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>Don't Sell Your Gold Until?  - Peter Souleles - 
First of all : thank you very much for itemising in your list that incredible amout of suspicious events going on at the same time , which should retain the attention of all the people interested in knowing what is really going on in the REAL WORLD .
There can not be any logical reason to the abrupt fall of the so called : "market price " of the 2 precious metal most thought after by the public at large : gold and silver !
Nothing has changed , limited production is still the same , China has been for years the main worldwile producer of gold and has not sold one single ounce ,on the contrary China has been the main buyer of gold on all the markets , officials and not officials . It happens that I just come back from : " off the tracks " Africa where chinese buyers syphon all the non industrial , local artisanal production , in a discreet and systematic way : very efficient and not recorded : gold powder , nuggets , local jewels , etc ....Impossible to put numbers on this , but it is huge ;

Now this is just anew fact to add to your list of bizare coincidences ;

To resume : How is it that two completely different investment products : A) Physical Gold , and B ) Paper Gold , can be advertised and traded publicaly under the very same name : GOLD ? The first is a rare tangible natural metal ( Au 79 ) of use in many fields with a limited yearly production of no more than 2,500 tonnes .
The second one is a piece of paper , namely a certificate , printed " ad volentam " like a fiat currency ,and issued by you really don't know who , without a real backing in physical gold .

In most nations it is forbidden by law to sell a FERRARI car and a photo on paper of a Ferrari under the same name : FERRARI ! or to sell sparkling wine as the same as real Champagne from France . Nevertheless THIS is what is happening with GOLD every day !
The main consequence is that physical gold price is the HOSTAGE of those who are selling and quoting paper gold ( ETF's "linked " to gold ! )

Does it make sense ? Does this sounds fair to you or logical ? Is it legal , or is it a sort of criminal behaviour occuring in the blind public eye ? with , of course , the consent of the legislators and of the so called regulators , the central banks and all the the western states : IT COULD NOT OCCUR otherwise and it allows the so called MARKET to be overflowed , at will , with NON EXISTENT GOLD ;
Demand for Physical is booming and price is falling : Could that be MANIPULATION , SUPPRESSION , LIES and a CONCERTED ATTACK ?

It look like this is the giggest scheme in action , allowing , by the way , the East to swallow , at low cost , the physical limited substance of the West , in order to maintain a little bit longer the supremacy of the US paper dollar and the banking system as we used to know it .
Unfortunately , at some point in the not so far future it looks like the military power of the US & NATO will not be sufficient or large enough to maintain the false pretense of a fiat currency system based on the thin air of WEAK CONFIDENCE and COLLOSAL Debts .

I don' want to see that ......

CASSANDRA ( a nickname for a french pessimist )

il y a 3577 jours
Début de l'article :To me, at least, times are fascinating as much as they are disturbing. The take down we have seen in gold and silver beginning on Friday and still continuing on Monday is breathtaking. I like many others believe that the takedown was orchestrated and initiated by those who have brought the world to its knees but that after a certain point a whole lot of other factors, whether they be fear, sentiment or computers also contributed to the continuing slide. Precious metals ha... Lire la suite
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