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The Tin Soldier

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Publié le 14 octobre 2010
3562 mots - Temps de lecture : 8 - 14 minutes
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SUIVRE : Fofoa
Rubrique : Or et Argent





Listen, children, to a story
That was written long ago,
About a kingdom on a mountain
And the forum folk below.

On the mountain was a treasure
Buried deep beneath a stone,
And the forum people swore
They'd have it for their very own.

So the people of the forum
Sent a message up the hill,
Asking for the buried treasure,
Tons of gold for which they'd kill.

Came an answer from Another,
"With our brothers we will share
All the secrets of our mountain,
All the riches buried there."

Trail Guide (02/11/00; 09:49:21MDT - Msg ID:24996)
The Gold Trails
Thank you Aristotle!
A fine work that's worth a long study, my friend.

Many writers today offer nothing less than a philippic discourse about the flaws in today's fiat systems. Always looking backwards, they are lost to grasp how what was considered "hard money policies then",,, "eventually failed then". Truly, a hard financial structure trying to blend with a soft, flexible "human nature". In a larger degree, how much more could it not work in today's modern world. Once implemented today, these same policies would again "crash and burn" in response to the demands from "real people" living a "real life".

Aristotle, your five part series is trenchantly written and offers readers a glimpse into a future that must be. Will be!

My thoughts on a deep subject:

If the modern banking system has mislead us at all, it mislead by supporting a view that our wealth, our things, were not money. They implied that "paper settlement money" was our real wealth and only it could be as such. Truly, as we walk and breathe, humans' things have always existed as both money and wealth. Side by side by side they walked with us in our financial life, in both modern and past context. Yet, in our modern "Western World" of thought, the largest portion of one's personal asset holdings now reside in the form of "paper money". Worse, the majority in its "contract derivatives" forms. Gold included.

No longer do we hold our greatest portions in real forms that transcends the peaks and valleys of fiat money value ,,,, a variable fiat money system that our "changeable nature" demands. No, we opt to ignore the true purpose of this paper money system and cast the entirety of our resources into it. Never stopping to understand that this money is but an "economic need" "to process a trade". Not an "economic product" and therefore wealth itself.

Throughout recent time, fiat money has responded well to human nature, flowing like a river as it expands and contracts to our wants and desires to buy and sell things. From drought to flood it is the channel of our trading system, as it moved the "end product water" that flows within its wide banks.

Today we use the remains of this dying "dollar settlement system". It continues a natural death, as society struggles to use a currency that can no longer represent our financial structure. A changing structure in a world that marches on. The dollar's debt load has aged it and brought it to the end of its time line.


Another Sidebar:

Date: Sat Apr 25 1998 22:55

"The United States Government does not hold any reserves against its currency". Truly, this can only be the case of the world reserve money. Indeed, all other currencies have reserves of US$ to back them, yet only the dollar has nothing!

When the US government does not take in enough taxes to meet expenses, it sells treasury debt to make up the difference. When no one bids for this debt at an "acceptable" interest rate, the Federal Reserve bank buys the debt, outright! It gives printed cash to Washington and then, "holds the new treasury debt ( bond ) as backing for the issued cash!

Everyone understands the implications of this. Or do they? In reality, when the US government needs money, it doesn't sell debt! It "TRANSFERS" the obligation of its citizens to pay future real production ( taxes ) as a "backing" for its newly printed currency! As this process has been going on for decades, it has built up a debt of "real production payments" that its citizens can never pay. Further, as the world reserve, this currency is held thru proxy by every single person on this planet that uses paper to trade anything!


At present, I, like you, must view the world thru dollar. The "world reserve trading currency" it remains! All persons hold dollars, be they as the "proxy" currencies of other countries, or other assets worldwide, all things find value thru the "debt securities" of American citizens! It is the ability of the factory worker in Detroit, to pay the mortgage that does make your Pounds of value in world trade. It is the way of the IMF, Yes?

