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>The Escape from Collectivism - Jeff Thomas  - Sprott Money - 
As I said before, collectivism depends on handicapping the public to create a nation of clinging, helpless, entitled patients and is a top priority for the globalist cabal and represents the basis of their domination using vaccines, fluoride, GMOs and chemtrails.

A good example of this was the creation on an entire Millennial generation of Bernie Collectivists as a result of the vaccine schedule being doubled from about 25 to 49 shots for children under 6 during the 80s.

Isn't it strange that an entire generation produced more Bernie collectivist voters than Trump or Hillary voters combined.

That's because their independence had been compromised by vaccine toxicity and they naturally depended on a Big Government savior because they are helpless patients, despite otherwise normal outward appearances.

This is also why this generation seems confused and can't seem to formulate logical arguments defending liberal globalist positions on racism, transexual rights, anti-fascism and other positions that they robotically defend.

A generation of sheeple patients are easy to manipulate because they have been handicapped with vaccine toxicity. Did you know that vaccines contain mercury, aluminum, formaldehyde embalming fluid and MSG neurotoxin.

Like the global warming debate, the science is fraudulent. There has never been a vaccinated vs unvaccinated study. It's a typical globalist scientific hoax.

Few realize that chemically dumbing down and handicapping the masses is a top priority for the globalist cabal and represents the basis of their domination.

il y a 2115 jours
Début de l'article :Recently, I penned an article entitled, “A Chicken in Every Pot,” which described the reasons why countries that have delved into collectivism are likely to slide further down the slippery slope, once it’s addictive qualities have been introduced to the brain. Since then, I’ve received requests to address whether it’s ever possible to fully escape collectivism, once it has taken hold in a country. The short answer is “yes.” It’s always possible to kick an addiction, but it’s not easy nor w... Lire la suite
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