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Endurance Gold Corporation

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ISIN : CA29267M1086
CA$ 0,320
20/05 16:59 -0,030
Cours préc. Ouverture Bas haut Volume
0,350 0,340 0,320 0,340 11 500
Année b/h Var. YTD 52 sem. b/h var. 52 sem. var. 1 mois
0,300 -  0,450 -11,11% 0,190 -  0,450 -20,00% -11,11%
Shares OustandingShares Fully Diluted
101 090 000-
Mkt Cap OustandingMkt Cap Fully Diluted
32 348 8008 695 228
Recherche Coal - Copper - Gold - Nickel - Silver - Uranium - Zinc
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Dernière mise à jour le : 29/10/2010
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Financements de Endurance Gold Corporation
23/07/2016 Closes First Tranche of Private Placement
27/02/2014 Close First Tranche of Private Placement
18/02/2014 Announces Private Placement of $300,000
11/07/2013 Closes Private Placement of $500,000
12/06/2013 Announces Private Placement Of $500,000
25/05/2012 Closes Private Placement Of $500,000
11/05/2012 Announces Private Placement Financing
10/08/2011 Closes Private Placement Of $350,000
02/08/2011 Increases Private Placement
25/07/2011 Announces Private Placement of $250,000
18/02/2011 Announces Private Placement of $540,000
31/03/2010 Shareholders Exercise 95 Percent Of Expiring Warrants
Nominations de Endurance Gold Corporation
29/04/2011 Robert Pease Appointed To Board Of Directors
11/10/2007  Appoints Robert Boyd to Board of Directors
Rapports Financiers de Endurance Gold Corporation
22/08/2007 Reports 2007 Second Quarter Financial Results and Summary of...
Projets de Endurance Gold Corporation
21/11/2013 Completes 2013 Rattlesnake Hills Exploration Program in Wyom...
28/10/2013 (Pardo)Responds To Arbitration Notice Respecting The Pardo Joint V...
24/09/2013 (Pardo)Final Gold Assays At 007 And Eastern Reef Zones Pardo Gold J...
03/09/2013 Initiates 2013 Rattlesnake Hills Exploration Program, Wyomin...
10/04/2013 Significantly Expands Rattlesnake Hills Gold District Proper...
04/04/2013 Partner Proceeds with McCord Creek Gold Property Option, Ala...
21/01/2013 (Bandito)to Acquire 100% Interest in the Bandito Heavy Rare Earth Nio...
11/09/2012 (Pardo)Drilling Commences on Pardo Gold Joint Venture, Ontario
01/08/2012 Doubles Size of McCord Creek Gold Property, Alaska
02/05/2012 Identifies Partner To Fund The McCord Creek Gold Property, L...
25/04/2012 Soil Anomalies Discovered on the McCord Creek Property, Live...
29/03/2012 (Pardo)Enters Into Joint Venture On Pardo Gold, Ontario
27/02/2012 Expands Land Position on Elephant Gold Prospect, Alaska
19/09/2011 (Bandito)Drilling Commenced on the Bandito Property
08/09/2011 (Bandito)Copper, Rare Earth and Niobium Prospects Discovered Bandito ...
17/08/2011 Exploration Commenced on the Mccord Creek Gold Property, Liv...
25/07/2011 (Bandito)Exploration Commenced On The Bandito Rare Earth And Nickel P...
03/03/2011 (Bandito)Additional Staking Further Increases Size of the Bandito Pro...
24/08/2010 (Dogpaw Lake)New High Grade Gold Zone Discovered on Dogpaw Lake Joint Ven...
29/06/2010 (Pardo)2010 Drilling Commenced
13/01/2010 Ginguro Reports High Grade Grab Sample Results On Endurance ...
23/11/2009 (Nechako)Nechako Drill Program Results
27/10/2009 (Nechako)Completes Drilling on the Nechako Gold Project, B.C., and Ge...