I think, your "American perspective" does not see or know or understand, how the dollar is "already much inflated" worldwide. Your Western thought is only of the "dollar price of things" at present. It is to say, "if prices do not rise, there be no currency inflation", and "see, the world competition for selling goods and services in dollars, this brings no price increase"! This results from the current world currency system that does force the "holding of dollar debt" as reserves. A new change in this system will release these reserves, for the spending and the buying! It is during this change that American persons will find a "new price inflation" from a "existing currency inflation". You see, it is as you say, "your chicken has roosted for some time, but only now you find he has come home"!


Only today, the end of this "time line" will find many holding their wealth in this same system, for a purpose it should never have been intended to perform. That being, to represent one's life long accumulation of real wealth as their money wealth things. Most will understand the impact of this well after the fact as we are indeed in transition to yet another paper system. One we must have, and will use. Just as everyone used the old one to their own private advantage, we will indeed grasp the next one. Just as you point out, Aristotle, fiat exists more so because it does "what societies economic function wants", not because it's a function of "what society is forced to do"! Still, some will bark against this in an effort to stop people from following human destiny. Fortunately, relative to our lifetimes the world evolves quickly, with or without our agreement.

In this period however, we will return back in time much further than many can see. This time gold will be pulled away from its strained attachment with "fiat contracts of currency" and again take its place as the ages old "wealth money holding" it always was. It will occupy its rightful place on the shelf with all our other "wealth things". And here it will, "for the first time in modern context" show its true value in relation to modern paper settlement money. A value no one today will believe!

Should one risk financial assets based on
this series (Aristotle's) alone? Never! On the contrary, no one should believe what he has written. Rather, we as a community should "study" his fine work and seek to understand its meaning. Once fully understood, I think most would then agree with its inevitable outcome. Indeed, a "free gold market" based only on physical holdings would impact the world economic system unlike anything seen before it. And yes, its impact on the relative value of gold will make that metal the monetary wealth investment for the next thousand years!

This my friends is why so many today, "Walk In The Footsteps Of Giants". They walk a trail that takes them further and further from derivatives of gold and the present currency it's (gold) priced in.

From Yesterday, through Today and onward into Tomorrow" ,,,,, we say buy Physical Gold for your future ,,,,,,, doing so will write your personal history in the palm of your hand!

"Soon, we will all hike the "Gold Trails" and see all there is to see ,,,,,,, over the mountains and through the valleys ,,,,,,, across rivers and plains ,,,, looking near and far as we stop along the way ,,,,,,, Truly, we will view the value of gold as modern mankind has never seen it before ,,,,, join in, it will be a journey in life, that's well worth taking.

thank you again Aristotle ,,, Trail Guide

This was written 12 days before the beginning of
The Gold Trail.
18 months later he left, head hung low. 15 days after FOA rode off into the sunset Europe introduced its new medium of exchange. For the previous three years the euro had only been a unit of account. Then, only 39 days later, 54 days after FOA left, gold broke out of its two year, sub-$300 range and never looked back. Anyone who recognized the rich value of the treasure FOA was sharing at any time during his tenure is up almost 400% today. And as he might say if he were here right now, "you ain't seen nothing yet!"

What finally drove FOA away was similar to what drove ANOTHER away five months earlier. It was pretty well articulated in the following posts...

Trail Guide (7/8/01; 08:36:41MT - usagold.com msg#: 57668)
I must go where "Ears do not bite"!

I don't believe it people, but I guess this was bound to happen!

I just spent several days writing a piece that explained our whole philosophy. This time in a clear positive manner that was easy to read. I had decided to stay on the GoldTrail page only and elevate our discussion into a real time dialog. Events are close enough to a conclusion to warrant this. After a ton of asking and asking I finally convinced Another to write with me in his true academic / professional voice. Great! No more editing for me.

So,,,, he gets today's forum from me and what does he read?

