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Published : December 04th, 2007

/AREVA Report Additional High-Grade Basement-Hosted Mineralization in the Prospective Corridor Be

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Attention Business Editors:

UEX/AREVA Report Additional High-Grade Basement-Hosted Mineralization in the Prospective Corridor Between the Kianna and Anne Deposits: SHE-121-3 Intersects 1.57% U(3)O(8) Over 3.7 metres

     Trading Symbol: UEX-TSX
     VANCOUVER, Dec. 4 /CNW/ - UEX Corporation ("UEX") announced today that
AREVA Group subsidiary AREVA Resources Canada Inc. ("AREVA") has reported to
UEX the last holes from the 2007 fall drilling program at its Shea Creek
Uranium Project ("Shea Creek"), which is located in the western Athabasca
Basin of northern Saskatchewan, Canada.
     Shea Creek hosts the Kianna, Anne, and Colette Deposits and is one of the
ten Western Athabasca Projects currently under option from AREVA, the
operator. UEX has earned a 40.0% interest in the ten projects and has spent in
excess of $27.8 million on exploration and development expenditures in just
over three years, as of October 31, 2007. UEX has an option to earn an
additional 9% interest, and anticipates that it will reach the required
expenditures of $30.0 million to earn its full 49% interest by December 31,
2007, at which time, AREVA and UEX will form a Joint Venture where
expenditures will be shared 49% by UEX and 51% by AREVA.
     "We recently announced in this fall program SHE-123-2 grading 2.80%
U(3)O(8) over 4.9 metres 150 metres south of Kianna and now SHE-121-3 grading
1.57% U(3)O(8) over 3.7 metres 225 metres north of Anne. Both holes
intersected new high-grade basement-hosted structures in the prospective
corridor between the two deposits. Whether the mineralization in these holes
is directly associated with Anne and Kianna or are two of potentially several
interconnected mineralized structures interpreted along the 600 metre strike
between Anne and Kianna will be determined by further drilling," said Stephen
Sorensen President and CEO of UEX.
     Sorensen went on to say that "the Shea Creek Corridor has the potential
to be mineralized over the entire three kilometre strike length between the
Anne, Kianna and Colette Deposits. The fall exploration campaign was very
successful with all holes intersecting mineralization within one or more
settings, either perched, unconformity or basement mineralization. The
directional cuts that successfully intersected mineralization which is
reported here between Anne and Kianna will permit continued drilling aimed at
intersecting these and any additional mineralized structures. Such structures
have the potential to contain basement hosted mineralization comparable to
that in the Anne and Kianna deposits, which include intersections such as in
SHE-114-11 where 5.40% U(3)O(8) was intersected over 37.7 metres at Kianna,
and in SHE-122-1 where 4.73% U(3)O(8) was intersected over 33.7 metres at
     2007 Fall Drilling Program at the Shea Creek Project
     The 2007 fall drilling program utilized three drills that started in
mid-September is now completed. One drill was used to expand the Anne Deposit;
currently the Anne Deposit is open in all directions. Pilot hole SHE-122
completed during the summer months (see Map 1 on UEX's website), was being
used to test the unconformity ("UC") and basement ("B") extensions of
mineralization in the northern portion of the Anne Deposit. With the discovery
of high-grade basement mineralization in the Kianna Deposit, a greater focus
is being placed on the basement mineralization at the Anne Deposit.
     Another two drills were used to explore the area between the Kianna and
Anne Deposits, where historical drilling intersected mineralization in 9 out
of 13 drill holes. The two deposits are about 600 metres apart. Drilling
utilized pilot holes SHE-121 and SHE-123 (see Map 2) to target inferred
structures that offset a favourable geological trend between the Anne and
Kianna Deposits. Structural offsets are considered important for uranium
deposition and are recognized in all three deposits at Shea Creek.
     Drilling Between the Anne and Kianna Deposits:
     (UC) 0.39% U(3)O(8) over 2.8 metres
     (B)  1.57% U(3)O(8) over 3.7 metres, including 2.05% U(3)O(8) over
          2.8 metres
     (B)  0.22% U(3)O(8) over 2.0 metres
     SHE-121-3 is located between the Anne and Kianna deposits. The hole
location is 225 metres north of the Anne Deposit. The purpose of the hole was
to extend upon the unconformity mineralization in SHE-121-2 (reported on
November 14, 2007) and to identify possible basement structures. The
unconformity was intersected 65 metres north-east of pilot hole SHE-121 at a
depth of 727.8 metres. The majority of the mineralization at the unconformity
was associated with breccias between 725.3 to 728.1 metres grading 0.39%
U(3)O(8) over 2.8 metres. High-grade basement-hosted mineralization was
encountered between 750.8 to 754.5 metres grading 1.57% U(3)O(8) over 3.7
metres, including 2.05% U(3)O(8) over 2.8 metres. A second zone in the
basement was encountered between 770.8 to 772.8 metres grading 0.22% U(3)O(8)
over 2.0�metres.
     The significance of the unconformity mineralization with previous
released results this fall has uncovered a mineralized strike length of
90�metres that remains open in all directions. In addition, multiple
