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Gowest Amalgamated Resources Ltd.

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ISIN : CA38383Q1090
CA$ 0,330
29/05 15:22 -0,010
Cours préc. Ouverture Bas haut Volume
0,340 0,315 0,310 0,330 17 000
Année b/h Var. YTD 52 sem. b/h var. 52 sem. var. 1 mois
0,110 -  0,410 50,00% 0,025 -  0,410 1 220,00% 106,25%
Shares OustandingShares Fully Diluted
297 420 000-
Mkt Cap OustandingMkt Cap Fully Diluted
98 148 6008 177 001
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Management VALEUR :
Projets & res.
Profile actifs
Dernière mise à jour le : 12/02/2010
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Attributions d'options de Gowest Amalgamated Resources Ltd.
28/02/2011 Grant of 2.575.000 Options to directors, officers and consu...
Nominations de Gowest Amalgamated Resources Ltd.
06/06/2011 Gold Appoints New Board Member
Projets de Gowest Amalgamated Resources Ltd.
29/05/2013 (Frankfield)Gold Signs Letter of Intent; Plan to Process Frankfield East...
08/04/2013 (Frankfield)Gold Intercepts 5.42 g/t Gold Over 12.3m at Frankfield East
07/01/2013 Files NI 43-101 Technical Report on SEDAR
12/11/2012 Advancing Towards Early Gold Production with Third Party Pro...
12/11/2012 Advancing Towards Early Gold Production with Third Party Pro...
13/07/2011 (Frankfield)Continues to Define Deep Mineralisation Extensions at Frankf...
01/12/2010 (Frankfield)Completes Acquisition of 100% Interest in Additional Mining ...
25/01/2010 (Frankfield)20,000 Metre Drill Program Underway at The Frankfield Gold P...
15/02/2006 (Frankfield)2006 Technical report
Communiqués de Presse de Gowest Amalgamated Resources Ltd.
29/06/2016 Gowest Gold Enters Into Right to Negotiate A Milling Agreeme...
22/06/2016 Gowest Gold Announces Grant of Options
16/06/2016 Gowest: Fully Permitted for Advanced Exploration
30/05/2016 Gowest Gold Leveraging Latest Exploration Results Along Pipe...
28/04/2016 Quarterly Activities Report - March 2016
28/01/2016 Quarterly Activities Report - December 2015
22/01/2016 Appointment of New Directors
15/01/2016 Fortune Future Holdings invests $2 million in Eastern Iron L...
22/12/2015 Gowest Closes Private Placement
21/12/2015 Gowest Announces Private Placement
29/10/2015 Gowest Completes Early Exercise of Warrants
24/09/2015 Gowest Provides Further Update on Early Exercise of Warrants
16/09/2015 Gowest Provides Update on Early Exercise of Warrants
26/08/2015 Gowest Announces Program to Encourage Early Exercise of Warr...
26/08/2015 Gowest Completes Acquisition of 100% Interest in Claims Adja...
13/08/2015 Gowest Gold Reaches Another Major Milestone
22/07/2015 Gowest Enters Into Agreement to Acquire 100% Interest in Cla...
15/07/2015 Gowest Gold: Permitting Process Advancing for Bradshaw Gold ...
23/06/2015 Gowest Gold Announces Grant of Options
07/01/2015 Gowest Gold Granted Additional Extension for Letter of Inten...
07/11/2014 Gowest Announces Appointment of New Director
08/07/2014 Gowest Gold Granted Further Extension for Letter of Intent W...
22/10/2013 Signs Letter of Intent to Receive $1.5 Million for 2 Percent...
03/10/2013 Gold Issues Shares in Lieu of Cash
11/09/2013 Gold Continues to Advance Bradshaw Gold Deposit Towards Prod...
16/08/2013 Gold Renames Areas in Honour of Key Contributors
05/07/2013 Gold Regrets the Passing of Randal Roussain
05/07/2013 Gold Regrets the Passing of Randal Roussain
19/06/2013 Gold Intercepts 5.01 g/t Gold Over 4.4 M on New Target Area ...
15/04/2013 Gold Issues Final Tranche of Shares to Mattagami First Natio...
14/01/2013 Gold Joined by Senior Engineering Consultant
10/09/2012 Demonstrates Potential to Reduce Capital and Operating Costs...
06/10/2011 Gold Update
19/07/2011 Announces $3,200,000 Offering
14/06/2011 Gold Ltd. Retains Renmark Financial Communications Inc.
31/05/2011 Gold Announces Conference Call Wednesday 11am ET Correspondi...
17/02/2011 Gowest Amalgamated Resources Ltd=2E: Implementation of Share...
17/02/2011 Implementation of Shareholder Rights Plan