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30/08/2019>   King Dollar Paradox: Global Reserve
13/08/2019>   USDollar: Finally the Achillles Heel
31/07/2019>   USFed: Infinite QE Forever at Zero Bound
30/06/2019>   USDollar Breakdown Begins
16/06/2019>   Gold Standard Coming Into View
27/03/2019>   GLD Fund: Divergence Signals Shortage
26/02/2019>   Gold Breakout: Three Major Factors
14/01/2019>   Top Ten Trends Lead to Gold
11/12/2018>   Gold and Global Financial Crisis Redux
16/09/2018>   Global Crisis Hot Spots and Pressure Points
13/07/2018>   Gold Standard Requirements And Currency Crisis
04/06/2018>   Two Key Events Will Unleash Gold
25/03/2018>   Chinese Invade Oil Realm: PetroDollar Kill
21/01/2018>   Silver as a Strategic Metal and Why Prices Will Soar
12/10/2017>   Turning Point Nations On The Stage
29/07/2017>   Chinese Leverage to Kill Petro-dollar
14/07/2017>   Global Currency Reserve at Risk
07/07/2017>   Enter The NatGas Cartel
25/05/2017>   Sordid Saudi Signals
08/04/2017>   Gold Standard Challenges
07/12/2016>   Cracks in the Bond Market
28/11/2016>   Criss-Crossed Fuses And Lit Bonfire
09/11/2016>   Trump Victory, The Economy, And Gold
27/10/2016>   Broken Central Banks: 4 Quick Pix
16/10/2016>   USTBill Rejection at Ports in Progress
27/04/2016>   Long Awaited Gold Breakout
14/03/2016>   Money Velocity Proves Q.E. Failure
01/09/2015>   Hidden $Trillion QE Monthly Volume
10/08/2015>   QE Death Sentence & USTBond Black Hole
27/03/2015>   Gold Effect on Mining & Shale Wasteland
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