------ Journeyman (7/8/01; 06:40:37MT - usagold.com msg#: 57667)Bet you never heard this story. Media control & Chomsky @ALL

------Chomsky's proof
By William Rivers Pitt The United States is unusual among the industrial democracies in the rigidity of the system of ideological control ---'indoctrination,' we might say--- exercised through the mass media. --Noam Chomsky -------------

-----------June 25, 2001
--In the early morning hours of Thursday, June 22, 2001, a man named Jared T. Bozydaj took to the streets of New Paltz, New York, with an Intrac Arms 7.62 semi-automatic assault rifle. He fired pointedly at police officers, wounding one officer named Jeffery Quiepo in the arm. The shooting went on for several hours before Bozydaj was disarmed and arrested.-----------------

--------Clearly this kind of control requires an extensive network of influence coordinated from some central "authority." If they cover-up (by failure to cover) this sort of thing, what about economic news such as the current major turbulence in Chile, Argentina and Brazil? Etc. ----------

-----Reminds me of ---another-- illustrious information guru. ---------------

---"Don't tell them ... then it will not exist ..." -Chief Nazi indoctrination "Information Officer" -----

OK,,,,,,and if that was not good enough, here is one more! Go on,, read the whole post? A few items below:

working-kirk (7/8/01; 05:49:57MT - usagold.com msg#: 57664)

---Which bring me to the subject of Crack Whores.-------

-------If you are selling sex you can get a blow job between $10.00 to $15.00. A Fuck goes From $25.00 to $100.00. A blow job takes anyway from a minute to three, and sexual intercourse can take five minutes to 15.----------------


OK,,,,,,, good job men! Perfect timing! On subject and driving home the quality of this venue! I complained in two of my last three post about such discussion and most everyone here seemed to support a "freedom of speech" that included all of the above! Journeyman gets to associate Another with" indoctrination" and "Nazi" thought.

All right,,, good stuff J-man!

Well,,,,,, Michael,,,,,, Randy,,,,,,, All,,,,, For all my insisting to "him" that this venue was the correct place to build an understanding of our future world of gold,,,, I guess I was wrong? I got back a quick retort and firm instructions. Instruction I will follow till hell freezes over because I will not lose my connection to Another. He said simply "tell them right now our position and walk away, it's over"! And I can tell you when he says it's over,,,,, it is over!

So,,,,,,,,, MK, please understand that it's not old FOA walking away mad this time. The big guy said we are done. I'm back to discussing this in private with select people that want to hear it and debate it in private. I'll stay in touch with you and discuss as you may want? After all this work, I guess it's my turn to feel low now. What a bunch of garbage!

Good luck all, I did my best to plant the seeds of thought. Own the wealth of gold and they will grow for you!

You will now "watch this new gold market" without FOA or Another.

Your friend and hard worker,(smile).
Last post, Signed off!


USAGOLD (09/03/01; 17:21:29MT - usagold.com msg#: 60749)
On "Floaters", and Part of a Private Note from FOA Printed with His Permission I received the following from FOA by private e-mail:


I cannot post now as that area of my system is already being reworked. In my earlier mail to you I mentioned several weeks, same thing goes for trail posts. As to your question concerning all the various Another posters floating around:

--- "Is this Another or just a good imitation" ?----

It's not him, just another floater trying his best.(smile) Another asked me to "walk away" from the old rough crowd at your main forum so people wouldn't associate their foolishness with us. If we decided to leave for good, you would not be reading me at the trail or getting this mail either. He would cut off all communications with the same permanence that was demonstrated at Kitco. Once gone it's over and he never goes back, that's his style. Besides, I can tell you (and those that know him already know this) that the last thing he would be doing is posting right now!

Have a nice labor day, this will be my last reply for a while. See you in a few weeks, my friend.

- - - - - - - -

MK: I hope this puts the speculation to rest. Anyone can go to our archives and cannibalize sentences from "Another (Thoughts!)" or "In the Footsteps of Giants" and make it look like a post from Another. If you want to read the real thing we invite you to go to the "Another (Thoughts!)" archives where you will find a wealth of information -- and it's authentic Another. . . .Those who are newcomers might find these enigmatic postings an eye-opener -- as have many before you. I do believe that when Another is ready to post again, he will do it here.

Also, what follows immediately below was contained in another private correspondence from FOA. Though a private communication to me, I felt it important enough to ask permission to post it here which he graciously granted. . . . .

