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13/08/2019>Gold responds to the trade and currency war
03/02/2018>   Gold takes one on the chin, but it wasn’t the only one
04/10/2017>   Gold is up this year not just in dollars but in every m...
17/09/2017>Prominent establishment economist William White warns “More da...
11/09/2017>   Gold off in overnight trading
08/09/2017>   Tokyo gold market
07/09/2017>   When the United States Owned Most of the Gold on Earth
07/07/2017>   The story behind continuing strong bullion coin demand
15/06/2017>   ECB buys renminbi for reserves
05/06/2017>   What the markets are telling us five months into the ye...
01/06/2017>Why gold is up today . . .
22/05/2017>   The perils of complacency. . . .
17/05/2017>   Dow drops 250 points, S&P and Nasdaq fall 1% as Trump w...
10/05/2017>   China has now become the biggest fear for markets
10/05/2017>   Credit Suisse goes positive on gold
10/05/2017>   Gold’s transcendence in the fiat money era
09/05/2017>   Druckenmiller, Warsh – Interesting segues at the Sohn c...
02/05/2017>   Today’s sell-off
27/04/2017>   Silver and NAFTA. . . .A consideration
27/04/2017>   Gold and NAFTA. . . .A consideration
22/04/2017>   Past few days a fractal event for the gold market. . . .
06/04/2017>   Hussman posts pension system tsunami warning
19/03/2017>   Authorities seek owner of gold stashed in piano
16/03/2017>   “The West has been selling gold into a black hole. . . .”
15/03/2017>   “Accommodative”
12/03/2017>   Why I own gold now, by investor of $2.8 billion
11/03/2017>   Strong demand surge at the gold ETFs start of year
09/03/2017>   Why ‘digital gold’ won’t ever kill off the real thing
26/02/2017>   How France scrapping the euro could go beyond a ‘Lehman...
22/02/2017>   Who’s buying all the Treasury paper?
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