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Graham Summers is Chief Market Strategist for Phoenix Capital Investment Research, an independent financial research firm based in Charlottesville VA with clients in 56 countries around the world.
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02/26/2017>” Climate Change ” / Everyone is on One Side of the Boat
02/25/2017>Time for a Reality Check: Serious Reform Isn't Coming Until En...
02/23/2017>Trump's Top Econ Guy Just ANNIHILATED the Market's Growth Fantasy
02/23/2017>Gold, Liberty, and the War on Cash
02/22/2017>Is it Autumn 2007 All Over Again?
02/22/2017>Nigel Farage Drops Truth Bomb: The Younger Generation Screamin...
02/22/2017>"There is No Market, Only Trump."
02/19/2017>The Markets Are Misreading What Trump Can and Cannot Do... BIG...
02/17/2017>Trump's Currency War Hit List - Is Canada a Target?
02/15/2017>Janet Yellen Is Playing With Matches Next to a $555 Trillion P...
02/14/2017>The Market Are Shifting Towards Inflation
02/14/2017>Time to Take the Other Side of the Trump Trade?
02/13/2017>Forget Politics, a Tectonic Shift Has Hit the Markets
02/12/2017>Martin Armstrong: “EU in Disintegration Mode”
02/12/2017>Fake News for Fake People in an Engineered Fake Culture
02/10/2017>The West Will Become The New ‘Third World’: PricewaterhouseCoo...
02/08/2017>New Radiation Level at Fukushima Dwarfs the Highest Peak at Ch...
02/08/2017>Facebook Launches Fake News Filter in France Ahead of Presiden...
02/08/2017>Is a Global Wide Cash Ban Coming?
02/06/2017>Market Alarm: 2017 - The Year of The “Trump Bump” Or “Trump Dump”
02/04/2017>5 Harsh Realities About Robo-Advisors That You Need to Understand
02/02/2017>The Next Economic Trend Has Hit the US: STAGFLATION
01/31/2017>The $USD Bulls Are Going to Get Taken to The Cleaners
01/31/2017>Starbucks Takes Venti Deuce On Unemployed Citizens, Pledges To...
01/31/2017>Trump Files Early With FEC For 2020 Candidacy, Outmaneuvers No...
01/30/2017>BIG MOVEMENT AHEAD IN THE SILVER MARKET… Serious Trouble In Th...
01/30/2017>If the Markets Are So Great, Why Are Finance Sites Struggling ...
01/25/2017>The "Trump= DOW 25K" Crowd is about to Get Taken to the Cleaners
01/25/2017>The Simple Reason Why the Global War on Cash Will Continue
01/24/2017>President Trump Continues to Troll the Left Over Inaugural Cro...
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The Revenge of Comet Pizza
25 Febprljr0
Why after all this time and accusation , in a city composed of lawyers have there been NO lawsuits filed to defend Comet kidderia? HMMMMMMMMMMmmm
The Revenge of Comet Pizza
24 FebDoom0
To be fair, Milo resigned from Breitbart, he wasn't "bounced." The problem we have here is this takedown was choreographed across the fake media, a...
America Too Broke to Fix Crumbling Infrastructure? “Bridges, Roads,...
20 Febmanfredhumphries3
If you stopped spending so much money on the deep state, military and wars that protect you from nothing and make the world hate America, and stopp...
Alan Greenspan renews gold advocacy, Part 2
20 Febdennyc
Believe it - Greenspan is as dumb as he looks. I'm slightly puzzled as to why the author would use Greenspan as a source for anything. Even a curso...
“That War You Ordered….”
20 FebRosscoe2
Nice comments James If Trump is as mad as everyone says he is , then anything is possible,but I doubt he is and being a tough hombre, he h...
“That War You Ordered….”
19 Febscipionasica3
How splendid to read a clear and lucid article. I am a British citizen living in France and I confirm to you that the illogical nonsense fed to yo...
Alan Greenspan renews gold advocacy, Part 1
18 Febstinger
STFU Greenspan, shut your lie-hole already. When you had a chance to make a difference you sold us out. Nobody gives a chit about...
“That War You Ordered….”
18 Febcomptel
Very good article, except for the unneeded bad language!
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