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30/03/2013>   Gold and Silver Shares Suffered False Breakout Last Week
15/01/2013>   Oil, Gold and the CRB Commodities Index
08/01/2013>   Ten Rules for Trading and Investing in Gold and Silver
12/12/2012>   Bonding With High Risk Junk
14/11/2012>   Smart Traders and Investors Flee to Hard Assets
30/10/2012>   Does Voting Matter?
23/10/2012>   Hanging Chads on a Fiscal Cliff
16/10/2012>   Radical Rulers Filled With Self Love
03/10/2012>   Lemmings, Investors and Gold - Part Two
26/09/2012>   Lemmings, Investors and Gold
18/09/2012>   All Doors Wide Open for Higher Gold and Silver Prices
05/09/2012>   Karmageddon
28/08/2012>   Federal Reserve Is An Impotent Rodent - Gold Prevails
21/08/2012>   Anti-Gold Minions Are Messing With Your Head
07/08/2012>   Predictions and Forecasts - September, 2012 To March, 2013
27/07/2012>   Let's Choose To Be Positive And Do Good Things
17/07/2012>   Global Economics End Game
12/07/2012>   The Ship of State Is Rudderless
26/06/2012>   On The Road to Perdition: Part Two
08/06/2012>   Roger Wiegand's Trader Tracks
24/02/2012>   On Political and Economic Forecasts For 2012
17/05/2011>   Central Banks Global Insanity Makes Scary Markets
24/03/2011>   The Middle East Is Lost As Gold, Silver, Oil Rocket Hig...
05/03/2011>   The New Abnormal.
19/08/2010>   Gold Readies For A Major Price Thrust To $1,325-$1,375 ...
10/07/2010>   Rabid Mass Austerity
26/05/2010>   Reality Check
14/05/2010>   Good News And Bad News
16/04/2010>   Have No Fear But Get Prepared
19/03/2010>   Status: Gold And Silver Metals-Gold And Silver Shares-U...
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