Dog Days - Gold Breaking Out, Stocks Pop and Flop
23/06/2020>   Gradually, and then Suddenly
20/06/2020>   Tribes - Stimulus Failing in a Miserable Pit of Corrupt...
19/06/2020>   Darkness Rising - Quad Witch Option Expiration Tomorrow
18/06/2020>   Hair of the Dog - Policy Hangover Part IV - Belly Up to...
17/06/2020>   Bring Out Your Bonds..... - Quad Witch Option Expiratio...
16/06/2020>   Eenie, Meenie, Chili Beanie
16/06/2020>   Scraping By - Monetary Mysteries
12/06/2020>   And No One Could Have Seen It Coming
11/06/2020>   Precious Metal Rockets and Blow Off Tops in Tech
11/06/2020>   A Sickness Unto Death
10/06/2020>   NDX 10,000 - A Dark Day For America
06/06/2020>   Sowing the Wind
05/06/2020>   Banquet of Consequences - Bubbles, Kleptocracy, and thi...
04/06/2020>   History Lessons - The Worst Is Yet to Come
03/06/2020>   Gold Clearing Report Continues to be of Interest
02/06/2020>   Massive Action In Comex Gold Report - Rage From the Tru...
30/05/2020>   Non-Farm Payrolls Next Friday
29/05/2020>   Pop and Flop
28/05/2020>   Devil Take the Hindmost - Here We Go Again
27/05/2020>   Another Comex Options Expiration - Bluster and Bravado
25/05/2020>   Memorial Day 2020
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