intersections of basement-hosted mineralization within structures warrants
additional drilling.
     Anne Deposit Drilling:
     (UC) 0.65% U(3)O(8) over 3.5 metres
     (B)  1.08% U(3)O(8) over 1.6 metres
     (B)  3.50% U(3)O(8) over 1.6 metres
     (B)  0.65% U(3)O(8) over 2.0 metres
     SHE-122-3 is located on the western side of the Anne Deposit. The purpose
of the hole was to extend upon the unconformity mineralization and expanding
the potential for high grade basement mineralization. The unconformity was
intersected 45 metres north of pilot hole SHE-122 at a depth of 726.8 metres.
Mineralization was associated with breccias at the unconformity between 723.4
to 726.9 metres grading 0.65% U(3)O(8) over 3.5 metres. High-grade
basement-hosted mineralization was encountered between 738.4 to 740.0 metres
grading 1.08% U(3)O(8) over 1.6 metres. A second zone of high-grade
basement-hosted mineralization was encountered between 773.0 to 774.6 metres
grading 3.50% U(3)O(8) over 1.6 metres. An additional zone of mineralization
was encountered in the basement between 786.8 to 788.8 metres grading 0.65%
U(3)O(8) over 2.0�metres.
     The mineralization at the unconformity and within the basement in the
northern portion of the Anne Deposit (the Anne Deposit has a strike length
greater than 250 metres) is still open in all directions.
     Uranium grades are calculated from gamma probe logging. True widths of
mineralized intervals have not yet been determined. The technical information
in this news release has been compiled and reviewed by Erwin Koning, P. Geo.,
AREVA's District Geologist, West Athabasca Region, a qualified person as
defined by National Instrument 43-101.
     About the Anne Deposit
     The Anne Deposit is geologically comparable to the Kianna Deposit with
both unconformity and basement mineralization. To date, the unconformity
mineralization at the Anne Deposit has been traced over a strike length of
250�metres and a width of 100 metres and remains open in all directions. With
the recent focus on the Kianna Deposit, no work has been carried out on the
Anne Deposit since the fall of 2004.
     Previous drilling programs have outlined three distinct styles of
high-grade mineralization:
     -   Unconformity-type mineralization in close proximity to the
         unconformity (previous hole SHE-99-2, grading 9.17% U(3)O(8) over
         15.7 metres, including 36.37% U(3)O(8) over 2.5 metres);
     -   Basement-hosted mineralization found in zones up to 35 metres below
         the unconformity: (previous hole SHE-96-3, grading 1.39% U(3)O(8)
         over 47.3 metres).
     -   Fracture/fault controlled perched mineralization higher in the
         sandstone column is also prevalent within the Anne area. However,
         intersections can not be correlated between drill holes with the
         current density of drill information
     About the Kianna Deposit
     At the Kianna Deposit, high-grade uranium mineralization has been
intersected in multiple zones at depths from 662 metres to 922 metres, a
vertical distance of approximately 260 metres - located in sandstone high
above the unconformity, at the unconformity, and below the unconformity in
basement rocks, with unconformity depths ranging from approximately 710 to
     To date, the AREVA-UEX drilling programs from 2004 through to 2007 have
outlined three distinct styles of high-grade uranium mineralization that are
still open in all directions:
     -   Perched sandstone-hosted mineralization found in discrete zones tens
         of metres above the unconformity currently has a defined strike
         length of 80 metres and a width of 60 metres (previously announced
         2005 hole SHE-114-5, 27.4% U(3)O(8) over 8.8 metres, including
         58.3% U(3)O(8) over 3.5 metres);
     -   Unconformity-type mineralization in close proximity to the
         unconformity has a defined strike length of 200 metres and a width of
         200 metres (previously announced 2006 hole SHE-115-3, grading 12.57%
         U(3)O(8) over 11.9 metres, including 27.35% U(3)O(8) over
         4.2 metres);
     -   Basement-hosted mineralization found in zones up to 200 metres below
         the unconformity has outlined a strike length of 200 metres and a
         down-dip extension of 160 metres (previously announced 2005 hole
         SHE-114-11, grading 5.40% U(3)O(8) over 37.7 metres, including
         25.46% U(3)O(8) over 4.0 metres).
     About AREVA Resources Canada Inc.
     AREVA, a uranium exploration and mining company, is a subsidiary of AREVA
Group, a worldwide expert in the energy field with a strong industrial
presence in over 40 countries. AREVA Group, through its Canadian subsidiary,
has significant interests in several uranium deposits in the Athabasca Basin,
including the producing McClean Lake Deposits operated by AREVA, the producing
McArthur River Deposit operated by Cameco Corporation, the Millennium Deposit,
and the Cigar Lake Deposit.
     About UEX
     UEX is a Canadian uranium exploration and development company actively
involved in 19 uranium projects, including seven that are 100% owned and
operated by UEX, one joint venture with AREVA Resources Canada Inc. ("AREVA")
that is operated by UEX, ten under option from AREVA and one under option from
Japan-Canada Uranium Company, Limited, which are operated by AREVA. The