18/08/2009 (Pardo)Commences Work On Endurance Pardo Property
20/02/2008 (Pardo)Pardo Cyanide Leach and Screen Fire Metallic Analytical Resu...
Communiqués de Presse de Endurance Gold Corporation
23/07/2016 Endurance Closes First Tranche of Private Placement
30/06/2016 Endurance Gold Announces Private Placement of $500,000
29/06/2016 Endurance Announces Update On Rattlesnake Hills District, Wy...
26/05/2016 Endurance Announces Grant Of Stock Options
20/10/2015 Endurance Confirms No Material Change
13/10/2015 Endurance Closes the Sale of Rattlesnake Hills Property, Wyo...
10/08/2015 Endurance Announces Sale of Rattlesnake Hills Property, Wyom...
11/06/2015 Exploration Commenced - Elephant Mountain Intrusive-Hosted G...
20/04/2015 Significant Intrusive-Hosted Gold Targets Confirmed - Elepha...
07/04/2015 Endurance Gold Announces Private Placement of $500,000
10/03/2015 Endurance Announces Start Of Drilling - Pardo JV, Ontario
20/01/2015 Endurance Announces Winter Drill Program - Pardo JV, Ontario
15/01/2015 Endurance Announces Winter Drill Program - Pardo Jv, Ontario
20/11/2014 Endurance Provides Update From The Pardo Joint Venture, Onta...
20/11/2014 Endurance Provides Update from the Pardo Joint Venture, Onta...
30/10/2014 Endurance Closes Private Placement Of $650,000
20/10/2014 Endurance Provides Further Update From The Godzilla Zone, Pa...
16/10/2014 Endurance Announces Re-Pricing And Increase Of Private Place...
29/09/2014 Endurance Reports 25 Metres of 3.4 Grams Per Tonne Gold from...
13/01/2014 Encouraging Gold Results In Intrusive - Elephant Mountain Go...
19/12/2013 (Pardo)Pardo JV Operator Provides Clarifying Disclosure on Eastern ...
03/12/2013 Serves Defense and Counterclaim - Arbitrator Appointed
06/09/2013 (Pardo)Further Results At Eastern Reef Zone Discovery, Pardo Gold J...
29/08/2013 (Pardo)Further High Grade Gold at 007 Zone Discovery, Pardo Gold Jo...
15/08/2013 (Pardo)New High Grade Gold Discoveries On Pardo Gold Joint Venture,...
05/11/2012 (Bandito)New "Heavy" Rare Earth And Niobium Discoveries At Bandito, Y...
27/09/2012 Wide Low Grade Gold Zone Discovered on Flint Lake (Dogpaw) J...
09/01/2012 Acquires Intrusive-Hosted Gold Prospect In Alaska
12/10/2011 Trench Returns 2.65% Treo+Y over 6 Meters
01/06/2011 (Bandito)2011 Bandito Rare Earth and Nickel Program Initiated
24/05/2011 (Bandito)Bandito Rare Earth Alteration System Expanded Nine Square Ki...
11/05/2011 Creates Technical Advisory Committee
17/03/2011 Closes Private Placement Of $540,000
12/04/2010 President and CEO Duncan McIvor Passes away
13/11/2009 Granted State Leases Totaling An Additional 2,560 Acres In R...
26/06/2009 Identifies Gold Mineralization On 100% Owned Gold Properties...
01/02/2008 Virginia Silver Property Optionor Mega Silver Inc. Completes...
28/01/2008  Retains Renmark Financial Communications Inc.
05/11/2007  Commences Aerial Survey Of Pardo Property; Provides Turner ...
20/08/2007 Completes 56 Holes at Pardo
12/07/2007 Moves Drill To Pardo For 80 Hole Program
24/05/2007 Stakes Additional Claims Near Pardo And Turner Properties
28/03/2007 Stakes Additional 175 Claim Units Around Turner Property
28/03/2007 Options Remaining Dogpaw Lake Area Claims To North American ...