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fred c. dobbs
Membre depuis mai 2012
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>Jive Talkin  - James Howard Kunstler - 
CUNTLER is a TRUE FACIST, he talks like government should do everything for you. Sorry to break it to you, AMERICA was founded on Blood, SWEAT and TEARS, and HARD WORK. Not some dipshit sitting behind a computer keyboard, blabing away at what he does not like about this country, Work means actually doing things, Building, designing, engineering, mineing, refineing. And with People like CUNTLEr voting for FOOLS like OBONGO who never produced anything but WIND, we will be on our way downHILL FASTER and FASTER, there is no way around it. Without sound Monatery policies, Sound Environment Policies, I mean eliminate the EPA<. which in its lifespan we have seen the water get more poluted not less, the AIR more poluted not less, eleminate the FDA, which is killing the farming of this country. soon you will see Armagedden, all brought on by CUNTLER types, running amuck.

il y a 4016 jours
Début de l'article :Well, he had to get up there and say something. In this particular winter of our discontent, the wispiest nostrums and baldest lies will do. America is not interested in reality. America is a nine-hundred pound man imprisoned in a fetid trailer bedroom begging for one more case of Little Debbie CocoaCremes before the front-end-loader bashes through the wall to haul him to intensive care... Lire la suite
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