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>The Folly of Democratic Socialism  - Tom DiLorenzo - lewRockwell
The capital waste of the socialist doctrine is widely known and historically evidenced.Yet, despite the negatives, socialism has worked in one form or another very successfully here in the US and in most other countries of the world for centuries. One might be tempted to claim that capitalism, in its extreme, has destroyed as many economies throughout history also. We should not chose the worse case scenario on which to blame any theory we oppose. It can come back to haunt your credibility. Both socialism and capitalism are equally proficient for their intended uses, one for society, the other for business. It's just the extremes that we must worry about.

il y a 2001 jours
Début de l'article :How apropos that on the weekend of the annual convention of Democratic Socialists of America taking place in Chicago the socialist government of Venezuela is demonstrating yet again the inherent incompatibility of socialism and democracy.  It was not just a coincidence, in other words, that twentieth-century socialism was defined by tyranny, dictatorship, and oppression – and not democracy. Nobel laureate F.A. Hayek explained how so... Lire la suite
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