- - - - - - - -

FOA: Looking back, Another was a true master of understanding people's thought processes. He knew that none of us, that's you, me or any of the rest of us raised inside a background of American financial understanding, would ever accept his position thrust; with him just spelling it out in the open. Especially when this whole financial / political transition has been taking place over more than a decade and a half. By the way, he started this some decades ago. So, he decided to ask readers and listeners to think for themselves; by presenting bits and pieces of the flaws in our "Western Thought" as others saw it and as it pertained to his world of gold and oil. Not wanting to prove anything, while asking us to prove everything for ourselves; as these long term events unfolded.

I understand that there are a large group of basic individuals that fully understand our line of what is happening and are buying gold. What I never envisioned was how many groups make up the gold trader crowd; all standing apart from the Physical Gold Advocates. Further, I never thought they would segregate into so many vocal tribes, each trying to advance their own minor position in the gold world and willing to step all over themselves and anyone else in the process. I find it all a real show / play to watch as it truly demonstrates the very human dynamic Western governments have use to distort modern gold thought. I now understand that Another did fully grasp just how distorted this chain of thought was and went around it all by waiting for events to completely destroy their concepts; instead of debating with a host of gold tribes.

In the end, physical gold will win out and prove to be the greatest wealth holding anyone has ever known. Unable to grasp that only a transition of political influence by old world players can break this modern American Western hold on gold, these tribes are vulnerable to the same government influence they long for. Their wealth will be portioned by those same Western governments as world political reality forces our American leaders to embrace a world "free market" in physical gold. While abrogating, thru taxes and windfall appropriations, all forms of paper gold ownership.

Today they chant; " we want our leaders to recognize gold again"! OH, it will all right and the impact such a recognition will have on these various paper gold plays will leave these gold tribes dancing around a midnight fire! (smile) If nothing else, the entertainment of watching them spew brime on each other will be quite an act to follow. If nothing else it will educate future investors as to where to look for reason. Indeed, the law of ages never changes as ones conduct in social interaction still identifies oratory as being worthy or no. People that relish rash interaction always find themselves surrounded by fools. Eventually broke fools! (smile)

USAGOLD (9/4/01; 10:52:32MT - usagold.com msg#: 60775)
Interpreting FOA's Message. . . .

Gandalf, far be it for me to interpret (paraphrase) FOA line by line, but you ask a very important question by e-mail which I will try to answer here for all. I hope you don't mind, but I think the whole Table Round might gain traction by your good question and my attempt at an answer:

Your question had to do with "interpretation" of the message I posted last night. Here's my response.

MK: I think what he is saying basically is that there are many vested and competing interests in the paper gold market that Another was well aware of long ago and that he (FOA) did not factor into his own thinking until recently. Rather than take on all these competing interests in an endless rhetorical battle, Another has decided to allow events to do his talking for him. What he has put out for public consumption in the past is a guideline that will get the investor where he or she needs to be -- in the physical metal.

(I find this sentence particularly interesting as it shows Another's basic methodology: "Not wanting to prove anything,asking us to prove everything for ourselves; as these long term events unfolded." Those who have studied Western philosophy are very familiar with the Socratic method of leading the student to an understanding through a series of questions and challenges. The word "education" derives from the Latin "educare" -- "to lead out of" -- as in to lead out of ignorance. To lecture is one method of "leading out of" but for long lasting results educators have long known that the Socratic method -- if it can be employed -- is the most effective. One wonders if educators nowadays even think about such things. We hope that to be the case! Another apparently understands the methodology.)

The key paragraph starts with "In the end, physical gold will win out and prove to be the greatest wealth holding anyone has ever known." All these competing interests will feel the sting of the metal itself as an "old world" belief system manifests itself in the markets (perhaps the European financial establishment?). All will be forced by the implosion of the paper gold market (and the dollar as well) to understand the real meaning of gold-in- the-hand. All gold related paper will burn along with most other paper assets. This is my interpretation, Gandalf, of the message in its essence. Others may have a different interpretation but this is mine. We welcome further discussion and interpretation. MK

Just a little history from The Gold Trail.




FOFOA is A Tribute to the Thoughts of Another and his Friend


Donations are most appreciated, just click here





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