19�projects, totaling 386,650 hectares (955,400 acres), are located in the
eastern, western and northern perimeters of the Athabasca Basin, the world's
richest uranium belt, which accounts for approximately 25% of the global
primary uranium production. UEX is currently developing several uranium
deposits in the Athabasca Basin which include the Anne and Kianna Deposits at
its Shea Creek Uranium Project, a joint venture with AREVA in the western
Athabasca Basin, and the West Bear, Raven and Horseshoe deposits located at
its 100% owned Hidden Bay Project in the eastern Athabasca Basin. UEX's
exploration and development budgets for 2007 total $30.0 million, and the
Company has a cash position of approximately $52.5 million.
                              Stephen H. Sorensen,
                              President & C.E.O.
     Forward-Looking Statements
     This news release contains "forward-looking statements" that are based on
UEX's current expectations, estimates, forecasts and projections. These
forward-looking statements include statements regarding UEX's outlook for our
future operations, plans and timing for the commencement or advancement of
exploration activities on our properties, and other expectations, intention
and plans that are not historical fact. The words "estimates", "projects",
"expects", "intends", "believes", "plans", or their negatives or other
comparable words and phrases are intended to identify forward-looking
statements. Such forward-looking statements are subject to risks,
uncertainties and other factors that could cause actual results to differ
materially from future results expressed or implied by such forward-looking
statements. Many of these factors are beyond the control of UEX. Consequently,
all forward-looking statements made in this news release are qualified by this
cautionary statement and there can be no assurance that actual results or
developments anticipated by UEX will be realized. For the reasons set forth
above, investors should not place undue reliance on such forward-looking
statements. UEX disclaims any intention or obligation to update or revise
forward-looking information, whether as a result of new information, future
events or otherwise.
                                    TABLE 1
                      Fall 2007 Shea Creek Drill Results
         All Uranium Intersections Calculated from Gamma Probe Logging
                          2007 Fall Drilling Results
     Hole          Total    Depth to     From      To     Length   Avg. Grade
                   Depth  Unconformity (metres) (metres) (metres)  Within the
                  of Hole   (metres)                              Intersection
                  (metres)                                        (% U(3)O(8))
     SHE-121-1(*)   881.0     718.1      708.2    713.7      5.5       0.17
     SHE-121-2(**)  883.0     725.9      723.5    727.3      3.8       1.13
                                         747.8    749.8      2.0       0.88
     SHE 121-3      842.0     727.8      725.3    728.1      2.8       0.39
                                         750.8    754.5      3.7       1.57
                            including    750.8    753.6      2.8       2.05
                                         770.8    772.8      2.0       0.22
     SHE-122-1(*)   898.0     713.0      713.8    747.5     33.7       4.73
                            including    715.9    719.5      3.6      23.21
                                         773.4    784.8     11.4       1.24
     SHE-122-2(**)  839.0     740.4      735.8    742.6      6.8       1.16
     SHE-122-3      845.0     726.8      723.4    726.9      3.5       0.65
                                         738.4    740.0      1.6       1.08
                                         773.0    774.6      1.6       3.50
                                         786.8    788.8      2.0       0.65
     SHE-123-1(*)   863.0     743.4      740.6    742.7      2.1       0.37
     SHE-123-2(**)  930.0     749.2      799.8    804.7      4.9       2.80
                                         826.4    829.1      2.7       0.50
     (*) Hole previously announced in UEX news release on October 18, 2007.
     (**)Hole previously announced in UEX news release on November 14, 2007.
     Uranium grades are calculated from gamma probe logging. True widths of
mineralized intervals have not yet been determined. The technical information
in this news release has been compiled and reviewed by Erwin Koning, P. Geo.,
AREVA's District Geologist, West Athabasca Region, a qualified person as
defined by National Instrument 43-101.
     %SEDAR: 00017609E
For further information: UEX CORPORATION, Suite 1007 - 808 Nelson Street,
Vancouver, B.C., Canada, V6Z 2H2, PH: (604) 669-2349, FAX (604) 669-1240,
Website: www.uex-corporation.com, email: uex@intergate.ca

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UEX is an exploration gold and copper company based in Canada.

UEX holds various exploration projects in Canada.


UEX is listed in Canada and in Germany. Its market capitalisation is CA$ 105.3 millions as of today (US$ 83.2 millions, € 69.9 millions).

Its stock quote reached its lowest recent point on August 15, 2003 at CA$ 0.05, and its highest recent level on November 09, 2007 at CA$ 9.30.

UEX has 319 240 000 shares outstanding.

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