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>Brexit: Worst Case Scenario for EU; Armageddon Promise Now Visible as Pack of Lies - Mish - Global Economic Analysis
During Napolean war there was a major blockad of british ship access to europe. British got is wood from Canada and other colonies.

What your are saying about UK dependency to Europe can be said for almost all European country. In your comment, just replace UK by France.
You can even say, if China was blockade Europe, no one would be able to wear new clothes for a decent price since there is no more manufacture doing clothes in EU. America produce everything UK needs, so UK would just have to do business with Canada, USA, and Mexico. And I'm not talking about country like India or Australia which have good ties with UK.

By presuring Europe with low taxes, Mish is not saying UK will be isolate, he just says it will force EU to negotiate fairly with UK. So UK will be politicaly independent but economically it won't be totally independent from EU. The low taxes will force concession from EU.

il y a 2352 jours
Début de l'article :Project Fear predicted economic meltdown if Britain voted leave. Where are the devastated high streets, job losses and crashing markets? In other Brexit news, Sweden warns the UK about cutting corporate taxes. How should the UK respond? Who is in control? What Happened to Promised Armageddon? The Guardian reports Brexit Armageddon was a Terrifying Vision – but it Simply Hasn’t Happened. Unemployment would rocket. Tumbleweed would billow through deserted high streets. Share prices would crash. T... Lire la suite
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